Omari Puzzle Guide is a game where you play as an Omari, a creature with the power to create and destroy. You must make your way through the levels by solving puzzles, collecting gems, and defeating enemies.

Omari Puzzle Guide is a guide to the Omari humphrey puzzle. The goal of the puzzle is to connect all of the pieces by rotating, flipping, and moving pieces around until all pieces are connected.

The solution to the three riddles in the whale’s belly laboratory. 


After entering the whale’s belly laboratory, you’ll come across a section with three riddles to complete. Each color puzzle’s resolution is shown below.

Blue Conundrum

Easy blue puzzle

Only after descending down the steps below this location and entering the blue teleport is the puzzle freed to be solved. The puzzle resolution may be seen in the picture below.


Green jigsaw

Medium-sized green puzzle

After completing the green teleport, you will be sent to a labyrinth that can hold up to four whale creatures. On the back of each of them is a letter that spells out “O-B-O-M.” However, the sequence is wrong. The puzzle resolution may be seen in the picture below.


Red Conundrum

Red puzzle – difficult

The last problem is a memorization exercise. To complete this problem, you must count your opponents as you go through it and pay attention to the hue of the water pouring in the backdrop.

Up – Right – Left – Up is the proper teleport sequence. The problem resolution and teleports are shown in the picture below.


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The Omari Puzzle Guide is a guide that tells you how to beat the game. It includes walkthroughs for each level and solutions for all of the puzzles. Reference: omori humphrey marina guide.

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