Eververse is a microtransaction store in Destiny 2 that allows players to purchase cosmetic items with the game’s in-game currency, Silver. Players can also earn Silver by completing various activities within the game. The most popular item from Eververse is an engram, which contains a random cosmetic item.

Eververse Engrams are a new type of item in Destiny 2. They can be opened with various items from the Eververse Trading Company. The Eververse is also where you can buy and sell items, including weapons, armor, emotes, sparrows, shaders, ships and more.

Eververse Engrams are some of the most difficult to acquire engrams, since they appear as you advance through the game, particularly as you earn levels with each season.

These engrams include a variety of cosmetic items, such as gear ornaments, player emotes, and accessories from past Destiny 2 seasons.

To open Eververse Engrams, you don’t need to go somewhere special; all you have to do is go to the shop.

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Where Can I Purchase Eververse Engrams?

Eververse Engrams, unlike other engrams, are earned by completing activities or earning levels each season, rather as by killing opponents.

A Season Pass may be purchased for additional prizes, but regardless of whether you have one or not, there are plenty of Eververse Engrams to be obtained.

To claim your Eververse Engrams, go to the Season tab (same group as Destinations or Map) and accept the appropriate prize that corresponds to your level.

Activate Eververse Engrams

Eververse Engrams may be unlocked by just opening your shop, however others say that you must go to certain places to get it unlocked.

Simply open the Store tab, which is available on the same menu as the Map, Destinations, and Season tabs, to save time and make this easy.

Your Eververse engrams will be the first items to appear when you visit the shop, which is the game’s way of informing you that you may unlock them immediately to create room for them.

Simply pick the Eververse Engrams and they will be opened, taking you directly to your appearance tab on the inventory screen, which is situated below your inventory.


Players may personalize their characters using Eververse Engrams, which can be equipped and unequipped as many times as they wish (save for paint).

Eververse Engrams may be used to acquire new cars, ships, and paint that can be used on your gear, vehicles, and more.

Players may mix and combine the things they receive from Eververse Engrams to give their character the ideal look that matches their personality.

Eververse Engrams are completely free and may be acquired simply by playing the game and progressing through the seasons.

The destiny 2 eververse engrams after level 100 is a question that has been asked many times. This guide will explain how to open them in Destiny 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you decode Eververse engrams?

There are many ways to decode Eververse engrams. The most common is to use a decoder found on the internet, or you can also purchase an Eververse decoding kit from the in-game store.

Whats in Eververse Engram?

Eververse Engrams are loot boxes that can be purchased with real money. These engrams contain items such as emotes, skins, sparrows, shaders, and more.

Where is the Eververse store in Destiny 2?

The Eververse store is located in the Hall of Guardians.

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