With the recent release of ScourgeBringer, a new game with an interesting twist on online gaming, it is time for players to get ready. The guide below will help you understand how this game works so you can make the most out of your experience and come out on top in the long run.

The scourgebringer tips is a guide to create high damages in the game of ScourgeBringer. It is designed for players who are new to the game and want to learn how to play.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to deal massive quantities of damage in the most efficient manner possible, as well as what delivers damage and how to use it!

Sword Attacks for Beginners

The sword attack is your most basic type of damage, and it will be available to you right away. It has no durability, ammunition consumption meter, or anything else like that, thus you may use it indefinitely. It’s an up-close-and-personal weapon that gets right in your opponent’s face. It may be used to airstall for an infinite period of time, enabling your dash to recharge. In Judge Fights, this strategy is essential. It can be swung indefinitely. You have no stamina and can swing, slice, and stab until the universe dies from heat (or your computer, whichever comes first).

It will maintain you in nearly the same spot when hitting an opponent in mid-air (you will clearly deviate from your initial position, but not by much). Physics and all that) as well as airstalling/stunning your opponent.

Blood Altar bonuses and the things you pick up/buy may enhance the sword in a few different ways. Bought/dropped goods will boost it by 5% (potentially more for other things), and Altar perks such as Bear Spirit (5 percent damage increase per health lost) and Floor is Lava will buff it by 5% (maybe more for other items) (Damage increases for every enemy killed without touching the floor, wall running does not count). You have the potential to become a demon if you utilize it properly.

Attack with a Dash

This is also your most basic type of harm and a fast method to move across a place. It is precisely what it sounds like at its heart. You hit shift (or whatever the allocated key is) and walk a little distance across the room. It features a quick cool down timer of around a half second. Its primary goal is to help you move quickly while also allowing you to avoid most assaults, with the exception of bullets, which may be tiresome and can finish your run in a moment. Touching the ground does not immediately reset it, and it may recharge in mid-air or when hitting an opponent. Its damage is lower than the sword’s.

Heavy Assault

This technique does sluggish, heavy damage in a broad arc and may be combined with a dash or light sword strike. This may reflect projectiles back at an opponent, inflicting huge amounts of damage in their smug face, with the right upgrade. Imagine having your own bullet reelected at you like a complete jerk. What a downer. It takes approximately 3/4 of a second to cool down. Slow and steady wins the race.

By hitting the dash + heavy attack buttons at the same time, you may combo into this strike.

Revolver Blast.32

This is your own personal flying cannon of full, utter, satisfyingly strong glock with jets on its rump. You have complete control over when and where it goes off. It fires its deadly ammo at any speed you choose, and it can be pretty rapid; all you need is an itchy trigger finger to match it. It does a good lot of damage, a little more than your sword. Your whole clip contains 6 rounds, with an additional clip held in reserve in the form of an energy bar that recharges as you kill opponents, bringing the total number of bullets to 12.

There is one blood altar scattered around the realm (or whatever it is called), which may provide you unique benefits if you pick carefully. One store, operated by the eccentric appropriately called Greed, where you may purchase things or upgrades for your Glock bot by paying blood drops. There are a few different kinds of upgrades, ranging from various shotguns to a few different types of machine guns (very destructive.) Full-auto improvements, in my view, should be prioritized). Glock may be used while striking, allowing you to create deadly combinations that will turn any opponent into a pile of debris.

Attack of Fury

“May God have compassion on thy adversaries’ souls.” – Five minutes ago, I

Your Fury attack is a devastating assault that may hit up to four opponents at once and does tremendous damage. In Fury, if you hold down the left mouse button, you may quickly empty an area. Isn’t it too wonderful to be true? That’s incorrect; it’s both amazing and true! There is, however, a little disadvantage. It works in a similar way as an additional clip for your Glock, with a charge meter that charges as you fight and kill opponents. The only drawback is that it can only be used twice each level due to the lengthy charging time, which is a good thing. An assault of this magnitude should be held in reserve rather than launched on the spur of the moment. This attack can be found on the second level of the skill tree on the left side, three upgrades in.

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The scourgebringer how to get judge blood is a guide that will teach you the basics of creating high damages.

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