The Destiny 2 Warden of Nothing Strike Walkthrough is an in-depth guide to the first strike of the game. This walkthrough will provide you with a detailed breakdown of all the enemies, weapons, and strategies you need for success.

The warden of nothing grandmaster guide is a walkthrough that will help players complete the Warden of Nothing Strike in Destiny 2.

  • Strike mission type (Cooperative Matchmaking)
  • Prison of the Elders is a place where elders are imprisoned.
  • Strike lasts 15 to 25 minutes.
  • Size of Fireteam: 1-3 Players

Inmates have begun to flee the Elders’ Prison, and it is up to you to track out the root of the issue and put a stop to it.

The Drifter will inform you that the issue is caused by the Warden’s Servitor malfunctioning, and that you must destroy it.

You and your fireteam must battle your way inside the Prison of Elders past the escaping prisoners to find and destroy the Warden’s Servitor, which has gone crazy.

Objectives of the Strike

Stabilize the Elders’ Prison


Follow the waypoint to your next location, where you and your squad may evaluate the situation and make your way inside the Prison of Elders.

Along the journey, you’ll come across escaped prisoners who will begin assaulting you on the spot, and you’ll have to battle your way through them to the waypoint.

Explore The Prison in more depth.

When you approach the waypoint, the Warden AI will greet you and welcome you to the Prison of Elders, while adversaries will begin to attack you via portals.

The Drifter will describe how Varik got out of jail and how it may have impacted the Servitor during this period.

You’ll discover that there’ll be a subroutine called “Challenge of the Elders” that will put you and your squad through a series of tests later on.

Continue battling your way through the jail, defeating the monsters who emerge via the portals in order to unlock a locked door.

Transport should be moved.


The route will be obstructed owing to a vehicle that looks like a subway train parked between you and the waypoint.

Interact with the adjacent console to allow Ghost to hack it and take the transport further inside the jail.

Once the route has been cleared, you and your fireteam should continue to the tunnels and utilize them to get to the waypoint.

Travel via the Tunnels

Continue down the tunnels, keeping an eye out for approaching transporters, which will be charging your way and able to kill you immediately.

You will be able to cross sections of the tunnel on the left side in order to avoid being struck by the transporters.

There will be damaged panels at the end of the first tunnel, which you must drop down to access a second tunnel.

You may either use one of the SMG Striker (bike vehicles) or use your jumping skills to go across this tunnel fast.

Get out of the Tunnels

Continue battling your way towards the waypoint, and you’ll soon be approaching the tunnel that leads to a Vex cellblock.

The Drifter will describe how the prisoners in the jail began to establish groups, which you will encounter later.

You will be in Airlock Six and a restricted zone when you leave the tunnels, which means there will be no respawning if you and your squad are wiped out.

When you approach the waypoint, there will be obstacles blocking the exits, and you must kill opponents in the area before they are deactivated.

Defeat the fugitives from justice


After all of the monsters in the region have been defeated, a boss named Apaktos, Oxidizing Mind will emerge, which you must beat in order to continue.

The Warden AI will inform you that it is a critical target and that you must kill or be killed, implying that you must eliminate Apaktos.

The Vex Minotaur Apaktos, Oxidizing Mind, is a larger and more powerful version of the Vex Minotaur with the ability to teleport.

Keep an eye on the Warden’s Servitor.

After defeating Apaktos, go to the waypoint, which will lead you to a gravity lift, also known as a grav lift, which will raise you.

After you’ve utilized this elevator-like tunnel, you’ll have to fight Cabal troops as you make your way to the Warden’s Servitor’s position.

Push Past the Cabal

You and your squad will arrive at “The Arena,” where the Warden AI will put you through trials to see how capable you are.

Fight your way through the escaping Cabal prisoners to the outside, where you’ll face the trials.

Round 1: Get rid of all hostiles.

Warden Ai will instruct you to kill all of the hostiles in the region, thus that will be your first task.

The second challenge will begin after the Warden Ai senses that you have killed all of the opponents and says that they are dead while you are not.

Defuse the Splinter Mines in Round 2


The second task will be to destroy the splinter mines that spawn around the region, which may be accomplished by remaining in the circular field underneath them, much like conquering an area.

Before the task can be completed, you must disarm two explosives, A and B, but failing to do so will result in your and your team’s deaths.

Enemy troops will closing in on your position while you try to defuse the splinter mines, disrupting your defusing operation.

Defeat the Cabal in Round 3

Your last task will be to fight Ta’aul, Disgraced Colossus, a Cabal boss that you and your squad should have little trouble defeating.

The task will be completed after Ta’aul is defeated, allowing you and your squad to continue to the Warden’s Servitor’s location.

Keep an eye on the Warden’s Servitor.

After defeating Ta’aul, a door will open, allowing you and your fireteam to go to the Servitor’s location.

Make your way inside the chamber, where there is a circular hole through which you and your crew must pass.

Take Control of Your Wealth

The Warden’s Servitor will inform you that treasure awaits you along the road that you and your fireteam must go down.

It’s a trap, and you and your fireteam will be apprehended and taken to the jail mainframe, which The Drifter refers to as the Servitor’s Nest.

Defeat the Servitor of the Warden.


Once you and your fireteam penetrate the mainframe, the Warden’s Servitor will emerge and you will have to fight it.

To kill the Warden Servitor once and for all before it overwhelms you and your squad, you and your team must concentrate your fire.

The Warden Servitor is similar to a Fallen Servitor, but it is bigger and has numerous connected gadgets as a substitute for its basic mechanism.

Also, have a look at the other striking walkthroughs listed below.


  • You can quickly deliver a significant amount of damage with your skills, allowing you to defeat the Warden’s Servitor in a matter of seconds.
  • There are many ways for you and your squad to be murdered on the trip to the interior section of the jail, so keep an eye out for drips and moving transporters.
  • Despite the fact that there are many monsters, it is recommended to conserve your skills for the Warden Servitor as you approach its phase so that you may easily defeat it.


The quest will finish after you beat the Warden’s Servitor, and you will be allowed to unlock a chest, which is well earned given the Warden’s Servitor’s joke on you.

You and your squad will have successfully restored equilibrium to the Prison of Elders after beating the Warden’s Servitor.

For the time being, this will prevent future prisoners from fleeing, although it is unclear if similar occurrences will occur again in the future.

The warden of nothing nightfall champions is a strike that can be found in the destiny 2 game. This walkthrough will tell you how to complete the strike and what rewards are available.

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