In Destiny 2, Hammer of Proving is a weapon that can be used to prove a player’s identity. This guide will teach you how to use the hammer in the game and what it means for your gameplay experience.

The how to get hammer of proving back is a question that has been asked many times. In Destiny 2, the Hammer of Proving can be used as a weapon for your Guardian.

The Hammer of Proving is a tool in Destiny 2 that can be used to unlock chests in Battlegrounds missions and may also be used to generate Hammer Charges for Focused Umbral Mods.

You’ll need access to H.E.L.M. to get the Hammer of Proving, which is now considerably simpler thanks to the Season of The Splicer update.

The Hammer of Proving allows players to acquire a number of Season of the Chosen items, as well as particular responsibilities with gear.

How can I get the Hammer of Proving to work?

The Hammer of Proving will be unlocked after you complete the first step you were given at H.E.L.M.

The Hammer of Proving may be obtained, upgraded, and given additional prizes if you complete the Challenger’s Proving missions.

The Challenger’s Proving missions may be obtained via the War Table, and you can complete them while improving it.

How Do You Get The Proving Charges Hammer?

To acquire a Hammer of Proving Charge, shatter a Tribute Chest at the conclusion of a Battlegrounds mission with the Hammer of Proving.

You must first equip the Hammer of Proving with a mod that grants particular benefits, such as a Hammer Charge and more, before you may use it in the Battlegrounds task.

Cabal Gold is required to create the modifications that enable the Hammer of Proving to be utilized in Battleground assignments.

What Is The Best Way To Get Cabal Gold?

Cabal Gold may be earned through participating in a variety of activities or objectives in Destiny 2, including the following:

  • Well, I’m blind.
  • Crucible
  • Dungeons
  • Gambit
  • Hunting Nightmares
  • When Nightfall Arrives
  • Public Occasions
  • Raids
  • Strikes

The more difficult the action, the more Cabal Gold you may get at the conclusion of the assignment.

When you have the Tribute Chest upgrades, you can now get Cabal Gold by destroying a Tribute Chest.

Using the Proving HammerD2HUHP23521-2

To use the Hammer of Proving, you must first equip a Hammer Mod with Cabal Gold from your Quests menu.

After you’ve donned a Hammer Mod of your choice, you’ll need to complete a Battlegrounds assignment.

A chest will emerge at the conclusion of a Battlegrounds mission for each player to spend their Hammer of Proving on.

Simply interact with one of the chests and use your Hammer of Proving to smash it and get prizes, such as Hammer Charges.

Upgrading the Proving HammerD2HUHP23521-3

Upgrading your Hammer of Proving may provide you a number of advantages, making it more lucrative to use at the conclusion of Battlegrounds missions.

The following are the Proving Enhancements Hammer:

Tier I Enhancement

  • Proving Rune I – Learn how to create a proving rune that allows you to earn more glimmer.
  • Challenger Medallion I – Learn to create a challenger rune that boosts charge capacity until an Umbral Engram is focused.
  • Red Legion Chest I — When you open a Red Legion chest, you may get Season of the Chosen gear.
  • Smashing chests in Battleground Playlists will reward you with 1 Cabal Gold.
  • Increases the amount of Hammer Charges your Hammer of Proving can hold from 3 to 5 with Hammer Charge I.
  • Cabal Gold I – Increases your maximum Cabal Gold holdings from 42 to 56.
  • When shattering a Tribute Chest, a random Season of the Chosen Focused Umbral Engram will be given each week.

Tier 2 Enhancement

  • Proving Rune II – Adds a slot to Hammer of Proving and unlocks Proving Rune with a chance to award Cabal Gold.
  • Challenger Medallion II – A new Challenger Medallion is learnt, as well as the possibility of earning random targeted rewards. The Chosen Umbral Engram’s Season
  • Chance to acquire Season of the Chosen gear has been enhanced in Red Legion Chest II.
  • When you shatter a Tribute Chest II, you’ll have a chance to get more Season 13 gear.
  • Hammer Charge II – Increase the capacity of the Hammer of Proving charge from 5 to 7
  • Cabal Gold II – The capacity of Cabal Gold is increased from 56 to 70.
  • Mission Focus II – A shattered Tribute Chest will reward you with a Season of the Chosen Focused Umbral Engram each week.

Tier III Enhancement

  • Learn a new Proving Rune that offers you a chance to get an extra Hammer Charge when you shatter a Tribute Chest in Battlegrounds Playlist.
  • Challenger Medallion III – Learn how to craft a Challenger Medallion that grants an extra Hammer Charge in exchange for more Cabal Gold.
  • Red Legion Chest III – Chests now have a better chance of delivering random Season 13 rewards.
  • Smashing Tribute Chests grants 2 Cabal Gold in Tribute Chest III.
  • Hammer Charge III – Increases the number of charges in the Hammer of Proving from seven to ten.
  • Cabal Gold III – The capacity of Cabal Gold has been raised from 70 to 84.
  • Every week, a third shattered Tribute Chest will reward you with a random item. Focused Umbral Engram (Season 13)

At H.E.L.M.’s War Table, you may improve the Hammer of Proving with these upgrades. 

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The Hammer of Proving is a quick and simple method to acquire Legendary Season 13 gear, and the more you use it, the easier it becomes.

To create your Focused Umbral Engram, just harvest Cabal Gold, Insert A Mod, and Smash a Battlegrounds Chest at the conclusion of the task, then utilize the Hammer Charges.

If players choose, they may still utilize the Hammer of Proving to produce Season 13 gear, which will give them Season of the Chosen gear.

The destiny 2 hammer of proving disappeared is a problem that has been present for a while. Bungie has released 3 fixes to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you equip the hammer in destiny?

You equip the hammer by pressing and holding the left trigger.

How do you forge the hammer of proving?

The Hammer of Proving is a unique item that was introduced in the Wrathstone DLC. You can forge it by combining two items, one from each faction.

How do you upgrade the hammer of proving in Destiny 2?

You can upgrade your hammer by finding an engram with the upgrade you want.

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