“Destiny 2” is one of the most popular games in the world, and one of its biggest draws is that it’s a shared experience. Players can explore the same worlds together through their characters, and find new things to do every time they play.

The destiny 2 lost sectors today is the latest activity that has been introduced to the game. The Lost Sectors are scattered across the map and there are 9 total.

You may find yourself looking for the Lost Sectors in Trostland at the start of your adventure in Destiny 2 to accomplish one of your newer missions.

In Trostland, there are three Lost Sectors that include the locations of Lost Sector chests to loot and monsters to seek for prizes.

The chests in the Trostland Region are similar in design and may be readily farmed by novice players.

All of the Trostland Lost Sectors may be found by looking inside the cathedral and walking about it, searching for particular signs that indicate their position.

Widow’s Walk is a location in the Lost Sector (Mazan Lost Captain Location)D2TLS10221-2

The location of Widow’s Walk may be found on the left side of the church, where Devrim Kay is camped out.

A blue sign that says “Gragerich” and may be entered via various entrances in the structure is a clue that indicates the location of Widow’s Walk.

Inside, you’ll battle numerous Fallen troops before facing Mazan, the Lost Captain, who is joined by Nightmare Shanks, a more powerful version of the Shank robots.

Location of the Atrium Lost Sector (Skexis Outcast Captain Location)D2TLS10221-3

The Atrium Lost Sector is located within the church where Devrim Kay is holding out, and may be reached by going to the far end of the structure.

Two rusted doors will go down to what looks to be a processing/sewer section, which will be teeming with Fallen foes.

Skexis, Outcast Captain, is the Atrium’s boss, and you’ll face him in a locked chamber that will open after he’s beaten.

Location of Terminus East’s Lost Sector (Sunless Captain Location)D2TLS10221-4

Terminus East is an ancient subway station that has been invaded by Fallen foes led by Sunless Captain, the boss.

Terminus East may be found in the Trostlands by following the right side of the church and searching for the green “Wausser” sign.

Sunless Captain will be accompanied by two Nightmare Wretches who will spawn after a time if they are destroyed. 


  • Keep an eye out for Mazan’s Nightmare Shanks, Lost Captain, since they can be very lethal if they score free strikes on you from afar.
  • The Nightmare Wretch opponents with Sunless Captain may be very deadly, therefore it’s better not to let them come too close to you in melee range.
  • When newer players are having difficulty advancing in the game, farming these Lost Sectors may be a fantastic method to acquire some starter gear.


The Lost Sectors in Trostland are simple to locate and grind, making them ideal for novice players in need of gear.

You’ll almost certainly end up in Trostland, either to complete the A Spark of Hope quest or to take on bounties.

To get the Risk/Reward task from Devrim Kay and subsequently finish the A Spark of New Hope quest, you must first clear the Trostland Lost Sectors.

The lost sector destiny 2 location is a place in the game that has been lost. Players have to find these places and complete tasks to get loot, shards, and other rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Lost Sector in Trostland?

The Lost Sector is located in the center of Trostland.

Where is the widows walk Lost sector Destiny 2?

The Lost sector is located in the Cosmodrome on Earth.

Where are the lost sectors in destiny Titan 2?

There are no lost sectors in Destiny 2.

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