This is the only list you need.

The 147 Best Stupid Jokes is a list of jokes that are guaranteed to make you laugh. It’s the only list you need.

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Stupid jokes have the ability to flip a frown upside down. Ahhh, life… isn’t it wonderful?

Work gatherings that were once dreary may now be a lot of fun. A bad date may turn into a memorable one. In fact, a great joke performed correctly might get you employed – but don’t take my word for it.

Sure, some jokes make you squirm a little. Stupid jokes, on the other hand, are kryptonite in dull social settings. At the drop of a hat, they can help you de-stress or bring a place to life. Do you want to know what we think? That’s right… you guessed it. Knee-slappers are a must-have in every man’s arsenal of dumb jokes.

Just for you, we’ve combed the internet for the best jokes.


The Top 6 Stupid Jokes

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We think that the only thing better than a good joke is a joke that is so dumb that it is excellent. There are some genuine treasures out there, from jaw-dropping double entendres to tear-jerking puns. We’ve compiled a massive collection of the greatest hilarious dumb funny jokes and one-liners to make your audience laugh like titmice.

Here are the top six most ridiculous jokes:

1. What was the reason for the banana’s visit to the hospital?

When someone is sick, this joke may make them laugh.

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He was severely peeling.

2. What is green and sits in the corner, crying?

They’ll like this if they’ve seen the Incredible Hulk.

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Sulk is a fantastic character.

3. Why aren’t pigs permitted to ride bicycles?

With this hilarious animal joke, you’ll have a good time.

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They can’t ring the bell since they don’t have thumbs.

4. Why was the photograph imprisoned?

LOL! Hilarious…

5. From one twin to another:

It’s painfully dumb.

Wacky faces of an identical twins

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6. What was the reason for the ghost’s admission to rehab?

This one is sure to make people chuckle.

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He was hooked on booing.

7. “How do you know when a joke is a dad joke?”

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When it becomes obvious.

6 Horrible Corny Jokes

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Recognize it. You’re a sucker for cheesy jokes.

We adore them as well. After all, there’s nothing like a good chuckle to brighten someone’s day. With our selection of hilarious jokes and one-liners, you’ll be in the mood in no time. They’re really cheesy.

Here are six really dumb jokes.

7. What animal is more intelligent than a talking parrot?

Who’d have guessed it?

8. What makes a pirate enraged?

Hey, hey, hey…

9. I stayed at a motel with very thick towels.

After returning home after a vacation, this is a wonderful one to share with the family.

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My bag was almost impossible to shut.

What is a potato’s preferred mode of transportation?

During dinnertime, get everyone at the table to grin.

meal with mashed potato with gravy

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11. Why is it that Chuck Norris is unable to access the internet?

LOL! What a badass!

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Because he refuses to surrender.

12. I’m not trying to boast or make anybody envious in any way.

This one will lighten the mood in any discussion.

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However, I can still wear the earrings that I wore in high school.

Dad Jokes: 6 Stupid Dad Jokes

Man carrying his child overlooking an airplane

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Are you looking for some bad dad jokes? Take a seat: You’ve come to the right spot. Share this selection of really ridiculous dad jokes with your father to show him how much you care. They’ll leave you both laughing out loud. Father’s Day will be celebrated every day…

Here are six ridiculous dad jokes:

13. How do you refer to a phony noodle?

Everyone enjoys a good pun.

14. When she went to buy lipstick, what did the duck say?

Any father’s face will light up when he sees this.

15. Why can’t you put your faith in atoms?

The delivery was off if your father didn’t roll his eyes.

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Everything is made up by them.

mini statue of atom bonds

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16. How do you refer to an elderly snowman?

What else could it possibly be?

17. What do you name a guy in a pool who has no arms or legs?

18. Have you heard about the two burglars who took a calendar?

Very astute. It is certain to bring a grin to anyone’s face.

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They were each given six months.

9 Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stu

Two guys sitting along the highway, laughing

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You’re at a loss for what to say to cheer someone up? Cheesy jokes are just what the doctor ordered. If you’re brave enough to try them out, this collection will make someone grin.

