What’s the difference between a game of chess and checkers? A game of chess has more moves.

The best one liner jokes reddit is a list of 28 jokes that are the most popular on Reddit.

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Nothing beats a nice one-liner joke delivered at the perfect moment for a good chuckle.

Every now and again, we all need a pick-me-up. These one-liners will get the job done. These one-liners can liven up any discussion you have with anybody. It makes no difference who you’re speaking with. If you add in a few of lines from this list, the discussion will be even better than it is now.

So don’t waste any more time and delve into the finest collection of hilarious one-liner jokes, which you may attempt on anybody who you think deserves to hear these clever remarks.


5 of the funniest one-liners

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The greatest jokes are the ones that require the least amount of time to tell. Short and to-the-point. The greatest one-line jokes are the ones that convey a lot with only one sentence. With only a few words, you can make a lot of people chuckle.

Here are the top five one-liners:

1. Always take out a loan from a pessimist. They won’t be expecting it back.

There should be a pessimist someplace to turn to when you’re truly in need.

2. People who look after hens are known as “chicken tenders.”

I’m becoming hungry now.

best one liner jokes - People who take care of chickens are literally chicken tenders.jpg

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3. The first to disobey Apple’s terms and conditions were Adam and Eve.

We understand where the practice of not reading any terms and conditions originated.

4. Change is unavoidable, with the exception of vending machines.

We can only hope that the statement also applies to vending machines.

best one liner jokes - Change is inevitable—except from a vending machine.jpg

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5. What was the source of the tomato’s blush? It caught a glimpse of the salad dressing!

The actual question is: how can you tell whether a tomato blushes after it’s already red?

5 one-liner jokes for dads

one liner jokes - dad one liner jokes

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Isn’t it true that dad jokes make you cringe? They are, however, a lot of fun. With one-liner dad jokes, you can have double the pleasure. They’re so cringeworthy that they’ll make you roll your eyes, yet deep down you’ll be giggling.

Here are five one-liner jokes about dads:

6. A perfectionist entered a pub…apparently the bar was not raised high enough.

Allowing a perfectionist inside your bar is not a good idea.

dad one liner jokes - A perfectionist walked into a bar.jpg

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7. I know money speaks, but all my money says is “Goodbye.”

Then you should educate your money to speak other things.

8. Women should not have children beyond the age of 35 – 35 is enough!

Don’t overpopulate the planet!

dad one liner jokes - Women should not have children after 35 — 35 children are enough!.jpg

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9. Why is there a light bulb in the refrigerator if you’re not allowed to eat at night?

There’s no other reason for it except for us to figure out what we should eat for a midnight snack.

10. What is your favorite aspect about living in Switzerland? The flag, on the other hand, is a huge bonus.

This is a good indication.

4 one-liner jokes about computers

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Are you ready to enter these computer jokes into the box? All you need is one remark about computers to start the discussion going in a positive direction.

Here are four one-liner computer jokes:

11. Moses was the first to have a cloud-connected tablet.

He was a forerunner of his time.

computer one liner jokes - Moses had the first tablet that could connect to the cloud.jpg

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12. A tidy home indicates a malfunctioning computer.

It’s amusing because it’s accurate.

I needed an eight-character password, so I went with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

That’s preferable than inputting 8 random characters.

4 cliched one-liners

corny one liner jokes

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Not every joke was meant to be humorous. It’s OK if some of them are corny jokes. We sometimes need a change of pace from the regular amusing ones. We need jokes that are so corny that we can’t help but laugh uncontrollably (yet are really making us laugh deep down).

Here are four cheesy one-liners:

14. I was once confronted with two individuals wrapped in a barcode and had to inquire, “Are you an item?”

I’m hoping they don’t roll their eyes at your inquiry.

corny one liner jokes - I once saw two people wrapped in a barcode and had to ask — “are you an item?”.jpg

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15. Have you heard of the man who was struck in the head with a Coke can? He was fortunate that it was a soft drink.

Hard liquor would exacerbate the situation.

16. What methods do individuals use to meet new people? I’m looking for a companion.

One method is to crack this joke.

corny one liner jokes - How do people make new mates? Asking for a friend.

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17. Insects irritate me greatly!

Isn’t it simply that they won’t quit bothering you?

3 terrible one-liner jokes

one liner jokes - bad one liner jokes

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Some jokes are so terrible that they are hilarious. These are just terrible jokes. The greatest part is that you won’t expect them to laugh, but when they do, you’ll know you’ve got the makings of a comic on your hands.

