Agario is a simple game that has taken the world by storm. It’s a game where you eat other players until you are the last one left alive. Here are some games like Agario to play while waiting for your next match!

Agario is a popular online game that’s been around for a while. The games like with bots is a list of games that are similar to the original, but have some interesting differences. is an online game with a large number of players. is a game that is both easy and difficult.

The players will begin as a tiny cell that must consume blobs in order to grow larger and be able to devour smaller cells.

Many game types are available in, including Free for All, Battle Royale, Teams, and Experimental.

You may invite other players to the game so that you can play with your pals.

A list of 15 games that are similar to is provided below. is a website where you may play a game called Slither

Similar to, is another massively multiplayer online game.

You get to play as a worm or snake, often known as a slither, instead of a huge cell. is comparable to in terms of gameplay and goals, since the player’s aim is to grow into enormous slithers and reach the top of the scoreboard., on the other hand, differs from in that instead of devouring other blobs, you must move your body and let them to strike you.

When the slither’s head comes into contact with another player’s body, they will immediately die, and you may consume the blobs left behind by their corpse.

Also, have a look at the other popular games-related topics.

2) ( is a website that allows you

GLAO-2 is an online action game with a large number of players.

The participants will begin as tiny pea-shooting robots that will become stronger and larger as time goes on.

You may upgrade your robot’s weaponry and attributes as you gain points by killing other enemy players.

The game has a variety of game types to choose from, and, like, you can invite your friends to play with you.

3) is a website that allows you to create a hole in the


Characters and gameplay in are similar to those in

The gameplay is simple: you must consume buildings, structures, and other players in order to grow larger and ultimately reach the top of the scoreboard.

You must, however, accomplish this in a certain period of time and in competition with other players.

In the game, there are two playable maps: City and Island, both of which have distinct buildings but the same principles and gameplay.

4) is an online survival game.

GLAO-4 is an online Battle Royale game that has some resemblance to

Players will be seeded in various areas of the map at the start of the game, with only their fists and brains to begin with.

Loot boxes include a variety of items like as guns, armor, ammo, and first-aid kits., like other Battle Royale games, has a danger zone that gradually closes as time goes.

The player’s goal is to be the last person alive when they depart the battlefield.

5) (


Krunker. io is a multiplayer online action game. offers a variety of game types to select from, with each game style requiring the completion of certain goals in order to win.

The game offers a variety of distinct classes, each with its own set of skills and weaponry. provides users with a variety of maps to play, as well as the ability to build their own maps and operate a server.

6) is a website where you may play brutal games.

GLAO-6 is an online action game with a large number of players.

The game transports you to the Stone Age, when cavemen fought each other with huge clubs. As you advance, your period changes, and you get access to new weapons.

Players will begin as cavemen, with the ability to improve their equipment by killing other players and collecting points.

Players may opt to enhance their character’s stats in a variety of ways.

To receive the pleasure of winning, you must be in the top leaderboards, similar to

7) is a website where you can buy and sell weapons.

GLAO-7 is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying action game that immerses you in the bloody battlefields of the military. has a variety of game types in which you must accomplish various goals to win.

The game has a large number of weaponry to select from, as well as military vehicles such as helicopters and tanks.

The gameplay is extremely unique and enjoyable to play, and it will introduce you to a new genre of io games.

8) is a game that you may play online.


Similar to, is a massively multiplayer online game.

Instead of playing as giant cells, you take on the role of Pacman, who must devour tiny blocks and ultimately other players to grow larger.

However, you must not just be concerned about other players, but also about Pacman’s biggest foe, the game’s ghosts.

Your objective is to make it to the top of the scoreboard.

9) (

GLAO-9 is a fictitious massively multiplayer online game set in the depths of the ocean.

In, players take on the role of a fish who leads his group and breeds additional fish.

The objective is simple, but it is difficult to do. Players must gather fish by eating various cells and recruiting other nearby fish.

Players may also eat or assault other players, which will provide him with additional fish and strengthen them.

10) is a website where you may play a game called Tileman


Tileman. io is an online massively multiplayer game.

The goal of the game is to take over as many tiles as possible and extend your territory.

The fighting system is very difficult to master. Although the fighting mechanics are similar to slither, you should be the one to contact their line or body.

You won’t have any trouble playing the game after you’ve become accustomed to the fighting systems.

The game is extremely peaceful and enjoyable to play, however since other people are competing against you, it may get a bit irritating. (#11)


Snowball is a multiplayer internet game.

Because the players will be placed on a huge iceberg and must knock off other players using just their snowball, the game’s objective is simple but difficult to achieve.

As time passes, the ice will melt and be destroyed, making the iceberg smaller and smaller.

Playing games and winning allows you to earn different skins. (#12)

GLAO-12 is a massively multiplayer online action roleplaying game set around the time of the pirates.

Pirates riding their battleships across the seas in quest of riches and destroying other warships will be the payers.

You may recruit people to join your crew as you advance, making you stronger and more difficult to beat.

You may collect a variety of items in the game, including as wood, shells, crabs, and other items, for which you will be awarded with money, which you can use to purchase needs and improve your battleship. (#13)


Similar to in terms of game mechanics and gameplay.

Instead of being tiles, you play as colored papers tasked with conquering vast swaths of territory and ensuring that your hue dominates the whole landscape.

The fighting mechanics are likewise challenging, but once you figure them out, you’ll have no trouble playing. ( (

GLAO-14 is an online action game with a large number of players.

The game’s mechanics are quite similar to, except instead of playing as blobs, you’ll be playing as humans with huge pikes.

To develop your pike and make it longer, you must gather the tiny blocks given by the game.

Killing opponents will also lengthen and strengthen your pike. (#15)

GLAO-15 is similar to, except instead of huge blobs, you get to play as gigantic, hideous creatures.

The objective is to grow into the largest and most terrifying monster possible, which you may do by consuming other players or eating tiny bricks supplied by the game.

Try if you want to play a game with the same mechanics as but with different characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 10 IO games?

The top 10 IO games are as follows:

What are the top 20 IO games?

The top 20 IO games are as follows: 1. Super Mario Odyssey 2. Splatoon 2 3. Overcooked 2 4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 5. Minecraft 6. Animal Crossing New Leaf 7. The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 8. Rocket League 9. Sonic Mania 10. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 11. Fire Emblem Warriors 12. Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu/Eevee! 13. Pokemon Lets Go Eevee! 14. Assassins Creed Odyssey 15. Luigis Mansion 3D World 16-20: Pokémon Sword and Shield

What are fun IO games?

A fun IO game is a video game that has a lot of action and suspense. It is also very fast paced and can be enjoyed by many people.

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