Here are nine really corny jokes:

19. I enjoy the sound of your name.

This is a great prank to tell a new girl.

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Thank you; it was a present for my birthday.

20. Have you heard of the dentist and the nail technician?

You’ll have to read it twice because it’s so corny.

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They battled tooth and nail until the very end.

dentist and assistant doing a dental procedure

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21. I know someone who is so unattractive that when she attempted to enter an ugly contest, they told her,

With this one, you must be cautious.

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“We’re afraid we don’t have any pros.”

22. How long does it take the typical individual to achieve blackbelt status?

It’s amusing, but it’s also true.

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A blackbelt will never be earned by the ordinary individual.

23. My doctor informed me that I had type A blood…

So clever…

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It was, however, a Type- O.

24. What flies and has four wheels?

Is that clear? Read it once more.

25. I know someone who is really unattractive!

Ouch! That’s very severe.

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She steered One Path in a different direction.

Directional pole

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26. What is it about ambassadors that they never get sick?

This one will make you laugh out loud.

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Immunity as a diplomat.

27. What causes individuals to be startled by lightning?

On a rainy day, this is a nice joke.

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Because it has no idea how to act in public.

6 Insanely Witty Jokes

Couple having a good time drinking soda

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A few clever jokes may often be all that’s required to lighten the atmosphere. We have some rapid-fire quips that will have your audience laughing on the floor, whether it’s a short one-liner or a more conventional constructed joke.

Here are six clever yet dumb jokes:

28. What was Tigger’s purpose in going to the bathroom?

A joke that has stood the test of time.

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He was on the lookout for Pooh!

29.Did the blanket say anything to the bed?

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I’ve got you taken care of!

30. What is the procedure for making holy water?

This is without a doubt one of the worst clever jokes we’ve ever heard.

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You’re going to cook it to death.

Boiling water being poured in a container.

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31. Why did the orange come to a halt as it rolled down the hill?

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It has run out of power!

32. What does an elephant in a phone booth get called?

33. What does a vegetarian zombie eat?

The apocalypse of the zombies has arrived.

[/learn more]

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6 Of The Most Stupid But Hilarious Jokes Ever

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There are humorous jokes and then there are jokes that are just hilarious. Just for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best jokes ever. It’s usually a good idea to have a few jokes on hand to brighten up any situation. People like someone who can bring a grin to their face. To be that man, you have to know all the best jokes. So… have fun!

Here are six of the most ridiculous yet hilarious jokes ever:

34. This week, I tried a new eatery. I placed an order for duck.

Someone who will drop over for a lunch at a restaurant.

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It was enjoyable, but the bill was difficult to take.

35. What do you get when a snowman and a vampire meet paths?

A quick and simple one-liner that is sure to bring a grin to virtually anyone’s face.

cute little snowman

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36. What are the methods used by inmates to make phone calls?

37. I just purchased a toilet brush.

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However, I must admit that I still prefer toilet paper.

38. In America, what do you call a wise man?

One thing is certain: this joke will not place you on the nice-list.

39. After creating man, what did God say?

Stupid Knock Knock Jokes (Part 6)

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Do you need jokes that will make you laugh on the spot? You can’t go wrong with knock knock jokes, right? Everyone enjoys these jokes, from children to elderly. It’s all part of the fun, even if they are a bit corny. We’ve compiled a list of knock knock jokes that are sure to make you laugh.

Here are six ridiculous knock-knock jokes:

40. Knock on the door. Is anybody there? Amish! Who are the Amish?

A hilarious knock knock joke for the entire family to enjoy.

pair of stylish brown leather shoes

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41. Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, Is anybody there? Alex. Who is Alex?

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Hey, Alex, there are a lot of inquiries around here!

42. Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, Is anybody there? Who is Abby Abby?

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I was stung by a bee!

43. Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, Is anybody there? Alfie. Who is Alfie?

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If you go, Alfie will be devastated!

