A matryoshka doll is a nesting doll that has been passed down through many generations in Russia and Eastern Europe. The dolls are made by stacking smaller dolls inside of one another, with the largest doll at the bottom and the smallest on top.

The visage indifference walkthrough is a guide for the game Visage: Matryoshka Doll Locations. It includes all of the locations in the game and how to find them.

A walkthrough for locating all of the dolls in the game.


Visage’s early access edition includes ten Matryoshka Dolls. Seven of them may be looted at any moment within the mansion, while three are only available during certain sequences. To put it another way, each distinct area “outside” the regular home has one doll.

I suggest collecting the 7 dolls inside the home at the start of the game or at the conclusion of the game for the most convenient experience. This will allow you to avoid the most dangerous hazards. The locations that are slightly spoiler are towards the conclusion of the tour.

Locations of Dolls

In the residence

1. Inside the desk, there is a progress room.

2.The Son’s Room In the space between the closet and a few boxes. It’s difficult to notice.


3. The Parent’s Room In the dresser’s bottom right drawer.


4. The Dining Area In the top middle cabinet.


5. In the Garage Attic, there’s a Secret Room. By shifting the big toolbox and crawling through it, you can get to it.


6. Hallway in the basement It’s between several steps on the short staircase where there’s a lot of insulation on the walls.


7. Storage in the Basement It’s in the room where you first hear Lucy, in the freezer.


Outside the home, there are several missing dolls.

Treehouse No. 8 It’s in the corner, beneath the radio.


Cage Room (nine) It’s next to the tiny wardrobe in the chamber with the dolls in the wall after the chase scene out of the Cage Room.


10. The Wardrobe You’ll discover one inside a closet in the middle of the huge chamber of wardrobes after you’ve arrived. To make it appear, open the closet and snap a photo of the masks that emerge.


Apart from this guide, please let us know if you’d want us to cover any additional guides connected to the game “Visage” in the comments area. That is something we are pleased to do for our readers. We’ve also covered a few additional instructions for this game, which you can find in the related articles area below.

The visage walkthrough text lucy is a guide that will help you find all the locations of the matryoshka dolls in Visage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many dolls did the first matryoshka have inside her?

There were originally eight dolls in the matryoshka, but by the time it reached Europe, there were only six.

How many matryoshka dolls are there?

There are 16 matryoshka dolls, and each one has a smaller version of itself inside.

Is matryoshka doll lucky?

Matryoshka dolls are not lucky.

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