The hidden items in games are a staple of the industry. From coins to golden keys, players have come to expect these easter eggs as a reward for their time and effort. But what happens when developers start charging for these items?

The teardown all collectibles is a feature in the video game Fortnite. It shows the locations of hidden expensive items, such as guns and treasure chests.

The objects that are hidden in the game Teardown are listed below.


I picked up a banana that was worth $400.


[combat map] Crawl into the furnace, shoot it if you can’t fit, enter the cave, and eat a banana.

Antique Sword (450$)

3010206-3-300x144 3010206-4-300x169

This one doesn’t have a door, so you’ll have to break the wall seen in the screenshot to obtain it.

Pirate Dagger (400$)

3010206-5-300x268 3010206-6-300x196

It’s concealed behind a wall between two rooms on the second floor.

400$ in Cash in a Bag

3010206-7-300x296 3010206-8-300x169

Get on the table and slam the ceiling into the wall.

Treasure worth $400

3010206-9-276x300 3010206-10-300x225

Break the ceiling to get access to the attic.

Camera (250$)

3010206-11-300x241 3010206-12-300x187

Climbing the tallest corner and blasting the roof with the shotgun will bring you to the roof.

250$ Item

3010206-13-300x171 3010206-14-300x282

Coin Collection of $250

3010206-15-300x176 3010206-16-259x300

Second level, tucked up in the corner

Valuables worth 120$

3010206-17-239x300 3010206-18-300x162

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The teardown tools is a tool that lets players see the hidden expensive items in their games.

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