In Destiny 2, players can complete a series of missions to sabotage the enemy faction. These missions are called Sabotage Missions and require players to take out important objectives for their respective Faction.

The Sabotaging Salvation in Destiny 2 is a quest that was released with the launch of Destiny 2. The quest has been bugged and doesn’t seem to be able to be completed.

  • Quest missions are the most common kind of mission.
  • Europa is the location of the mission.
  • Time allotted for the mission: 10-15 minutes

You must go over to stop the Fallen’s weapon manufacturing in order to degrade their capabilities.

To disrupt a component that manufactures their weaponry, you must go to Riis-Reborn Approach.

Goals of the MissionD2SASA22521-2

Make Room For It (Part 1)

You’ll start in a chamber with a right-hand exit, and you’ll have to walk through it and clear the opponents in front of you.

At the very end, there will be a door with a barrier that will deactivate after the enemy around it have been cleared.

Make Your Way To The Weapons Factory

After the barrier has been deactivated, enter through the doorway and continue following the waypoint to the next location.

If you skip the opponents or go to the very end of one of the big rooms, the door will close, forcing you to clear the foes within.

Make Room For It (Part 2)

Clear the area of all opponents until there are none left, and then Ghost will need to hack a nearby console to let you pass.

Please open the door.

When you interact with the console, Ghost will begin hacking, but you will have to protect him until the hacking is complete.

Unfortunately, the hack fails, and you’ll have to return to the place where you entered (marked by a waypoint) and acquire a weapon to break the door with.

Dismantle the Door

Proceed to the waypoint that indicates the location of a power core that you must take and toss through the door.

The Weapons Factory should be sabotaged (Part 1)

After you’ve demolished the door, continue on your journey to the next waypoint, where you’ll be given a new task.

The Fallen Brigs are being sabotaged.


There will be three Brigs in the region that are not operational, and your next job will be to hack them and destroy them.

Before you may hack any Brig, you must first eliminate their Brig Safety Guards, and this must be done for each Brig in each region.

Destroy the Factory (Part 2)

As you approach the next waypoint, you’ll find yourself in a huge chamber with a console at the far end.

Interact with the console, but be prepared for a battle, as a Fallen Walker will emerge and begin attacking you.

The Fallen Walker must be defeated.


Continue attacking the Fallen Walker until you’ve taken off around 3/4 of its health, at which point a laser will mark the region it’s in.

The Fallen Walker will be replaced by a Factory Brig after a huge explosion, which you must continue to demolish.

The Fallen Must Be Repelled

Fight the Factory Brig while avoiding taking too much damage from the enemies surrounding you, and the task will be completed sooner or later after it is destroyed.


  • You are not need to battle all opponents in the area, although doing so may make things simpler since they may do a lot of damage when they concentrate their fire on you.
  • The Fallen Walker will not be around for long, and some believe it will change into the Brig.
  • If you hide behind pillars, remain mobile, or utilize your skills, the Factory Brig can inflict a lot of damage and will try to employ area attacks.
  • After completing this task, you may begin earning Herealways Pieces, which can be used to buy missions from Variks.


The Facility Brig’s destruction will shut down the whole factory, making your effort to stop the manufacturing of Fallen weapons a success.

After completing this quest, Variks at Charon’s Crossing will give you the Empire’s Fall quest, which you may get from him.

Destiny 2 europa story missions is the term that has been used to refer to a series of missions in Destiny 2. The mission can be completed by completing the main campaign and then playing through the Leviathan Raid. Reference: destiny 2 europa story missions.

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