With the new Football Manager 2021 game, players will be able to manage a club from their first season. This guide covers all of the basics for creating your own team and taking over management.

The football manager 2021 create a club guide is a website that has been created to help new managers start their own clubs. It includes information on how to manage your team, as well as some great tips and tricks for the game.

You’ve just walked into a new club, but you’re perplexed by everything you see? This manual will help you succeed in every new club you run!


With the release of FM 21, we’ll all be beginning fresh saves with different teams, whether they’re footballing titans or non-league outfits, with the hopes of reaching the pinnacle of the sport.

This checklist will walk you through everything you should do on your first day on the job with your new team. It will cover topics like as finances, tactics, scouting, and more with the hopes of providing you, the manager, with the greatest possible start to your adventure.

This is mainly targeted for novice and intermediate players, thus it may also be used as a tutorial. If you believe I should add anything, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add it as soon as I can.


Your club’s finances determine whether you can make transfers, enhance your facilities, and keep your players. As a result, when I take over a new club, the first thing I do is look at the financial tab. We don’t need to perform any complicated calculations; all we need is a basic sense of how the club is doing financially.

Let’s take a look at Borussia Dortmund’s initial financial situation.

Dortmund seems to be doing fairly well, with a bank balance of well over $100 million (78 million pounds). The $11 million transfer budget is a bit tight for a team of our stature, but as we’ll see later, it’s not a big deal. In terms of payroll, we have approximately 4 million dollars each year to spare, which isn’t a lot of money.

Most teams will no longer have budgets as large as Dortmund’s. Many teams’ finances will suffer greatly as a result of the coronavirus. Keep this in mind if your club is in a similar position when we speak about transfers later.

It may be worthwhile to take a quick check at any terms due to the club (available under the transfers page). Consider selling them if you need money right now.

Report from the Team

Let us now take a closer look at our team. To access the team depth chart section, go to the team report tab and choose it. Make sure the “show” option is set to “position overview (current ability)”. This is the perspective I like, but you may choose whatever one you want. The depth chart for the squad should look like this:

2911201-2-1024x576 Here’s where we’ll start evaluating your team’s strengths and shortcomings. If you’re in charge of a real-life team, you may already be acquainted with them, but if not, doing this analysis is very beneficial.

Let’s start with the positive aspects. Many names, such as Haaland, Witsel, Delaney, and Hummels, are regarded “Great” players at Dortmund. This is invaluable knowledge, since I can now focus on building a team and strategy around these superstars.

You may do the same with your team, but don’t put too much faith in the star ratings. The actual information is in the player’s characteristics, which are merely a broad indication to how excellent the player is.

Let’s search for the flaws now that you’ve identified your strengths. Unless you’ve put together a superteam for the future, every team has flaws, whether it’s in terms of player quality or squad depth. Let’s go further into each position on the chart to identify them. If you click on any position (in this instance, striker), a pop-up window should appear with all of the players who might play that position.

2911201-3-1024x576 Haaland is obviously my top choice as striker, but after him, I’ll have to depend on Reus and Hazard. While they are competent Advanced Forwards, they are considerably more comfortable and natural playing on the wings. There you have it, the squad’s first flaw: a lack of striker depth, which I’ll keep in mind when I get into scouting later.

Let’s continue our search. The midfield and offensive midfield, as well as the full backs, seem to be loaded, with a plethora of excellent players in those positions. When we look at the central defenders, though, we see another niggling issue.


I envision four center backs in this lineup: Hummels, Zagadou, and Akanji, as well as Emre Can, who I’d like to put in midfield. So, with just three genuine center backs, I wouldn’t mind searching for a fourth option as a backup in case one of the starting gets hurt, so keep that in mind when we look at the transfer market later.

Do the same with your team, identifying critical areas where you lack talent or depth in your roster. We’ll utilize this knowledge in the following stage, which is developing a strategy.


Football Manager’s meat is tactics, and the correct strategy may help you win for a long period. So, let’s begin by going to the tactics page, where the game will ask you to choose a strategy.