44. Knock on the door. Is anybody there? Alien, Alien, Alien, Alien, Alien, Alien, Ali

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How many aliens are you familiar with?

45. Knock on the door. Is anybody there? A herd of animals. Who is this herd?

Whether you’re at work or at home, this joke will brighten your day.

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I came over since you were home with a herd!

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Stupid Birthday Jokes (Part 6)

Friends celebrating a birthday party

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Stupid birthday jokes provide the essential elements for a successful birthday celebration: fun, laughter, and frivolity. They’re similar to birthday presents and cakes in that they’re a must-have. With this selection of happy birthday puns and jokes, you can do more than simply throw confetti.

Here are six ridiculous birthday jokes:

46. For a hunter’s birthday, what do you buy him?

This joke will bring a smile to everyone’s face during the birthday party.

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A pheasant for a birthday.

47. Why are kangaroos so sad on their birthdays?

They only get to commemorate them once every four years in leap years.

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then have a look at the one above!

49. On his birthday, what does a clam do?

50. On his birthday, why did the kid feel warm?

This gem of a joke will make grouchy faces vanish.

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Because he was always toasting!

Toasted loaf breads on a plate

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51. Why are birthdays beneficial to your health?

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People with the greatest wealth live the longest.

Stupid Old People Jokes (Part 6)

Old couple looking at each other

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To really enjoy excellent elderly people jokes, you need a particular type of sense of humor. Yes, we do mean obscenely dumb when we say good. People are left scratching their heads because it is so dumb. After all, aging doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom; after all, we can all joke about it, right?

We’ve compiled a list of elderly folks jokes that are sure to elicit “oh my goodness” responses. But you can guarantee they’ll make a lot of people chuckle.

Here are six inane jokes about elderly people:

I know someone who is 52 years old.

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Mr. Clean had an afro when she met him.

I know someone who is 53 years old.

It’s not nice…

I know someone who is 54 years old.

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Her very first Christmas was just that: her very first Christmas!

I know someone who is 55 years old.

The concept of an expired birth certificate will make people’s eyes roll and their lips “LOL.”

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Her birth certificate is no longer valid.

man filling up a form

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56. I’ve come to realize that life is similar like a roll of toilet paper.

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It becomes quicker as it gets closer to the finish.

57. If you are unhappy with your life and want to return to your youth,

6 Horrible Dog Jokes

Funny dog staring at the camera

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Man’s best buddy isn’t immune to being made fun of. Sure, they’ll be devoted, loving, and amusing. I’m sure they have a wonderful sense of humour as well. We have a selection of dumb dog jokes that will have everyone screaming for more, whether you have a dog, desire one, or have had one. Take a seat and savor a wonderful pleasure.

Here are six ridiculous dog jokes:

What do dogs eat for breakfast? 58.

Any dog lover will be blown away by this.

59. Did the dog say anything to the tree?

60. What made the dog such an excellent storyteller?

Anyone will laugh out loud at this joke.

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He could paw for dramatic effect, right?

paws of dog lying

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61. What occurred at the flea circus when the dog went?

62. How do you refer to a dog that has been ran over by a steamroller?

63. What do you get when a racing dog and a bumble bee meet paths?

6 Political Jokes That Aren’t Funny

masked person holding a political banner

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Politics news may be sad to read. Instead than reading about all the dread and gloom, read these funny political jokes. You can keep up with what’s going on in DC without getting worked up about it, whether you’re blue or red, old or young. These jokes will make you laugh out loud. Fair warning: they’re a bunch of knuckleheads.

Here are six politically inept jokes:

64. Isn’t a liberal simply a conservative?

If performed correctly, this clever joke should elicit loud laughter.

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There hasn’t been a mugging yet.

65. What is the name of my favorite mythological creature?

This is a very uncommon species.

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The truthful politician.

politician working in his desktop

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66. There’s one thing that politicians and diapers have in common:

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Both should be replaced on a regular basis… and for the same reason.

67. Politics is the art of seeking, discovering, and misdiagnosing problems.

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and then misapplying the incorrect treatments.

