The Visage Void is a game where players are tasked with creating the perfect virtual representation of themselves. However, it has been plagued by bugs, glitches and hackers who have made it impossible for many players to finish the game. This guide will show you how to complete the game without any glitches or hacking.

The visage void ending explained is a guide that explains the endings for the game. It includes the different endings, where to get them, and what they do.

A step-by-step method to obtaining the Void ending and achievement.


If you have access to the basement, you can get the Void ending at any moment.

This paint-covered wall may be seen in the basement.


Accept the dismantling by clicking on it.


To locate the chamber from the intro, go inside and down the stairs.

Pick up a pistol and aim at the head with it.

Repeat 6 times more until you’ve spent all of the revolver’s rounds.


Repeat for a seventh time.

From the Affliction Tape next to the fruit, you will awaken at the bottom of the well.



Walk around until you see the credits.


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The visage multiple endings is a guide to the ending of the Void. It includes all the possible outcomes and how to unlock them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many endings does Visage have?

There are two endings in Visage.

What happened at the end of Visage?

Visage was an experiment in a new form of storytelling, and the end of the story was meant to be left open-ended.

What does the revolver do in Visage?

The revolver is a weapon that causes a wide spread of bullets to fly out from the barrel. It can be used as a ranged attack or close combat.

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