This build is a lightning arrow build that focuses on using the Lightning Arrow skill gem, which has a high base critical strike chance and deals additional damage based on how close an enemy is to death.

Path of Exile is a free-to-play, online action role-playing game. For beginners, the path of exile ranger build beginner is an excellent choice for leveling and farming content.

Arrow of Lightning is a lightning-based ability that shoots an arrow at an opponent, causing lightning to strike surrounding foes.

It’s a popular starter ability, particularly among ranger classes, since it can quickly wipe out opponents from a long distance.

Arrow of Lightning not only rips opponents apart from afar, but it also has some fairly spectacular effects, and the ability to startle adversaries may be useful in the long term.

Arrow of Lightning


Lightning Arrow begins by launching a charged arrow that, when it hits an enemy, causes three more opponents to be struck by lightning bolts that inflict the same amount of damage.

Each opponent damaged will force three more foes to be attacked, with 50% of the physical damage converted to lightning damage.

When the gem quality is improved, there is a 0.5 percent chance of shocking opponents, which allows players to inflict even more damage to enemies.

Builds for the Lightning Arrow Skill Gem

Here are some of the most popular Lightning Arrow Builds that make advantage of Lightning Arrow’s ability to strike multiple targets with its lightning bolts.

Build a greater number of projectiles with the Lightning Arrow.LAB-3

Archer of the Mirage is a great ability to utilize with Lightning Arrow since it allows you to have a duplicate of yourself to shoot the bullets you fire.

The Mirage Archer will target opponents even if they are far away from you, and clearing levels will be simpler with both of you shooting Lightning Arrows at adversaries.

This build focuses on hitting several opponents with multiple arrows shot by the player and the Mirage Archer, striking three more foes with lights for each one struck.

Build a foundation

  1. Lightning Arrow
  2. Mirage Archer
  3. Increasing the number of projectiles
  4. Support for Pierce/Support for the Chain

This is the basic Lightning Arrow Mirage Archer construct, which summons a Magic Archer that shoots numerous projectiles in the same manner as your character.

Greater Multiple Projectiles will increase the number of Lightning Arrows that are launched, and you may select between Pierce and Chain Support to strike even more opponents.

When you use Chain Support, the arrow will bounce two times, striking three opponents with lightning each time.

Pierce will allow the Lightning Arrows to pass through opponents, causing the area to be struck by three lightning bolts each enemy hit.

Build a single-shot lighting arrowLAB-4

The more conventional single shot version concentrates on striking opponents one by one in order to take use of the extra lightning bolt as well as other Lightning Arrow support skill gem changes.

This enables you to concentrate your shots on specific targets while also looking for extra effects by including other support gems with various benefits.

Single shots can only strike one opponent at a time, necessitating the use of a support gem to hit many foes, however there are more possibilities for effects based on the gems used.

  1. Lightning Arrow
  2. Chain Support
  3. Damage from Elementals Support has been added.
  4. Support for Faster Attacks/Faster Projectiles

Lightning Arrow and its bolts will be able to strike several opponents thanks to the addition of Chain Support, which allows enemies to chain together and even bounce back and forth.

Lightning Arrow’s damage, as well as any other additional elemental damage added to the builds, will be increased with the inclusion of Added Elemental Damage Support.

Faster Attacks Support is useful when players want to have specific effects happen repeatedly in order to inflict damage, while Faster Projectiles Support may both boost damage and speed up projectiles.

Additional Gems of Support

Critical Lightning Arrow

  1. Support for Critical Strikes has been increased.
  2. Support for critical damage has been increased.

Lightning Arrow is a critical build that focuses on shooting numerous missiles that may chain or penetrate opponents.

With this change, you have a greater probability of critical hits as well as a larger amount of damage.

Cold Lightning Arrow

  1. Increased Cold Damage
  2. Support for Hypothermia

Both the primary bullets and the lightning bolts will deal extra cold damage, chilling opponents in the process.

Due to Hypothermia Support, cold damage will be enhanced, and you will be able to inflict more damage over time. You will also have the potential to freeze opponents.

DPS of Lightning Arrow Fire

  1. Support for Combustion
  2. Support for Proliferation Ignite

Both projectiles and the lightning bolt damage, which has a chance to ignite opponents on fire and cause them to suffer damage over time, will have fire damage added to them.

Ignite Proliferation allows ignited opponents to spread the effect to other adversaries, causing greater damage to be done.

Improved Lightning with Lightning Arrow

  1. Support for Lightning Penetration
  2. Support for the Innervate

Adding Support for Lightning Penetration allows lightning damage to penetrate opponent lightning resistances, enabling Lightning Arrow to deliver greater damage.

Innervate Support increases the probability of shocking opponents, causing them to suffer more damage. It also grants you the Innervation bonus when you kill shocked enemies.

Elemental Damage

  1. With Attacks Support, Elemental Damage
  2. Lightning Penetration Support

Increases the amount of all elemental damage that isn’t dealt to opponents, including lightning damage.

This increases the overall amount of lightning damage and allows the assaults to pass beyond opponents’ lightning resistance.

If Mirage Archer isn’t your favorite, you may simply swap it out for another support gem.


The recommended ascendancy tree for Lightning Arrow is Deadeye, with an emphasis on Far Shot and Ricochet.

Far Shot increases the damage of bullets fired by the distance they travel, thus the farther you are away from the target, the more damage you will inflict.

Your strikes will already do more damage from a high to medium range, and Far Shot will also boost the projectile speed of your assaults by 30%.

Ricochet causes Lightning Arrow to link to other opponents, causing another Lightning Arrow to be launched from an enemy struck at another enemy nearby.

When a Lightning Arrow chain is formed, more lightning bolts are fired, causing more opponents to be struck, increasing total area damage and clearing out groups of enemies more quickly.

If there are unused chains, enemies are dealt extra damage. If there is no opponent for Lightning Arrow to chain to, enemies are dealt an additional 10% damage each chain that is unused.


Lightning Arrow’s extra lightning bolts may strike several opponents at once, allowing you to wipe out enemies quickly early in the game.

Adding Greater Multiple Projectiles makes it simpler to get this effect to happen more often, while Mirage Archer Support merely doubles the number of bullets you fire on occasion.

When kiting opponents, the Mirage Archer is useful since it shoots on its own after it has been triggered, which happens when you strike a target with Lightning Arrow.

Making sure Lightning Arrow can strike even more opponents beyond the effects of Greater Multiple Projectiles will enable you to use the lightning bolts to quickly eliminate huge groups of adversaries.

Path of Exile is a free online action RPG game. This build guide will show you how to build your character for maximum damage output with the poe lightning arrow deadeye build.

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