Xur is a mysterious agent of the Vanguard, a faction of the Guardians in Destiny 2. He’s been popping up at various locations around the world for years now, but he still remains an enigma to most players. This guide will help you get your hands on some of his rarest wares and complete quests so that you can finally learn what this strange being is all about.

Xur is an NPC in Destiny 2 who sells exotic items. He also has a quest that can be completed to unlock a new subclass. Read more in detail here: where is xur destiny 2 today 2021.

In most games, there is usually an odd merchant or character that assists players in obtaining rarer goods in order to help them become better.

In Destiny 2, there is an NPC named Xur Agent of The Nine who is a source for Exotic gear.

Once you’ve located Xur, you may trade exotic engrams with him, but he’ll only be accessible for a limited period in a particular location, which rotates every week.

What is Xur’s name?

Xur, Agent of the Nine is a dark-skinned NPC in Destiny 2 that appears in one of several “Xur Locations” that emerge each week.

In Destiny 2, his role is to serve as a mystery trader who may supply players with Exotic goods to improve their armament.

Xur’s location changes every week, and he is mostly accessible on weekends at one of his frequent Tower sites.

Exotic goods may be purchased from Xur in the form of a randomized piece of gear through an Engrams from the Far East or a particular piece of gear that appears weekly on Xur’s screen.

What does Xur have to offer?Destiny-2-Xur-Guide-Xur-Visit-Exotic-Items-amp-Quest

Xur is the go-to NPC for getting Exotic gear, which makes him the go-to NPC for when players need a big boost with their character.

Obtaining a single Exotic item from Xur may provide players with the little boost they need, and may ultimately alter their whole build to make them stronger.

The Exotic Engram costs an Exotic Cipher, whereas the other gear requires a modest amount of Legendary Shards to buy.

Check out our Destiny 2 Legendary Shards Farming guide to learn more about how to get Legendary Shards.

The following items are available for purchase from Xur:

Exotic Engram

An Exotic Engram will provide players a random Exotic, which will most likely be one they don’t currently own.

If you already have all of the Exotic items, you’ll get a random piece of Exotic armor with a random set of stats instead.

Unlike the other goods that can be purchased using Legendary Shards, an Exotic Engram requires an Exotic Cipher (acquired via prizes or Xur Quest).

Weapon of Oddity

Xur may sell a particular weapon for a modest amount of Legendary Shards, typically between 20 and 50.

The Exotic weapon may be used by any of your characters, regardless of their class, and it can be kept in your vault for later use.

Armor of the Exotic

Exotic armor will be available for purchase, with a piece for each class and the possibility of a random component.

Although they can only be utilized by their respective class, you may buy them and keep them in your vault, allowing you to collect them with your other characters.

Xur Quest1631484760_638_Destiny-2-Xur-Guide-Xur-Visit-Exotic-Items-amp-Quest

When you visit Xur, you may participate in the Xenology quest, which will allow you to acquire an Exotic Cipher from Xur.

Exotic Ciphers are needed to buy Exotic Engrams and are very difficult to come by, although Xur gives you a mission to get one.

The Xenology quest may be obtained from Xur and completed for an Exotic Cipher (only one can be kept at a time) that can be used to purchase a random Exotic from Xur.

The Monument to Lost Lights in the Tower, which holds a collection of former Exotics from previous DLCs, may be used to buy a particular Exotic item.

Check out our Destiny 2 Xenology Quest Walkthrough for more information on the Xenology quest.

When will Xur arrive?

Xur appears every weekend and is accessible until the week resets, lasting just three days before departing.

Players must search each Xur location to determine where he is presently located; fortunately, he only appears in 5 distinct places.

When Xur arrives, he will stay in that place until the Xur reset (when the weekend finishes and he vanishes), at which point players will have to wait until the following weekend to see him again.


  • You can only have one Exotic Cipher at a time, so use it to either acquire an Exotic Engram (random Exotic) from Xur or use it at the Monument to Lost Lights to get a particular one.
  • Xur can be found mostly near the Tower and will no longer exist on certain planets, such as those that have already been eliminated from the game.
  • Because Xur’s other goods are inexpensive, it’s a good idea to check them out on a weekly basis and purchase stuff that you can use with other characters and builds later.
  • All of the goods for Xur may be purchased and stored in your vault, enabling you to outfit your other characters as well.
  • If you cancel Xur’s Xenology quest, you won’t be able to resume it until the next reset or until Xur returns.
  • Players may acquire Exotic Ciphers as a prize from the Season Pass and perhaps additional activities later on, in addition to completing Xur’s Quest.


Xur is an NPC that sells Exotics in exchange for Exotic Ciphers or Legendary Shards every week on the weekends in the tower.

Players may only visit Xur on weekends, and after they have passed, Xur will vanish, only to reappear the next weekend.

Every week, Xur will offer a new Exotic item with a distinct stat role, making it difficult to find the ideal gear straight immediately.

When you have the opportunity, store up Legendary Shards in case you wish to purchase anything from Xur later on when he comes.

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