Plague Inc. is a popular mobile game that has players managing and evolving a disease in order to wipe out humanity. Here are 10 games like Plague Inc. to play on your phone or computer.

Plague Inc. is a game that has been released on many platforms, but the PC version has received the most attention due to its realistic simulation of disease. The game itself is fun and addictive, but it can be hard to find games like this one. Here are 10 games like Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. was originally a Miniclip-published flash game created by Ndemic Creations. It’s now available for download on Steam, Android, and iOS.

This Real-Time Strategy game enables you to develop a customized disease and then manage its growth and capacity to spread in the hopes of eradicating all human life, which is the game’s goal.

As your epidemic spreads across the globe, you have full control over how the disease affects individuals. From making them cough, to driving them crazy and giving them zombie-like characteristics, to completely transforming them into zombies or vampires.

The disease you create will ultimately be found, and the world will try to fight back by developing a cure to preserve what you’ve left behind.

With the current real-life epidemic sweeping the globe, Covid-19, this game has become more popular among mobile and PC users. Plague Inc, while its grim themes, may offer some insight on how a pandemic could spread and how fast it impacts individuals.

With that stated, if you’re interested in playing this game but want a different experience, here’s a list of games with comparable concepts.

1) Doomsday Edition of the Global Outbreak

Global Outbreak is a game created and published by ShortRound Games that combines Real-Time Strategy with Top-Down Action Shooting. It is presently available on Steam.

After an extraterrestrial meteor landed on Earth and unleashed a dangerous virus that may lead to the extinction of humanity, the game allows you to manage a Black Thorn Industries.

This game will need you to manage your military organization by capturing important sites, then erecting outposts and turret positions to keep the Zompods at bay while maintaining control of your squads alive in battle to preserve the human species.

Bio Inc.: Redemption is the second film in the Bio Inc. series.

Bio Inc: Redemption

In this realistic medical simulation game, you may play as either a good or terrible doctor. DryGin Studios created and released this game, which is accessible for PC and mobile platforms.

You may either save your patient’s life by performing a life-saving operation, or you can be wicked and inflict as much agony and suffering as possible while slowly murdering them.

In this medically realistic simulation game, you will have to race against time to influence the fate of your patient. Whether they survive or die is in your hands.

3) Simulator of a Zombie Outbreak

Zombie Outbreak Simulator

Binary Space Games has created an augmented reality game that is accessible for Android smartphones. This game uses Google Maps to offer extremely realistic places for you to select from while playing your campaign.

You’ll be a commander with the ability to send in soldiers and tanks, as well as air support to blast zombies or assist people.

You may change almost everything in this game, including the amount of people present, the number of defensive troops in place to halt the hordes of zombies, and even the weapon accuracy of your deployed forces.

4) Galactic Plague, X-CORE.

X-CORE Galactic Plague

A strategic game in which you may play as extraterrestrial invaders. Gyro-Games created this game, which is accessible for Android smartphones.

The game is played from the perspective of extraterrestrial invaders who only desire one thing from the earth: the annihilation of all human life.

Take command of an alien colony in which you must develop and enhance your troops while avoiding human retribution. The goal of the game is to gather points that may be used to enhance your unit’s fighting effectiveness or infiltration, as well as to establish a foothold on Earth and conquer it with little to no work.

5) Slay


This is a straightforward turn-based strategy game with a match two element. You will be in charge of a region in this game, and it is your goal to take over and conquer the island.

Sean O’connor created the game, which is now accessible for both iOS and Android smartphones.

The goal of this basic yet addictive game is to take over territory. During each turn, you may either put your troops in your existing area or combine them to form a more powerful army to aid you in attacking or defending against other kingdoms.

Conquer and unite your island in this indie turn-based strategy game to come out triumphant.

6) Trojan Technologies, Inc.

Trojan Inc.

WalkBoy Studio created this real-time strategy game, which is accessible on Steam.

With sophisticated malware, the goal is to steal and infect as much of the world’s electronic infrastructure as possible.

This real-time strategy game puts you in the shoes of a hacker whose only mission is to infect and steal encrypted data from across the globe. You may tweak and adjust the distribution mechanism of your virus to allow it to infect additional devices or to concentrate on a certain kind of cyber assault.

In this real-time strategic hacker simulation game, you may experience what it’s like to join the ranks of the world’s most renowned hackers.

7) Supreme Ruler in the Year 2020

Supreme Ruler 2020

This real-time strategy game puts you in charge of a nation’s defense force, with the goal of leading an eventual triumph over your competitor countries, whether via political ideas or warfare.

BattleGoat Studios created and published this game, which is now accessible on Steam.

Amass vast riches and conquer countries by engaging in diplomatic negotiations and ultimately forming powerful alliances, or by mastering warfare by commanding your army and conquering the globe one country at a time.

8) Rebel Industries, Inc.

Rebel Inc

This real-time strategy game comes from Ndemic Creations and is available for PC and mobile devices.

Rebel Inc., a spinoff of the popular Plague Inc. game, puts you in charge of a paramilitary group tasked with protecting a war-torn nation’s demilitarized regions and its interests from instability, corruption, and even assaults by rebel rebels.

Provide basic necessities, secure the government, and safeguard the welfare of the people to win the hearts and minds of the local people and re-stabilize their war-torn country.

Fallout Shelter (nine)

Fallout Shelter

Get this game today from Bethesda Game Studios, the makers of the Fallout series, for your favorite platforms including PC, console, mobile, and handheld devices.

Only you, as a supervisor of a Vault-Tec corporation’s basic Vault that came without any experimentation or terrible experiments performed in it, remained after the world perished in nuclear fallout.

Given the responsibility of overseeing your subterranean facility, construct an extravagant home for your survivors, replete with a workout room, restaurant, and even an indoor swimming pool, complete with the odd rad bug assault.

Pandemic: The Board Game (10)

Pandemic: Board Game

The game’s goal is to rescue the planet and maintain human life in the face of an unseen foe. Take command of the situation and create a team of experts to study and discover a cure for the epidemic in order to win the game.

Pandemic, the popular board game, is now available digitally on Steam for PC, Console, iOS, and Android devices. This video game version, created by Asmodee Digital, combines the popular tabletop experience with the convenience of a digital platform.

Last Thoughts

Some of these games allow you to take on the role of a wicked genius and destroy all life as we know it with a flick of your finger or a press of a button.

Some games, on the other hand, allow you to be the hand of good, saving, serving, and protecting people from the horrors of the zombie apocalypse or just from the misuse of an unhealthy lifestyle.

With the present condition of the globe and rising tensions at home and abroad, why not use this amazing list of suggested games to feed your creative energies and discover how you may alter the world for the better or for the worst.

Do you enjoy our list of games that are similar to Plague Inc?

This list takes a long time to compile.

As a result, we anticipate your feedback in order to appreciate our efforts. Please tell us which of the aforementioned games, such as Plague Inc, has piqued your interest the most.

Plague Inc is a game in which players must try to spread a plague across the world. It has been described as a darkly humorous simulation of the global response to an outbreak. Reference: plague game online.

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