It’s your birthday! You want to have a great party, but you’re not sure what to do. This article has 12 fun games that will make your day special.

The indoor birthday party games for adults are a fun way to make your day special. There are 12 different games that can be played in a small space.

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There’s a good reason why we need to celebrate our birthdays, and coming up with birthday party games is a fun approach to make this yearly event memorable. Choosing the perfect party games to include, on the other hand, may be a tough task at times.

Don’t worry, we can assist you in selecting the appropriate ones to make your big day memorable.

There are many games to select from, and we’ve compiled a list of birthday party games that are appropriate for all ages of your guests.


birthday party games at their finest

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You can’t go wrong with any of these classic birthday party games.

The following are the top three birthday party games:

Obstacle Course #1

Prepare hurdles for a person or a group to overcome. Crawling beneath the seats, flipping water bottles, or practically whatever else comes to mind; the only limit is your imagination. The one who completes the obstacle course in the lowest time wins.

men starting an obstacle course

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2. Doughnut Challenge on a String

Using a string, suspend a doughnut. Make sure you use donuts with a hole in the center; cream-filled doughnuts will clearly not work. Each participant must eat an entire doughnut without using their hands, with the winner being the one who eats their doughnut first.

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3. Stomping on balloons

Begin by tying balloons around your guests’ ankles. They will have to go about and burst each other’s balloons in this game. They are eliminated if both of their balloons are popped. The winner is the last guy remaining!

different colored balloons on the floor

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Children’s birthday party games

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With these birthday party activities for kids, keeping youngsters engaged will be a breeze. Choose one and have a good time.

Here are three kid-friendly birthday party games:

4. The Three-Legged Race is a race in which three people compete against one other

Pair the kids up and have them face the same way with their legs touching, then wrap a towel around their ankles that are touching. The first couple to cross the finish line is the winner!

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5. Baked Potatoes

Prepare a spherical item, such as a potato, a stress ball, or anything else that is round. Then arrange the children in a circle and play upbeat music. The rule is to throw the round item around, and whomever is holding it when the music stops is out. This game will continue until only one child remains, and that child is declared the winner.

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6. Walk for Prizes

Begin by preparing numbers to walk into, which you may accomplish by taping a piece of paper with a number to the ground. After that, have each kid take a number and stand on it. When the music starts playing, the kids should begin wandering about, and when it stops playing, they must stand on a number. They will receive a reward if their number is drawn from the basket. You may play this game until everyone has received a reward.

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Adult birthday celebrations

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Children aren’t the only ones who love games, which is why we offer these fantastic adult party games. These games will appeal to both children and adults. In fact, they’re an excellent way to keep grownups entertained during a party.

Here are three adult birthday parties:

7. Put it into action

Divide your visitors into two teams, each with an equal number of players; someone should keep track of their time and score. This game is also known as charades, and it requires you to act out a word or phrase without saying anything. Each team is given the same amount of charade cards, and the team that correctly answers the most questions wins! If there is a tie, the team that has spent the least amount of time on the field wins.

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Whisper Down the Lane, No. 8

This is worth a try if you like a calm and pleasant game. Divide the players into five-person teams, with the first team to play forming a straight line. A message will be delivered to the first person in line to whisper down the lane. For the team to win, the final member of the squad should get the precise message. Because this game is played one team at a time, the other teams are permitted to create loud sounds in order to distract them.

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Cherry Pie No. 9

This is the one for you if you want something a little more chaotic. Give each player a dish with five cherries on it, and the person who eats all of the cherries first wins. But hold on, there’s a snag! The cherries must be coated in whipped cream and the participants are not allowed to use their hands.

a bowl of cherries

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games for a birthday party outside

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Isn’t it true that games played outdoors are more exciting? As a result, we offer a variety of outdoor party games for you to select from. Whether you admit it or not, the thought of playing outdoors appeals to you in a different way.

Here are three games to play during an outdoor birthday party:

10. Go in search of the gummy bears

We all know how tiny a gummy bear is, and it might be a fun treasure hunt to hide one outside. The player who collects the most gummy bears is the winner.

gummy bears

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11. Create Your Own Escape Room

Begin by constructing your own plot. Then, using your imagination, create riddles, clues, or anything else relevant to your story, and finish it off with the appropriate decorations. Dividing your guests into teams and allowing them to solve the mystery you’ve made is a great way to keep them entertained.

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12. Nerf Battle

Give each player a nerf gun and divide your players into two teams. A scorekeeper is required, and visitors should be reminded that no deliberate face shots are permitted. Two whistles would be blown, the first signaling the start of the game and the second signaling the conclusion. The winning team is the one with the most points.

a boy aiming a nerf gun

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Birthday Party Games List (Downloadable)

Here’s a selection of birthday party games you may download (right-click the picture and choose Save Image As…):

a downloadable list of party games for birthdays

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How to Select the Most Appropriate Birthday Party Games

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How can you determine which game is the greatest to play on your birthday?

Here’s how to choose the finest games for a birthday party:

1. Consider Your Guests’ Ages

As a general rule, children enjoy games that require a lot of physical activity, while adults choose games that are imaginative and funny.

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2. Examine the Weather

Because several of these games are played outdoors, it’s critical to check the weather forecast to determine whether you’ll be able to play them.

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3. Play as many games as you can

Even though it’s a great game, just playing one game may leave your visitors disappointed. It is usually preferable to play a variety of games during a party.

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More Fantastic Games

Are you a gaming addict who can’t get enough of these titles? We have even more fantastic games in store for you.

  1. Check out our minute to win it games, since sometimes all it takes to have a good time is a minute.
  2. Try our best party board games if you love board games.
  3. Finally, check out these youth group activities to keep your adolescent guests engaged at your next gathering.

Final Thoughts

Did you like our birthday party games list? Playing games can always make a party more interesting, so check out some of these birthday party games!

12 Birthday Party Games are a fun way to make your day special. They are perfect for kids of all ages and can be played with family, friends, or even by yourself. Reference: party games for 11 year olds at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do for a 12 year old birthday party?

Well, there are a few ideas that you could try. You could have a scavenger hunt or an obstacle course to run through as well as some other activities such as making slime and decorating cupcakes with frosting.

How can I make my birthday party more fun?

You can have a party at home with your friends, family, or classmates. This way you dont have to worry about the cost of renting out a venue and you dont have to worry about food for everyone.

What games do you play at a birthday party?

This is a difficult question to answer. It depends on the age of the birthday party, what type of games are being played, and what the guests interests are.

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