If you’re a total novice, I’d advise starting with one of the game’s suggested preset strategies and tweaking it based on your observations until you get a better understanding of the game. You may scroll down to “create your own style,” which is what I’ll be utilizing for this tutorial, if you want to do your own thing instead.

2911201-5-1024x576 For my Dortmund team, I’ve hastily put together a strategy. I won’t go into too much detail on strategies since there are many more in-depth videos and tutorials available online, but this is a good place to start.

I attempted to work around the strengths I mentioned before, as you may have seen. I’ve placed a single striker in front of Haaland since I don’t have the depth for more than one striker. Because I know I have a lot of talent in my offensive and defensive midfield, including names like Witsel and Reus, I’ve added a lot more players to my midfield.

Finally, I’ve maintained a traditional four-man backline, focusing on Hummels and Guerreiro. Again, using a three-center-back system would be a mistake since I only have 3-4 center backs on my first team and would be in big difficulty if even one of them went hurt.

Design your strategy in the same manner, focusing on your strengths and star players while reducing pressure on weak regions. If you’re not sure what the roles (such as playmakers or inverted wingers) imply, you can always mouse over them and read a description.

Naturally, if your team is good, you should develop a more aggressive strategy, but if you are projected to finish last in the league, you should develop a defensive, counter-attacking strategy.

Okay, we’ve completed our squad study and are ready to enter the transfer market, but before…

Center for Development

The development center is often ignored, but seasoned players know that it may be a treasure mine of youthful talent. Look through the Loans and Youth Squads sections under the Development Center header. There’s a good chance you’ll discover a hidden gem or a solid backup for the first team.

2911201-6-1024x576 For example, in the long term, I might seek to develop Bynoe-Gittens, who seems to be a promising future potential.

If you’ve searched around the club and can’t find the player you’re looking for, the next step is to enter the transfer market.

Transfers and Scouting

The transfer market is the most enjoyable aspect of Football Manager; nothing beats discovering a fantastic player at a low price. But, first and foremost, we must recall the guys we’re searching for.

I was searching for a backup striker and a backup center back in the prior parts. Keep the roles you’re searching for in mind, then go to the scouting tab.

2911201-7-1024x576 The scouting center is the first part. Your scouts will recommend players depending on the tasks they’ve completed. You may change these tasks (through the assignments section), such as sending your scouts to scout in South America, or you can leave them to your Chief Scout to decide.

On this page, you can see the players they propose in each case — in this case, my scout suggests signing Upamecano. Despite the fact that the scout believes it’s an excellent concept, as shown by his 81 scout rating, we know it’s unlikely to happen owing to our restricted budget and payroll. Regardless, keep an eye on this screen since scouts do sometimes come across intriguing players that are worth drafting.

The players part is the second section to examine. You basically take on the role of scout in this game. You may choose the positions and characteristics you desire, and the system will automatically filter the players that meet the criteria.


For example, I’m searching for a backup center back, therefore I narrowed down my search to just loan-listed center backs. There are a number of excellent choices, the most well-known of which being Eric Garcia.

You should be able to locate the players you need for your roles using these two categories. Make sure to thoroughly scout the players before signing them, and keep a watch out for players who are prone to injury or who are unreliable. Use the shortlist function as often as possible, as it will make it simpler to select between players or monitor targets over time.

New players often make the error of going overboard with their acquisitions, so utilize the team report we mentioned before as a guide to spend wisely. Keep the club’s vision in mind as well! If you sign a lot of 35-year-olds when your club’s goal is to recruit players under the age of 23, you’ll have to explain yourself to the board.


You’ve figured out the strategies and have all the players you need, but who will teach the players the tactics? Let’s take a look at the club’s personnel. When you click on the staff tab, you should get a neat summary of your club’s personnel. Here’s how Dortmund’s situation looks:

2911201-9-1024x576 With the bar graphs at the bottom, you can see how we compare to the rest of the league and that we have high-quality personnel. You may also find out how many people are on the coaching, medical, and scouting teams.

Let’s say I want to hire a technical director since the club doesn’t have one. I could either post an ad for that job by going to the add staff member button and selecting the put advert option. I’d receive a list of staff members interested in becoming technical directors a few days later.

