This is a walkthrough for the Trickster Mission in Destiny 2. The first part of the mission has you fighting against the Hive, but the second half has you fighting against a trickster that can teleport around and summon minions to help him.

The destiny 2 walkthrough is a guide that will help you through the Trickster mission in Destiny 2.

  • Forsaken is a mission type (Legacy)
  • Tangled Shore is the location of the mission.

You are now pursuing Araskes, the Trickster, who Ghost says is a coward who hides behind traps and flunkies after beating the Mad Bomber, Kaninks.

You’ll be on the lookout for her after tracking down one of her messengers to find out where she’s hiding before following her.

Goals of the MissionD2TTWH27621-2

The Trickster’s Courier must be destroyed.

To discover out where The Trickster Arakses is hidden, you must first locate her courier, who is concealed in the location where you begin.

Keep an eye out for what seem to be gifts, such as the Exotic Engrams, which are really bombs planted by The Trickster.

Fabricators must be disabled.

Ghost states that after picking up one of the numerous bombs disguised as Exotic Engrams, they are intended to be transported and must be stopped before they reach the city.

To stop further manufacturing, you must locate and kill the Fabricators, who are strewn around the landscape. (In all, you must destroy two.)

Follow the waypoint inside and towards the center to destroy the Fabricators, but beware of the spinning components.

Once you’ve arrived to the center, you’ll be able to see the sections that need to be destroyed, and you may use your weapons or the explosives that appear like Exotic Engrams to do it.

Seek for the Trickster.

Following your waypoint, which will point you in the location where The Trickster is stationed, destroy the Fabricators.

You’ll find yourself at the Diaviks Mine, where The Trickster will greet you with a taunt before fleeing further into the mine.

Continue fighting until you reach the cave’s conclusion, which is blocked by a door that prevents you from going any farther.

slam the door open

A waypoint will indicate the location of a pile of explosives (which look as Exotic Engrams), which you must pick up and throw against the entrance.

The Trickster must be defeated.

The Trickster will be waiting for you and offering you ammunition, but this is a trap that will detonate if you go too close.

Pursue and battle The Trickster until she’s dead, but be wary of her proclivity for flashing about and leaving traps.

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  • Exotic Engrams are immediately detected; anything else you discover, if it can be detected, is most likely a bomb placed by The Trickster.
  • Because the Trickster is quick and may become invisible and run about, you must timing your attacks, particularly while using your Super Ability.

While certain sections, such as going to the end of the mines, may be avoided, sticking to the waypoints is the key to a quicker run.


As a Trickster, Araskes is a vexing foe, and her racing about the field further adds to her annoyance.

After killing her, you may go on to the other Barons, bringing you one step closer to fully avenging Cayde-6’s murder.

The destiny 2 the trickster disable the fabricators is a mission in Destiny 2. It requires players to find and destroy three Fabricators, which are found on different planets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat the trickster in Destiny 2?

The trickster is a boss in Destiny 2. It has two phases, the first phase you have to dodge its attacks and then it will charge up a powerful attack that you have to interrupt with your super.

How do you destroy the fabricators Destiny 2?


How do you open the Eververse Engram in Destiny 2?

To open the Eververse Engram, you must first complete a quest that will unlock the ability to purchase one. You can find this quest by speaking with Petra Venj in the Tower.

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