The mythical creatures known as the dragons have been a part of human culture since before recorded history. They are often depicted as powerful, wise, and noble beings who can be friends or foes to mankind. Today, they are still used in modern day media with many games featuring these creatures as enemies or allies.

The everwing sidekick codes is a list of the best everwing dragons. It’s the only list you’ll need! If you’re looking for an amazing sidekick, these are the best ones to choose from.

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You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re searching for a complete list of EverWing Dragons.

This is an EverWing guide with a lot of useful information. Everything you need to know about dragons, from where to find them to how to utilize them. Let’s get started straight now without wasting any more time.


Everwing Dragons are a kind of dragon that flies.

After completing missions, boss raids, or simply inviting friends to play Everwing, money and prizes are given in chests. These money and prizes may be used to purchase beast-eggs. Sidekicks or Dragons are the names given to these creatures.

Everwing Dragons are classified as Common, Rare, or Legendary, depending on their scarcity.

Common dragons have no unique powers but have a lot of attack damage. Rare characters have modest attack damage, but they also have unique powers. Dragons with medium to high attack damage in the Legendary category have stronger special abilities than Rare dragons.

That’s not all, however. In August 2017, the game updated the list for individuals that participated in a special challenge. Epic and Mythic are two new categories that have been added.

Between Rare and Legendary comes the Epic category, while above Legendary is the Mythic category.

The Top 5 Everwing Dragons

A star rating system exists for Everwing dragons. They may also change over time.

Only a one-star dragon can reach level ten. The dragon may then develop into a two-star dragon, allowing it to reach level 20 before turning into a level three dragon. For all dragons, a level 30, three-star dragon is the pinnacle.

The following are the top five Everwing Dragons:

1. Kiin vs. Kigi vs. Kiwig vs. Kiwig vs.

Here’s a fire dragon with a whopping 216 attack damage. That isn’t the only feature that distinguishes this beast from the rest of the group.

This dragon’s passive abilities include doing 50% greater damage against bosses and extending item duration by 20%.

The Kiin evolutionary line is similar to the Ban evolutionary line in that it provides bonuses against bosses, but instead of increasing item spawn rate, it improves item duration.

What does this mean in terms of gameplay? Because the magnet lasts longer, the enhanced item lifetime may assist a lot with currency and gem farming. Furthermore, boss raids become simpler since the mushroom effect may last longer than a few seconds.

2. Magnus > Magnus > Magnus > Magnus > Magnus > Magnus > Magnus > Magnus > Magn

Why is this Everwing Dragon one of the best? If you want to slay bosses, look no further than this fat fire dragon.

With its 50% extra damage against bosses, this beast has the ability to actually shake and shatter them. Also, with its 75 percent extra damage against Spike, this is a dragon that was created to beat him.

Whether he likes it or not, Spike is about to have the worst day of his life when he meets this dragon. The goal of “Magnis > Magmus > Magnimous” is to crush Spike till he dies.

If the 75 percent extra damage against Spike wasn’t frightening enough, add in the 50 percent bonus damage against bosses, and it’s easy to understand why this dragon is so deadly, not only to Spike but also to other bosses.

3. Tuskan > Sage > Skout

This amazing natural dragon has the potential to boost the drop rate and duration of goods by a staggering 40%!

The biggest increase of its type in the game, with a 40% boost in both item duration and drop rate. When you combine this with its 196 attack rating, it’s easy to understand why “Skout > Sage > Tuskan” is one of Everwing’s finest dragons.

In regular run mode, this ability may be very useful, particularly while attempting to achieve maximum damage and using the magnet item’s magnetic power.

Even in boss raids, this dragon’s ability may significantly enhance the strength of mushrooms.

This dragon’s utility is off the charts in general. It’s also worth noting that the fire dragon “Xiaolong > Huolong > Jinlong” has a similar ability.