68. To replace a light bulb, how many politicians are required?

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There are two of them: one to alter it and the other to reverse it.

69. My love is similar to communism in that everyone gets a piece of the pie.

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It’s also just useful in theory.

6 Ridiculous Science Jokes

scientist checking an object through the microscope

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Here’s a pleasant fact: science and humor complement one other well.

While scientists take their job seriously, they also recognize that laughing has a number of health advantages. Everyone can benefit from the endorphin high that comes from laughing at a good joke. We looked everywhere for the greatest, worst, and most ridiculous jokes and puns we could find.

Here are six ridiculous scientific jokes:

70. What happens to poor light?

It doesn’t take a geek to figure out what’s going on here. Hilarious!

Variety of light bulbs hanging

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71. Why is it so difficult for a communist to crack a joke?

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It won’t be humorous until everyone understands it.

72. When a photon checks into a hotel, he is asked whether he needs any baggage assistance.

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“No, I’m traveling light,” he adds.

73. Did you hear that oxygen and potassium had a date?

74. I’d want to be adenine,

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Then it’s possible that I’ll be partnered with U.

75. If you aren’t a part of the solution, you aren’t a part of the problem.

Take a moment to consider it.

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You’re a part of the sludge.

light bulb laid on a black platform

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6 Of The Most Stupid One-Liner Jokes

friends laughing together at daytime

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The essence of wit is brevity! When it comes to cracking jokes, this is especially true. Long-winded jokes nearly usually have complicated punchlines. Isn’t that bad?

That is why we like one-liners so much. We’re amazed at how much humor and double meaning can be crammed into such a little amount of time. They may be given in a single line, with no pauses in between. Such lovely ladies…

A good one-liner, according to Wikipedia, must be succinct. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest one-liners. Enjoy!

Here are six of the most ridiculous one-liner jokes:

76. A excellent example of someone who can be both is an employee of the month?

This joke will not earn you many friends.

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At the same moment, there is a winner and a loser.

77. Having a heart attack during a game of charades is the worst possible scenario.



78. I believe it is unfair because Monopoly is produced by just one business.

79. Make sure you don’t spell portion backwards.

80. When I was a kid, I used to lie on my little bed and wonder,

Because everyone enjoys a good laugh… This is something that even children will understand.

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What happened to my brother?

miserable looking man sitting on his bed

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81. I appreciate you clarifying the term “many” to me.

6 Stupid Jokes About Walking Into A Bar

Friends drinking together at a bar

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Let me assume… you believe you’ve heard all the “X walks into a bar” jokes. We’re confident you’ve overlooked a few. With this selection of stupid jokes, you may refresh your joke collection and win your due position as the resident comedian at the local pub. Some will make you laugh, while others will make you moan. We won’t tell anybody where you obtained your materials, promise.

Here are six ridiculous jokes about walking into a bar:

82. A “bar” is entered using two quote marks.

It’s ridiculous, but it’ll get you a chuckle.

A frog enters a bar at number 83.

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The bartender takes it and mixes it with the other ingredients for the witch at the bar to consume.

84. Two dragons enter a pub. “It’s hot in here,” one remarks to the other. The other retaliates,

85. A joke, a word play, and a limerick stroll rather than a bar.

A pub joke that might earn you a few new pals.

A pile of lettered scrabble tiles

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86. A jack-o-lantern with three eyes enters a pub. “Who cut you up?” inquires the bartender.

87. When a ghost enters a pub, the bartender exclaims,

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“We don’t serve alcohol here, mate.”

6 Irrational Military Jokes

military man shooting with his rifle

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There’s a lot of stupid things going on in the world right now. And our armed forces are caught in the crossfire. Fortunately, our uniformed personnel never lose their sense of humour. They’re always coming up with fresh and funny military jokes. We scoured the internet for some really bad jokes that would make even the most serious sergeants crack up. With this collection, you may march to the beat of your own drum.

Here are six ridiculous military jokes:

88. If you ask my kid why he joined the military, he would proudly tell you that he enlisted to murder people.

What a strange conclusion.

