Eternal Return is a sandbox survival game that revolves around the idea of reincarnation and karma. Players can choose to play as one of many unique characters, each with their own skills and story. The game offers a plethora of different ways to play, but in order to get the most out of it you need to know how to effectively use other players’ characters.

The eternal return black survival tier list is a guide that will help players to effectively play with other characters. It will also include the Must Have text.

This is a tutorial that will show you how to play Eternal Return: Black Survival cooperatively.


If you’re new to Eternal Return: Black Survival, this tutorial will teach you how to put together your team’s comps, builds, routes, and late game effectiveness properly.

If there’s anything you’d want me to add or anything you’ve noted that you think I said incorrectly, please leave a comment on this page.

I’d want to point out that surveillance cameras are VERY IMPORTANT, so don’t overlook them; they’re essentially wards in any MOBA.

Comps for the team:

[The many team competitions that may be formed:]

  • [/a dive comp: a dive comp is a group of characters designed to strongly push and pursue their opponents, using abilities that enable them to “dive through their rivals’ defences.” Hyunwoo, Jackie, and Xiukai are excellent examples of this competition. The goal of this competition is to rush into teams and execute them fast; with xiukai’s cc and Jackie’s jumping strike/adrenaline burst, this competition is best characterized as a dive competition.]
  • [*standard team comp: a typical team comp would be a team with a cc/tank, a damage dealer, and a healer; this is a team intended to be prepared for any scenario; need to flee and your team’s numbers are low? Make advantage of your cc and enlist the aid of your healer. Do you have to cope with a group of enemies that might easily destroy you? No worries, just cc them and let your damage dealer loose while your healer supports and does damage. Do you have a need to get rid of a harm dealer for a moment? Everything is OK; just cc them and assist your low-health teammates in escaping. Sissela, Magnus, and Aya are excellent examples of this genre.]
  • [/an s tier comp: a s tier comp is a squad of characters with a lot of sustain and strong damage that can usually be considered as some of the top characters in a game. These characters often have very powerful early-game abilities with short cooldown and tremendous damage, such as Hyunwoo’s Stomping Foot. Hyunwoo, Chiara, and Hart are, perhaps, an excellent example.]


This isn’t going to teach you what to construct, but it will show you how to build in a party setting.

When creating any custom construct, be sure to include your teammates’ drop points. You should always arrange at least one excellent drop location for both you and your teammates, so that your teammate isn’t falling alone with another squad landing nearby.

Another factor to consider is the distance traveled by you and your squad mates to complete their full builds. A competent squad would have planned their build in such a manner that they can drop together and create at least one full item within the first four minutes of a battle, then cycle around comparable locations to complete the rest of their items.

When attempting to construct things of the yellow tier, if you are EVER trying to farm for a component of the item, such as the VF Blood sample, you must constantly hunt, exposing yourself to other people who may wish to attack you or who may be searching for the same thing as you.

Similarly, attempting to get parts from the tree of life on your own is a hazardous undertaking, particularly if you’re a support character who thinks, “Hey, I’ll just go over and grab this.” Surveillance cameras are often used by skilled players. If you can, always find a method to utilize security cameras; these may assist you cover areas that aren’t covered by the ones the games provide.

It’s also useful to hide some in bushes from time to time; this provides a wealth of information. P.S. Please utilize the surveillance machine anytime you enter a new area; this way, you’ll know when someone else is approaching or leaving your area, enabling you to efficiently escape and rotate as needed.

Effectiveness in the Late Game:

With the exception of a few characters and life steal, you’re a glass cannon in the late game unless you’ve accumulated a decent number of defenses, like the rest of the characters. In the late game, I like to have at least one character with a stun, which allows you to fully or completely burst at least one character. In the late game, you’ll just out damage someone or do less damage than them, so having something to stop them from attacking is important to flip the fight’s momentum.

Use the intel you’ve gathered through surveillance cameras and your team’s skills to finish people off, obtain picks, and even ganks. And, in any battle royale, a smart late game strategy is to wait until three teams are left (including yourself), then hide and let the other teams fight. When you see the exclamation mark on your minimap, third party and watch yourself win easily.

This ends my guide; if you’d prefer a character-specific guide or another kind of guide, please specify which you’d like and for which game in the comments.

XoCrakinDaTribe is the author of this piece.

Eternal Return: Black Survival is a game that has many different characters. This guide will show you how to effectively play with other characters in the game. Reference: eternal return: black survival guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best character in eternal return?

Im sorry, but I cannot answer that question.

How do you get good at eternal return in black survival?

Eternal return is a game mode that allows you to keep playing as long as you can. This means, if you die, you will respawn and continue the same fight over and over again until you lose. To get good at this mode, it is important to practice a lot in order to learn how to avoid getting hit by enemies.

How do you get strong in eternal return?

Eternal return is a game mode that you can play in Fortnite. It is best to practice with weapons and build your skills up, as it will make the experience much easier.

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