Here are three terrible one-liner jokes:

18. Having a heart attack during a game of charades is the worst possible scenario.

They will have no idea who or what assaulted them.

19. I just asked my hubby whether he recalls what day it is today… It’s simple to terrify guys.

Who knew guys had just one fear?

bad one liner jokes - I just asked my husband if he remembers what today is... Scaring men is easy.

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20. Who is the veggie king? Elvis Presley’s stage name is Elvis Presley.

And here I was thinking it was eggplant the whole time.

4 one-liner jokes with a pun

one liner jokes - punny one liner jokes

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The pun was intentional. Because they’re so clever, punny jokes are one of the greatest types of humor. People will be rolling on the floor laughing at these punny one-liners. Or maybe not.

Here are four punny one-liners:

21. I ate a clock the other day, and it took a long time.

I had to use both hands to do the task.

punny one liner jokes - I ate a clock yesterday, it was very time-consuming.

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22. Have you heard the story of the thief who stole a calendar? He was sentenced to twelve months in prison.

I believe he took a year and a half from me.

23. Make sure you don’t spell portion backwards. It’s a snare.

And now you’re stuck.

punny one liner jokes - Did you hear about the crook who stole a calendar? He got twelve months.

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24. Thank you for clarifying the meaning of the term “many” to me; it means a lot to me.

Is it possible that I’m now mistaken?

4 ludicrous one-liners

one liner jokes - stupid one liner jokes

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We all know that jokes should be humorous and clever. However, there are times when dumb jokes take the cake. If you want to have the most fun, make sure you have some dumb one-liner jokes on your list.

Here are four ridiculous one-liner jokes:

25. I just decided to get rid of my vacuum cleaner since it was only collecting dust.

Hopefully, the future owner won’t let it collect dust.

I just burnt 2,000 calories at the age of 26. That was the last time I slept with brownies in the oven.

What a calorie waste!

stupid one liner jokes - Just burned 2,000 calories. That's the last time I leave brownies in the oven while I nap.

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27. How do you refer to an elderly snowman? Water

This joke is really terrible, yet it’s true!

28. I’m throwing an introvert get-together, and you’re all invited.

What were your expectations?

How to Choose the Most Effective One-Liner Jokes

one liner jokes - How to Pick the best one liner jokes

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We all know that every joke on this list is a fantastic one-liner, but how can you be sure you’re picking the finest ones that are appropriate for your situation? That’s simple since you’ve got us. Simply take these three factors into account when selecting the greatest one-liner jokes, and you’ll be OK.

Here’s how to choose the greatest one-liners:

1. Everyone is invited.

How to Pick the best one liner jokes - Everyone Is Welcome.jpg

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Consider your target audience before choosing your jokes. Of course, anybody is welcome to hear your great one-liners, so you’ll need to include jokes that will appeal to a variety of individuals. Think about who you’re going to tell the joke to and go from there.

2. Play around with it.

How to Pick the best one liner jokes - Mix It Up.jpg

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Even if you just have one kind of audience, make sure your selection of jokes is varied. When you just use one kind of humor, it may get monotonous and uninteresting. To get the most laughs, mix it up. You may be certain that those who hear your jokes will not be bored.

3. Make a good presentation.

How to Pick the best one liner jokes - Deliver It Well.jpg

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How you deliver a joke is a huge part of it. On paper, a joke may seem to be funny, but when it’s spoken, it’s a flop. Make sure you only include jokes that you are confident in your ability to deliver, since your delivery is the most important aspect of the joke.

List of the Best One-Liner Jokes that may be downloaded and printed

Here’s a collection of the greatest one-liner jokes in jpg/pdf format that you can download and print (right-click the picture and choose Save Image As…):

Downloadable and printable list of best one liner jokes as jpg or pdf

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More Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes to Share or Start a Discussion With

It’s time to stretch out if you liked these one-liner gags. You are not limited to short and pleasant jokes. Now try some other kind of jokes:

  1. Knock on the door. Is anybody there? This is the list. Who is on this list? This collection of terrible knock knock jokes is so awful that you can’t help but chuckle.
  2. With these coffee jokes, you can bring out the comedian in you.
  3. When you know you’re comfortable with the one, love jokes are the way to go.

Final Thoughts

That’s all the one-liner jokes you’ll ever need. It’s a large list, so you can always go back to it if you need anything new that wasn’t on your first list. These one-liner jokes are brief yet entertaining. All jokes truly need to be is that. Good luck in making the world a more amusing place in the least amount of time possible.

The quick one liner jokes are the 28 best one-liner jokes that can be found on this list.

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