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He’s a dreadful doctor.

Which of the two spiders in the boiler closet is in the army?

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The one on the tank, to be precise.

90. What is Iraq’s national bird?


duck swimming in a pond

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91. What did the general of the French army do on social media?

What is the difference between a fighter pilot and a jet engine? 92. What is the difference between a fighter pilot and a jet engine?

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When an aircraft is shut off, the jet engine ceases whining.

93. Why do army snipers fire with one eye closed?

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Because they wouldn’t be able to see if they closed both eyes.

6 Horrible Lawyer Jokes

Office workers talking while walking

August de Richelieu via Pexels

All rise…

You may not win an argument with a lawyer, but they will defend your right to make a joke about them. It turns out that all those long hours of study that attorneys put in help nature develop a certain kind of cynicism. We’ve put up a collection of lawyer jokes that are hilarious.

Here are six ridiculous lawyer jokes:

94. How do you welcome a lawyer with a 50th percentile IQ?

With this gem, make fun of your lawyer, and then duck.

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“Good morning, your honor,” says the speaker.

95. Why do attorneys have to be buried twelve feet underground?

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Because they’re actually nice people on the inside!

Man shoveling the soil

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96. How many attorneys are needed to halt a moving bus?

97. What’s dark and brown and suits a lawyer well?

98. How can you locate a competent attorney?

This will irritate your lawyer.

99. What makes a lawyer different from a herd of buffalo?

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The lawyer’s fee is higher.

6 Horrible Office Jokes

Office men drinking coffee at breaktime

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Work hard, play hard isn’t simply a motto at Mantelligence. It’s a way of life for me. What better way to accomplish it than by sharing embarrassing workplace jokes?

Office jokes, you see, aren’t simply a means to pass the time. They may make individuals feel more calm and even increase productivity. Let’s be honest… Work life may quickly become boring and frustrating. Do you really want that?

Share our collection of workplace jokes with your colleagues by getting out of your desk.

Here are six ridiculous workplace jokes:

100. My employer never recalls when I accomplish anything nice.

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He never forgets when I make a mistake.

Office colleagues laughing together

courtesy of Pexels / fauxels

101. I have a stable job.

With this cracker, you can live on the fun side of your cubicle.

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No one else is interested in it.

102. I am slow when I take a long time.

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When my boss takes a long time to complete a task, he is meticulous.

103. The Inventor of Autocorrect Has Passed Away.

This joke will certainly lighten up a gloomy day.

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In the midst of tranquility, there is a restaurant.

104. Why shouldn’t blondes be allowed to take a coffee break?

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It takes an inordinate amount of time to retrain them.

105. My memory has deteriorated to the point that I’ve lost my job.

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I’m still working. I’m simply not sure where.

Working man sitting on the floor

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6 Horrible Blonde Jokes

Two blonde girls laughing together

via Baylee Gramling/Unsplash

Without some blonde jokes, our collection would be incomplete. These jokes make fun of the sassy blonde in a stereotyped way. They’re all intended to be amusing, so don’t say them out loud. It’s possible that you’ll offend someone. We’ve got some jokes for those of your pals with lighter hair who understand it.

Here are six ridiculous blonde jokes:

106. What was the blonde’s strategy for killing the bird?

Monday doesn’t need to be so depressing…

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She tossed it over the edge of a cliff.

107. Why are blondes unable to create ice cubes?

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They never seem to remember the recipe.

108. How can you determine whether a brunette is a blonde who has dyed her hair?

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She stumbles and falls over the cordless phone.

109. What was the blonde’s reason for peeing on the ground?

This incredibly funny pun will make you laugh out loud.

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She did so because she saw a sign that read, “Wet Floor.”

When the blonde found out she was pregnant, what did she say? 110.

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I’m not sure whether it’s mine.

pregnant woman wearing a white dress

through Ryan Franco / Unsplash

111. What was the blonde’s reason for bringing a ruler to bed?

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She wanted to know how long he slept for.

