If you’re looking for a quick, fun game to play with friends or family, 14 Minute To Win It is the perfect choice. This card game is easy enough for kids and adults alike to get in on the action. The fast-paced nature of this card game will have you laughing and screaming in no time.

The covid friendly minute to win it games are a collection of 14 minute games that will make you feel like a kid again.

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Take a break from being an adult and play these minute-to-win-it games for grownups.

You’ve been missing out on all the excitement if you thought minute to win it games were just for youngsters. You can have as much (if not more) fun with these games as you do with any other kind of entertainment.

We’ve compiled a list of the greatest games to ensure you have a great time. Now is your chance to push yourself for a minute.


3 The best moment to win it Adult-oriented games

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When you have no plans and a lot of free time, minute to win it games are a great way to pass the time. Try out the finest minute to win it games for adults to have the most fun.

Here are the top three adult minute to win it games:

1. Mummy who is dizzy

Within a minute, cover yourself with toilet paper by whirling around. Holding a sheet of toilet paper in one hand and the toilet paper roll on a pole of some kind would suffice.

a person wearing a mummy halloween costume

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2. Nails should be hung

Make a tight line by tying a string between two chairs. Gather some nails (for hammering) and challenge players to hang the nails on the thread for one minute without them dropping.

nails and hammer on wood

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3. Giant Bubble

The aim is to use just your breath to blow a bubble through a hanging hoop. You must blow another bubble if it bursts or falls to the floor.

big bubbles outdoors

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You have four minutes to win it. Adult games that may also be played by teenagers

man about to throw an orange ball with full force

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You’re in luck if you have teenagers at home. For adolescents and adults, we provide the finest minute to win it games. These minute to win it games will be a fun for both you and your teens.

Here are four minutes-to-win-it games for adults that may also be played by teenagers:

4. Moves in Blue

Stack 39 red cups, one blue cup at the end of the stack, facing up. By taking each red cup one by one and placing it at the bottom of the stack, players must beat the clock to get the blue cup to the top of the stack.

blue, yellow, red, and green plastic cups

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Buddy, it’s time to roll.

Use just your nose to roll a potato (onions also work) from one side of the room to the other.

hands holding a bunch of potatoes

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6. Ring Toss for Humans

This one requires the use of a lot of hula hoops and the pairing of participants. To determine which team can gather the most hula hoops, have one player throw the hula hoops onto their partner.

woman with a hoola hoop around her waist

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7. Egyptians are faster than you.

Each participant has one minute to construct a pyramid out of 36 cups and then break it down into a stacked pile.

a stack of plastic cups

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3 minutes to win it during the Christmas season Adults’ party games

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These minute-to-win-it activities are ideal for your next Christmas party. With these Christmas party games, everyone will be in the festive mood.

Here are three adult-friendly Christmas minute to win it party games:

8. The (Jingle) Bell Tolls for Whom the (Jingle) Bell Tolls

Fill and shut 5 jingle bell boxes, each with a different number of jingle bells ranging from 1 to 5. Shake each box and have each player place the jingle bells in numerical order to estimate how many there are in each.

stack of brown boxes

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9. Walk with the Penguins

Place a balloon between your knees and waddle from one end of the room to the other without letting it go.

two women holding balloons in a festive setting

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Paper Plate Game (No. 10)

Try to draw a Christmas tree with gifts below with a paper plate on top of your head. The person who draws the most accurately wins.

paper plate and wooden cutlery

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3 games of a minute to win it in the workplace

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You have one minute to win it. Office games are the best method to pass the time throughout the day. When you don’t have much work to do, or during your yearly workplace party, play these games with your coworkers.

Here are three games for the office minute to win it:

Tennis in the Office (#11)

It’s essentially a tennis game sans the racket and ball. Players pass the ball between themselves and into a wastebasket using a clipboard and wad of paper.

four men playing pingpong

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Watermelon Flick is number 12 on the list.

Also known as Card Ninja, this game requires you to flip a playing card into a half-cut watermelon and keep it there. This game may also be played using business cards if someone has brought half a watermelon for lunch.

watermelon slices on a serving dish

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M&Ms with a Straw (#13)

Pick up each M&M with a straw while sucking through it. Before the minute is up, place each M&M in the dish beside you.

M&Ms on a glass container

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Adults may download and print a list of Minute To Win It games.

Here’s a jpg/pdf list of minute to win it games for adults that you can download and print (right-click the picture and choose Save Image As…):

printable downloadable list

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What Are The Best Awesome Minute To Win It Games To Play?

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If you have a lot of spare time, go ahead and play all of them, but if you don’t, you’ll need some assistance choosing which ones to play.

How to choose the finest amazing minute to win it games is as follows:

1. Do you have all of the necessary supplies?

grocery aisle

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These games should not need you to go out of your way to play them. They’re basic games that don’t need a lot of resources. So, if you notice that you have all of the game’s materials at home, it’s generally preferable to play that game.

Keep in mind that certain products may be substituted with comparable alternatives. It doesn’t harm to make a few purchases if you don’t have all the stuff for a game and truly want to play it. 

2. The Games With The Most Laughs Are Those With The Hardest Levels

group of people laughing

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That is correct. There’s no need to be kind with a gathering of adults. Minute to win it games are more challenging and entertaining for the whole audience. Don’t be discouraged; minute to win it games are designed to be challenging.

More Fantastic Games

Minute to Win It games are fun, but if you’ve exhausted them and want to try something else, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Are you an adult planning a get-together? Then these adult party games are highly recommended.
  2. Are there going to be any adolescents at the party? No worries… We’ve compiled a list of the greatest adolescent party games.
  3. When you want to spend a relaxing evening with your friends, party board games are the way to go.

Final Thoughts

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Try out any of these adult minute to win it games with a group of friends, colleagues, or acquaintances. We guarantee that you will not be dissatisfied.

And don’t hesitate to return if you need some more minute to win it games. We’ve got many more, as well as a slew of other fun games for everyone to enjoy.

14 Minute To Win It Games For Adults – Feel Like A Kid One More Time! is a list of games that are perfect for adults to play. The article also includes a PDF with all the games listed. Reference: minute to win it games list pdf.

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