The fear of becoming paralyzed or losing muscle control is called phasmophobia. This condition causes the sufferer to be excessively afraid of losing their ability to move, speak, and/or breathe.

The phasmophobia mouse not working is a fear of the word phasmophobia. This fear may cause problems with using a computer mouse and/or keyboard for people who suffer from it.


E: Gather your belongings Drop Items (G) Q: Can I swap items? L-Click the mouse to turn on the light. Mouse Open Door – Hold and slide mouse back and forth / Rotate item – L Click (Hold) Mouse R Click: Primary Application (Turn on UV light, take picture, etc) F: Secondary Application (Place camera down, book down, etc.) L: Takes out your log book. C: Toggle Crouch Shift: “Run” (with a capital “R”) V: A Local Call to Action B: Global Push to Talk T: Flashlight (separate from flashlight item; does not function when flashlight is out; I think you must have the flashlight as an item even if it is not taken out for it to work with the other things) The letter J stands for Journal.

J is the key to access the Journal* Journal is where you enter evidence and respond to the GHOST TYPE.

Local Push to Talk = can only be heard by players in the immediate vicinity. Walkie talkie* = global push to talk

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The phasmophobia console is a mouse and keyboard control program for the Xbox One. It allows users to move around with their controller as if they were playing on a console.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play Phasmophobia with a mouse?

No, you cannot.

Why is my mouse not working in Phasmophobia?

The mouse is not working in this game because it is a first-person perspective game.

What are the Phasmophobia controls?

Phasmophobia is the fear of ghosts, specters, or apparitions.

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