6 Horrible Pirate Jokes

pirate ship in an open ocean

through David Dibert / Unsplash

Greetings, matey! We set out to find this treasure trove of dumb pirate jokes from all across the internet’s seven seas. From here to the Caribbean, these beauties will have you laughing your head off.

Here are six ridiculous pirate jokes:

112. Why did the pirate abandon his golf game?

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He continued to hook the ball!

113. What makes pirates pirates?

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Because they’re arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

114. Who was the most frugal pirate, and what was his name?

115. What type of seafood is a pirate’s favorite?

school of swordfish under water

courtesy of Pexels / ArtHouse Studio

116. What was the pirate’s method for quitting smoking?

117. What makes pirates such good singers?

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They have the ability to play in the high C’s!

What Do You Call Jokes: 6 Stupid Jokes

Female friends happily talking at home

courtesy of Pexels / Sarah Chai

Are you looking for some fast jokes? With What Do You Call jokes, you can’t go wrong. They’re especially popular among children since they’re simple to memorize and tell. We’ve put up a list of our all-time favorites. All you have to do now is have a look at them.

Here are six inane what-do-you-call-it jokes.

118. What do you call two Mexican basketball players?

This is a fantastic joke to tell while watching the NBA finals.

119. How do you refer to a tree that fits in the palm of your hand?

120. What do you name a line of jumping rabbits?

Show Your Answer


A hare line that is vanishing!

hare attentively looking out for himself

via Pixabay / Pexels

121. What do you name a wolf that is sleeping?

122. How do you refer to two birds that are in love? Tweethearts!

123. In an earthquake, what do you call a cow? A milkshake, of course!

6 Ridiculous New Year’s Jokes

A bunch of fireworks in a city

Pexels / / / / / / / / / / /

The most widely observed holiday is New Year’s Day. It’s the season to be joyful and ring in the new year. Because you can’t turn back the hands of time, you may as well enjoy the ride. There’s no better way to do it than with some ridiculous new year’s jokes. Begin the new year on a positive note.

Here are six ridiculous New Year’s jokes:

What is a cow’s favorite holiday? 124.

With a chuckle, ring in the new year.

125. Is it the start of a new year?

Show Your Answer


I’ve just recently been used to this final one!

Sparklers being held by two hands

courtesy of Unsplash / Ian Schneider

126. What causes birds to migrate south on New Year’s Eve?

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There’s no way I can walk that far!

127.On New Year’s Eve, what do vampires sing?

128. Who gets the most enthusiastic about the countdown to New Year’s Eve?

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Companies that make calendars.

129. On New Year’s Eve, what do snowmen prefer to do?

A simple joke with a big impact.

6 Horrible Nerd Jokes

Nerd guy sitting on a chair laughing

through JD Mason / Unsplash

The world is controlled by nerds. They’re intelligent, but they’re also uncomfortable in social situations. This is an oddly interesting combination that has earned them a reputation for being the brunt of jokes. If you’re a geek, we’ve compiled a list of ridiculous nerd jokes to help you break out from your shell and share some amusement with the rest of the world.

Here are six ridiculous geek jokes:

130. How do you refer to a Frenchman who wears sandals?

pair of rustic sandals beside a violin

Michaela Kadlecová / Unsplash

131. Before there was, there was, there was, there was, there was, there was, there

This is something only a geek would think of.

132. I had to put my vacuum cleaner up for sale.

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Because it was just gathering dust.

133. According to your wife, you never buy her flowers. Is that correct?

LOL! You may have to spend the night on the sofa as a result of this.

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To tell you the truth, I had no idea she sold flowers.

134. Dove chocolate is much superior than Dove soap.

135. And the Lord spoke to John, saying,

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“Come out and get everlasting life,” says the Bible.

woman spreading her arms

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Thanksgiving Jokes: 6 Stupid Jokes

Friends bonding together in Thanksgiving party

courtesy of Unsplash / Antenna

Thanksgiving is the time of year when the whole family gets together to celebrate. Everyone is invited to the party, from your beloved aunt to your grumpy cousin. We’ve compiled a list of Thanksgiving jokes for you to have in your back pocket for when things get uncomfortable. All that’s left is to pass the stuffing and hope you don’t screw up the punchline.

