Sector’s Edge is a new game that has been gaining traction in the gaming community. It is a loot-based shooter with an emphasis on team play and strategy, but it also has some unique features like PvP matches where players are able to compete for loot.

This handbook is for all Sector’s Edge keylings who get the required match, as well as some advise for them in the outset.

Sector’s Edge (Introduction):

Sector’s Edge is an online 8v8 combat game that is completely free to play. There are many different kinds, maps, loadout options, and mechanics to learn about.

Follow the instructions below to learn a lot more about the game!

Customizing the Loadout

One of the best features of Sector’s Edge is the ability to modify the loadout to your needs.

  • The loadout mechanism necessitates the use of power.
  • Every weapon, piece of equipment, or modification uses a certain amount of power.
  • One primary weapon may be selected by left clicking on it, and a single secondary weapon can be selected by directly clicking on it.
  • On your loadout, you may choose one piece of equipment and make two changes.

This is an example of a loadout with a power restriction.


This is an example of a loadout that can’t be used due to a power limitation.


This is an exaggerated example, but exceeding the loadout power limit by one power will prevent you from using it in-game.

An example of a loadout that is under the power restriction but may still be used in-game.


The weapon customization section is the next important aspect of loadouts that must be covered. To enter the weapon customization display, choose the “WEAPONS” section displayed above.


Sights is the most important element of the weapons modification section, where you may choose various sights for your weapon and change its crosshair.

As seen below, a preview of your weapon will be shown on the right side of this customization area.


Following the preparation of your weapon’s sights, you may customize your weapon by selecting the “SKIN” option. Underneath is the display where you may customize your weapon.


You may choose between utilizing a standard weapon camo or a weapon made of metal.


After you’ve finished this, you’ll be ready to go on to the next important section of Sector’s Edge.


Then, under the menu, choose the “SHIP” option from the drop-down menu.


When you click the “SHIP” button, you’ll be sent to your boat; look for the region that looks similar to the one below.


With your MIDI tool, create preset compositions on the snowy platforms labeled 1-9 within this section.

To activate the build mode in your own MIDI tool, press Q. It should appear like the picture below.


You can place blocks anywhere you like using this tool.

To enable the destruction mode in your MIDI tool, press E. It will appear like in the picture below.


You may divide blocks using this tool.

What about the preset arrangements that I mentioned before that can be built?

Take a look at the stairwell I built below as an example.


Once I hold down Z, I’ll be able to choose these stairs from the predefined menu menu.


When I go to set up the stairs, though, they aren’t aligned with me, as seen below.


To fix this, go to your arrangement and hit the “ENTER” key to change the origin of this structure; a green outline will appear around the block you selected, as seen below.


When I go to put up the arrangement, it reflects my personality, as seen below.


Today, with the complicated things, such as how a standard checklist for building

  • Each building has a 100ms cooldown before you may put it together. Each block you place adds 20 milliseconds to the cooldown.
  • A block must be connected to another block on the floor in order to stand; otherwise, it will fall.
  • Whatever the area, you’ll be able to click and drag with your MIDI instrument to create lines of blocks.
  • Placing a block depletes your stock by one block, whereas breaking up a cube replenishes your supply by two blocks.


That is the stock as stated above; you can only have 450 blocks unless you have the builder’s modification, in which case you may have an extra 200 blocks.

A single cube has a health of ten, which will not change until you have the builder change, which increases the block’s health by 200 percent. The cubes also have a higher hardness depending on how much health they have.

Vercidium and Checktheloot are should be credited.

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