Destiny 2 Rising is a raid in the Destiny franchise. It has been released on September 13th, 2018. The walkthrough will help you through the entire raid and provide tips for defeating enemies.

The destiny 2 beyond light ziggurat is a walkthrough for the game Destiny 2. It can be used to help players get through the game, and it includes tips on how to beat each level.

  • Story kind of mission (Beyond Light)
  • Europa is the location of the mission.
  • Time allotted for the mission: 5–10 minutes

Variks has remained in Europa to help you deal with Eramis’ issue, since he was taken aback by the fact that her lieutenants have begun to use the new power, Stasis.

Variks wants your assistance to build up a communications network to communicate with his friends in order to evaluate the situation.

Your job will be to build up the network and ensure that everything runs well for the Eliksni, a group of survivors preparing to evacuate securely.

Goals of the MissionD2RIRE13521-2

Activate the Secret Communications Network

To allow for the evacuation preparation, you will need to travel to each Comms Relay and activate each of them (3 Comms Relays in total).

When you engage with each relay, Ghost will begin the hacking process, which takes just a few minutes to finish.

To accomplish this goal, continue following the waypoint to find each relay and have Ghost hack each one.

Look into the Crux of Darkness.

After you’ve activated all of the relays, a huge black crystal will emerge; examine it to continue with the quest.

When you engage with the Crux of Darkness, you’ll hear a voice instructing you to follow them to your salvation, which will create a new waypoint for you to follow.

The Darkness Is Calling

You’ll begin your journey towards the Darkness’ signal by getting inside your car and following the waypoint.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll be sent to Europa Beyond, where a cutscene depicting what occurs after a spacecraft crashes on Europa will play.


  • This mission extends the beyond light lesson and demonstrates some of the Stasis powers’ possibilities.
  • To find the relays, follow the waypoints; some of them may be on lower or higher terrain than where you are.


You converse with a black thing as you put up the relays as Variks has asked, taking you outside beyond Europa.

You’ll come across a group of Exo who seem to be utilizing Stasis to fight opponents, and you’ll later side with them as events unfold.

When the cutscene ends, the missions will be done, but there will be no mission completion screen to see, just further steps from the Exo.

The beyond light campaign is a walkthrough for the Destiny 2 Rising Resistance.

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