4. Bakun > Bakunawa > Ban

A ferocious dragon with a frightening attack rating of 216 emerges from the shadows. Add in the fact that it has the passive ability to deliver blows that inflict 50% more damage against bosses, and it’s a terrifying combination. That’s not all, however. It may also generate 20% extra items from all the creatures it kills.

Both in regular run mode and boss raid mode, this evolutionary line of dragons may be effective. The extra boss damage comes in useful during boss raids, and the 20% item spawn rate helps you a lot by boosting your chances of obtaining magnets, clovers, and mushrooms.

When you combine all of these skills with its sheer strength, you’ll see that this dragon is without a doubt one of the finest options in EverWing.

5. Umbrathyst > Umbrasaur > Umbrathyst

This is the dragon you summon if you want to amass a large number of jewels and become rich.

This shadow dragon not only has a decent attack rating of 170, but it also has the ability to use its homing bullets to hunt out opponents while doubling the gems obtained from killing them.

The game “Umbra > Umbrathyst > Umbrasaur” is designed for regular play. Why? Because this gleaming beast not only offers enough firepower and enemy cover, but it also releases a torrent of gems, which is critical for Everwing success.

That’s correct, this dragon has a one-of-a-kind ability to make you wealthy. Gems are a wealth-generating currency in Everwing that should not be shunned.

Cheats for Everwing Dragon

If you don’t know what you’re doing, dragons may be difficult to handle and use. These hacks will assist you in making your journey more enjoyable.

The following are four EverWing dragon cheats:

1. Make use of your common dragons.

Rare and legendary dragons have unique abilities, although ordinary dragons are known for their sheer strength. Use their strength against bosses during raids, as they can deliver the most damaging strikes. Especially after you’ve leveled up.

2. Maximize the value of your coins

Take your money and buy a lot of common eggs if you want to embark on an evolution binge. You’ll almost certainly receive duplicates. Here’s how it works: for your initial evolution, you’ll need two identical level 10 dragons. For the next, two level 20 dragons.

3. Adhere to the Level 29 Rule.

Any dragon you raise to level 29 rather than level 30 should be sold. At level 29, selling a dragon will get you more than 280,000 coins. You’ll earn 3,000 trophies if you sell at level 30.

You’ll have a better chance of winning the jackpot if you use gold eggs, which have a 12 percent chance of landing a legendary. You’ll also get a lot of rare dragons along the road.

4. Before fighting bosses, put each dragon to the test.

Rare and Legendary dragons have a variety of unique abilities; don’t wait till the bosses to find out what they can accomplish.

Use the infinite rounds to put their abilities to good use so you can come up with a brilliant concept. You’ll be able to choose the abilities you wish to employ against the bosses if you do this.

What Is The Best Way To Choose The Best Everwing Dragon?

There are obviously a lot of Everwing Dragons. If you don’t know what to do, selecting the finest may be difficult.

Here are some tips on how to choose the finest Everwing Dragon:

1. Decide the game mode you’ll play.

Is this the regular run mode or the boss raid mode?

2. Think about your objective.

What do you wish to accomplish?

Whether you’re interested in gem and coin farming, item collecting, or defeating monsters and bosses, there’s a dragon for you.

Simply determine what you want to accomplish ahead of time, and choosing your dragons will be a breeze.

More Exciting Game Options

Do you want to learn more about fascinating games? You’ve arrived to the correct location. We’ll take you through our gaming instructions if you stick with us.

  1. Victor Vran will satisfy your need for thrills.
  2. Alternatively, use our Megaman Zero method to rescue a whole race of androids.
  3. Also, try K Shoot Mania, an arcadia-styled game, to put your reflexes to the test.

Final Thoughts

If you know how to acquire and utilize EverWing Dragons, they may be quite helpful.

Our EverWing guide contains many helpful EverWing hints that will aid you in your quest to beat bosses and have the best gaming experience possible.

Everwing is a game that pits you against other players in the sky. The main goal of the game is to collect as many feathers as possible. You can also earn more feathers by winning games and completing quests. Reference: everwing best character for high score.

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