PUBG has released the 8th season of its battle royale game. The new update includes a new map, a new weapon, and a new vehicle.

The pubg season 8 release date is the upcoming update for PUBG. It will be released on October 25th, 2018.

Season 8 of PUBG was just launched, and it brought with it a fresh new update to Sanhok as well as many other significant game improvements. Several places in Sanhok have been redesigned, and a new feature involving Loot Trucks has been added to liven up gameplay. Other changes have also been made to make the game more pleasant for players.


Sanhok’s visuals has been greatly improved, making the environment more gorgeous, realistic, and enjoyable to play in. The following are a handful of the most popular sections that have been updated:

  • Bootcamp
  • Quarry
  • Airport (Mognai)
  • Take a break (Docks)
  • Ruins
  • Mountain
  • Cave
  • River
  • Pai Nan
  • Khao
  • Sahmee
  • Kampong
  • Bhan

The settings, which range from villages to vast landscapes, have been rebuilt in such a manner that players will be able to take use of the surroundings and enjoy the wonderful perspective while overcoming the game’s difficulties.


The inclusion of Loot Trucks is one of the most recent additions. These massive vehicles will wander the battlefields (unranked for the time being), and players may assault them to cause treasure to fall. Even though it’s dangerous, the opportunity to acquire excellent treasure is worth it, and it may help you or your squad succeed in the long run. Routes for the Loot Trucks to wander throughout the map have been established in conjunction with the modification in Sanhok.

When you and/or your team defeat the Loot Truck’s thick armor and completely disable it, you’ll be rewarded with not only high-tier loot, but also weapons that are already equipped with attachments, allowing you and your team to take out any would-be scavengers attempting to steal your hard-earned loot.


Along with the upgrades, we have the new Survivor Pass: Payback, which allows players to earn almost 100 distinct skins while playing across Sanhok’s freshly rebuilt terrain. Special objectives will be accessible, as well as a variety of weapon skins that may be obtained just by playing the game.

The update is available for PC as of July 22 and for consoles as of July 30. As a result, you and your teammates should get into the game and see what this new season has to offer.

The pubg pc update is an update that has been released for the popular game PUBG. This update includes new weapons, vehicles, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PUBG Season 8 out?

PUBG Season 8 has not been released yet.

When did PUBG season 8 start?

PUBG season 8 started on December 5th, 2018.

When PUBG new update is coming?

The new update for PUBG is coming soon. It may be released in the next few days or a few weeks, but it will be released soon.

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