Here are six of the most ridiculous Thanksgiving jokes:

136. What does a turkey’s phone sound like?

That’s the sound of Thanksgiving supper, ha ha ha.

137. How can you tell the difference between a turkey and a chicken?

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Thanksgiving is celebrated by chickens!

138. How do you refer to a nefarious turkey?

139. On Thanksgiving, there’s always something to be grateful for.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s simply not being a turkey.

140. What do May flowers bring if April rains bring May flowers?

A vibrant sunflower

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141. What is the favorite snack of a ghost?

Make memories with the whole family.

6 Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stu

Friends laughing together while outdoors

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Looking for some terrible jokes to tell the guys on your next road trip?

Some jokes are deserving of groans and eye rolls. These, however, are not among them. We now have a collection of terrible jokes that are both dumb and hilarious.

Here are six really terrible jokes:

142. How many apples can a tree produce?

This joke is sure to make you laugh out loud.

143. ‘Would you want the milk in a bag?’ says the grocery store clerk.

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“No, just leave it in the carton!” says the narrator.

144. I have the ability to chop wood just by looking at it.

You’re going to have a great time with this one.

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Yes, it is correct! It was something I saw with my own eyes.

145. My partner and I joke about how competitive we are all the time.

Cheerful couple laughing outside

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146. I heard a new shop called Moderation was opening.

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They’ve got everything.

147. What can’t climb trees and is white?

A list of Stupid Jokes is available for download.

Here’s a jpg/pdf list of dumb jokes that you can download and print (right-click the picture and choose Save Image As…):

Downloadable and Printable List of Stupid Jokes

courtesy of Gamertelligence

How to Make Stupid Jokes Work for You

Man thinking while writing notes

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Life is demanding. A well-delivered dumb joke may offer a welcome distraction. Here are some suggestions to make you feel better while also bringing a smile to others’ faces.

Here’s how to make dumb jokes work for you:

1. Recognize your target market

An audience listening to a speaker

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Your humor must be appropriate for your target audience. What may be amusing to a teenager may not be amusing to a 70-year-old uncle. When you’re out at the pub with your male buddies, you may make jokes that aren’t suitable for the office. 

2. Keep your materials close at hand

Person in sweater holding a card

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Obtain a number of excellent jokes and then rehearse them. A joke does not need to be memorized. Rather, become used to it so that you can know even when you’re anxious without flinching.

3. Take Responsibility for the Joke

Guy making two girls laugh

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Make your joke your own if you want it to be hilarious. You should be able to incorporate it into a narrative in such a way that it seems unique or fresh. Rehashing the same jokes over and again may come off as arrogant. Changing the conclusion of a joke is one method to personalize it.

4. Finish with the punchline Perfect in every way

Intense punching on the face

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The joke must come to a close with a boom. All of the action takes place toward the conclusion. It’s the difference between a hilarious joke and a failure. The audience should be surprised at the punchline.

More Hilarious Jokes

Please hold your horses… We have a lot more jokes where these came from, so don’t rush out the door to stretch your funny bone. As you can see, we’re constantly on your side.

  1. Are you a religious person? Do you have an outrageous sense of humour? These religious jokes are certain to make your pals laugh out loud. Make an effort not to derail the message.
  2. Make a game of it with these Easter jokes to have the entire family laughing. They’ll definitely get you in the mood for Easter.
  3. Did you like the nerd jokes? Great! These nail-bitingly funny computer jokes are a must-see.
  4. Would you want to hear some amusing coffee jokes? Take a look at what we’ve been cooking up.
  5. You’re going to love our jaws-ome shark jokes, according to some-fin! You won’t be able to tell what bit you.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a good laugh? Take advantage of our collection of great dumb jokes. After all, there are never enough jokes to keep you laughing throughout the day. Cheers!

This is the only list you need. The 147 Best Stupid Jokes is a list of jokes that will make your day. Reference: dad jokes.

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