Neko Atsume is a free-to-play mobile game that has been downloaded over 100 million times. This guide will help you get started with the game and find the perfect cat for your needs.

Neko Atsume – A guide of the perfect game for cat lovers. is a blog about Neko Atsume. The blog includes information on how to get rare cats, what are the best times to play, and more.

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Do you have a neighbor who keeps putting out bowls of food in the hopes that the neighborhood stray cats would come over and fill that inexplicable hole in their lives? Neko Atsume is basically the digital equivalent.

It’s literally translated as “Cat Collection” in Japanese, and it’s a surprisingly gratifying time drain that asks for so little and delivers so much.

While the game began as a basic Japanese phone app, it has grown into a cultural phenomenon that has spawned an English language translation as well as a full-length film. How did it become a movie when it wasn’t even a full-length game?

There’s hardly much sense in talking about Neko Atsume, and that’s OK with us.

What is the meaning of Neko Atsume?

The game’s storyline is very simple. The player (if you can call them that) is a backyard vendor. The object of the game is to lure as many stray cats as possible to that yard. This is accomplished by placing goodies for the cats to engage with, such as food or balls.

The cats will return the favor by bringing you prizes, which you can spend to extend your backyard, attract new cats, and so on. With these digital felines, you’re forming a symbiotic connection.

The objective, if you can call it that, is to “collect” pictures of various cats going about their business. You may find a cat or two playing with the food you’ve put out for them when you open the app, or you might discover that a cat has visited and gone while you were away. You’re simply trying to get various cats to come into your yard so you can photograph them and include them in your book. That is all there is to it.

If it seems straightforward, it is. This game has an almost non-existent learning curve. If you think that sounds dull, you’re underestimating how addicting this concept is.

There is no endgame in this game. There is no need for reflexes. There isn’t anybody to compete with.

It is impossible to fail.

The cats don’t come around if you forget to put food out or don’t check in to the app for a long. They’re probably out visiting someone else’s more meticulously maintained digital garden.

You may log in as often or as little as you like. There is no sense of shame or remorse. At your own leisure, woo the kitties.

This makes it ideal for children (far more forgiving than a real pet) or adults looking for a charming little diversion from their daily routine.

When you combine the simple game play with the charming animation style, you’ll have an app that can sit quietly in your app drawer as a little pick-me-up anytime you need it.

While it is simple to scrape the surface of this game, there are a few steps that may be taken to make the experience even more gratifying.

8 Steps to Playing Neko Atsume

Now that you know what the game is about, there are just eight steps to get you started.

How to play Neko Atsume is as follows:

The first step is to get the game.

Simple enough, but the game is accessible for iPhone and Android devices in both the app store and the Google Play Store.

While the program is extremely light in terms of system requirements, there is an option to reduce the already sparse visuals even more. As a result, this should work on almost any smartphone that runs any version of iOS or Android.

Step 2: Decide on a language.

This game was only accessible in Japanese for a long time. Even yet, the game is so simple, and the learning curve is so low, that not knowing Japanese has no effect on the game play. Although an English version is now available, dedicated cat collectors may choose to play in the original Japanese.

Step 3: Put some food on the table / Start the tutorial

The game requires players to go through a short instructional mode that walks them through the basics of the game. Here you’ll put your first dish of food and learn how to get stray cats to come to you.

Step 4: Arrange some toys on the table.

While you may just have a few of balls at initially, putting out as many toys as you can right away will attract the most cats to your yard.

Step 5: Be patient.

The game will tell you to click your home button or otherwise exit the app while the cats look for what you’ve placed for them. This may sound odd, since most applications encourage you to spend as much time as possible with them, but it just adds to the realism of the stray cat world.

Step 6: Collect your prizes

Fish is the fundamental unit of exchange. Cats like fish, therefore they bring it to you. There are two types of fish: silver fish, which are more frequent, and gold fish, which are more uncommon. You can buy gold fish to make things easier, but unlike many other games, you can get by just fine with the free gifts the cats bring you. Microtransactions occur in the background to the extent that they exist.

Step 7: Increase the Size of Your Garden

As previously said, if there is a purpose, it is to entice more cats to come by and offer you additional prizes. When you expand your yard as soon as possible, you’ll have additional places to leave goodies.

The fastest method to attract more cats is to expand your yard, so spending your fish on that will give you the best return on investment.

You may even install furnishings, such as scratching posts and hammocks, to attract uncommon local cats.

Step 8: Follow our Neko Atsume instructions.

While it may seem to be a straightforward game, there are a few subtleties to getting the most out of your cat collection. While we’ve covered the fundamentals so far, we’ve only scratched the surface of all it has to offer.

Our comprehensive Neko Atsume guide delves even further into the mysteries, bonuses, reward methods, and uncommon goods that make the collecting process much more enjoyable.

Know the kitties on the Neko Atsume list.

Although all cats are adorable, not all cats are made equal. Each cat has a distinct look, personality, and set of characteristics that make the player want to gather them all.

Some cats are more wary of humans and are less likely to venture into your yard. Here are a handful of the most unusual cats, as well as tips on how to attract them.

Joe DiMeowgio (Joe DiMeowgio) – You’ll need to put the baseball in your yard to entice this feline tribute to the Yankee great. (Does that make sense? There is no learning curve here.)

The Great Ramses – Cats were adored by the ancient Egyptians, and we’re sure they would have approved of this game. Place the pyramid tent in your yard to attract Ramses.

Mr. Meowgi – Danielson, scratch on, scratch off. To attract the kungfu legend, place the scratching log in your yard.

More Exciting Game Options

This is an undeniably hands-off game. That is a valid point, and that degree of gaming may not be the greatest match for all gamers in all situations.

Take a look at some of our other game reviews to see if you can find something more to your liking.

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Neko Atsume is a basic game, but it doesn’t stop it from being entertaining. It’s a game that fills the void in a gamer’s life when they want to accomplish something but don’t want the burden of skill or responsibility. There’s a case to be made for it.

Place some food, some toys, and a collection of cute cat pictures. It may not seem to be much, but in this chaotic world, it’s enough.

Neko Atsume is a game that is perfect for cat lovers. It has a lot of different ways to play, and it can be challenging at times. The neko atsume best toys are the most popular toys in the game.

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