The staff search option, on the other hand, is a much better method to hire people. This area, which is almost similar to the player search section, enables you to filter employees by their occupations and characteristics. For example, if I needed a technical director with 19 Negotiating skills, I might use those criteria to find the top people in the industry.

2911201-10-1024x576 The individual coaching, medical, and scouting teams may then be seen by hovering over the overview section. Examine the personnel here, and if one is of very poor quality, I would not hesitate to mutually end their contract in order to make room for additional employees.

You may also handpick coaches based on their personalities, favorite formations, and playing styles if you’re interested. This does have an impact on how teams train, so keeping an eye on it is a smart idea. Again, keep an eye on the budget: don’t go broke simply to get a little better employee.


Let’s get started with the training now that we’ve gathered all of the necessary people for the club. The training tab will provide you with a comprehensive picture of the club’s training state. Because this may seem to be a little overwhelming, let’s simply concentrate on the most essential points.

There are two kinds of training in FM: general and individualized. Individual training refers to specialized training allocated to an individual, whereas general training refers to the training the team performs collectively.

The calendar feature allows you to see a team’s overall training and make personal adjustments to training sessions. You may even delegate them to the assistant coach, who would schedule them depending on his assessment of the team’s needs.

2911201-11-1024x576 Individual training is something I strongly suggest. You may go to the individual section to view each player and the position for which they are preparing. You may then specify what each player will be training for, as well as any extra goals.

2911201-12-1024x575 In this instance, I’d want Haaland to train as an Advanced Forward with an emphasis on passing to help him become a more complete player. This is a fantastic way to shape younger players to suit your system or alter their roles, but it has a smaller effect on senior players.

We may then go on to a different element of training: mentorship. This replaced the teaching method a few years ago; today, gamers form mentorship groups to learn from one another.

2911201-13-1024x576 As you can see from the first mentorship group, more experienced players such as Piszczek have an impact on younger players like as Zagadou, basically improving their mental qualities.

So, if you have a kid with weak mental skills, make sure they’re in a mentorship group with an older player who has superior mental skills. Mentoring groups can assist members in learning player characteristics.


Let’s take a look at the club’s amenities as we approach the conclusion of this tour. They’re under the club details page and the facilities section. Training facilities, youth facilities, junior coaching, and youth recruiting are the facilities you should concentrate on. Let’s take a look at Dortmund’s infrastructure.

2911201-14-1024x576 Dortmund boasts excellent facilities in every area, as one would expect from a team of its stature. In general, I’d want to upgrade each to state-of-the-art, but this will take a significant amount of time and money.

You may ask your board to enhance facilities by going to the club vision page and then selecting Make Board Request from the dropdown menu. When you have the money, it is a good idea to attempt to enhance these amenities. Better facilities, especially for long-term savings, go a long way.

So, what’s next?

All I have to say about your first day on the job is that. It’s a lengthy one, but it should put you in a good position for the start of the season. I’d even suggest repeating this cycle at the beginning of each season until you have a better grasp of the game.

Go ahead and look at the other tabs that I didn’t cover in this tutorial. The dynamics and medical center tabs, for example, provide useful information on the team’s current status, while the club vision focuses on what the board and fans want from you.

There are hundreds of tutorials online that go further into each element of the game that I mentioned, so look them up after you’ve gotten a better understanding of it.

Apart from this tutorial, please let us know in the comments area if you want us to cover any other guides connected to the game “Football Manager 2021.” That is something we are pleased to do for our readers.

PEEKAY is the author of this piece.

The football manager 2021 teams to manage in england is a guide that helps new managers learn the basics of managing a club. It includes tips on how to start your career, as well as what you should do before and after taking charge of your new team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you manage a national team in Football Manager 2021?

Yes, you can.

What is the best formation in Football Manager 2021?

This is a difficult question to answer. There are many formations that can be used in Football Manager 2021, but the best formation would depend on your personal preference and what you feel will work for you.

How do you make a club on Football Manager 2021?

To make a club on Football Manager 2021, firstly you must create an account. Then, go to the Club tab on your profile and select Create Club. You will then be prompted with a series of questions that you must answer before proceeding.

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