In the past few years, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been one of the most popular games in the world. The game is a popular esports title and it’s easy to see why. It’s fast paced, competitive, and offers a variety of different gameplay modes. What are some other games like CS:GO? Here are 15 games that might be similar to CS:GO.

Like all previous Counter-Strike Games, Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO) is renowned for its team-based action gameplay. It was released 19 years ago. CS: GO is a fast-paced multiplayer game in which two sides compete for goals based on the mission type, such as bomb planting and defusing or hostage guarding and rescue.

Both sides have weapons, armor, and grenades that are distinct and unique. Because of their damage, recoil, precision, and range, the weapons in CS: GO are extremely realistic, and they are real-life weaponry.

When CS:GO is inaccessible to others or they want to play games that are comparable to it, they have a variety of choices to choose from when they want to take a break or try something new.

Here are 15 more games that are similar to CS:GO.

1) Rainbow Six Siege by Tom Clancy

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege was intended to be a fast-paced 5v5 game. Rainbow Six Siege, like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, offers two sides that square off against one other in various game modes with each team having an objective that clashes with the other team.

The game features realism in the form of weaponry, effects, mechanisms, and environmental damage, offering players a variety of options for completing their objectives or fighting each other. This game has a variety of game types for players to enjoy.

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2) Sand Storm Insurgency


Insurgency Sand Storm features military-style gameplay in war-torn settings. The firearms in the game are extremely similar to real-life weapons, and even the reload animation varies depending on whether you are being fired at or whether you wish to change magazines quicker.

There are also vehicles that you may utilize to transfer your colleagues or travel from one location to another. Some of the structures and barriers may be demolished, and some of the players make noises when they are struck. The game has five game types and six playable maps, and it can accommodate up to 50 people.

3) Squad


Squad is a multiplayer online shooting game that can accommodate up to 100 players. Squad is a military game in which various battalions or squads break up and go on different tasks, attacking or defending a certain region, depending on their commanding commander.

Squad’s gameplay is extremely realistic, thanks to its weapons, players, and structures. Players may customize their armament with a variety of weapons and utilities. Squad also includes a variety of military vehicles, including helicopters. Squads may sometimes build up artillery or FOBs for cover and bases, and they can also set up ambush sites by utilizing barricades or stationing in urban areas.

Squad also includes six games and seventeen terrain that are both wide and expansive.

4) Hell Freezes Over


Hell Let Loose is set during World War II, when the US and German forces were pitted against one other in trench warfare over hazardous and difficult terrains. It’s all about armed troops occupying various regions and eliminating one another while pursuing various goals.

It includes ancient weaponry such as the M1 Grand for US troops and the Karabiner 98k for German forces, as well as military equipment like as tanks and other vehicles. Artillery may also be employed to wipe out huge numbers of opposing troops throughout the game. Up to 100 people may participate in the game.

5) Warfront


Warface is an 8v8 first-person shooter game in which two teams compete against each other. The levels in this game are unusual in that the teams will be pitted against one other in rural areas where players may utilize the scenery to hide from the adversary. Rifleman, medic, engineer, and sniper are the four classes available in Warface. Each class has its own unique and specific abilities, such as laying tactical mines and healing other players.

Players may also acquire more powerful and amazing weaponry than the basic weapons that come with the game when you first start playing. There are also seven different and enjoyable game modes in the game. Despite the fact that the game only allows 16 people, the game’s 20 unique and huge maps more than compensate for the dearth of players.

6) Watchdogs


Blizzard designed and developed the game Overwatch. Overwatch is intended to be more comical and friendlier than traditional FPS multiplayer games, yet the characters and gameplay are quite different. In the game, there are 29 characters divided into four classes: Offensive, Defensive, Tank, and Support. Each character has unique weapons, equipment, and special skills.

The game may accommodate up to 12 people, with each side consisting of six players who must beat the other squad. There are four distinct game types and 17 different maps in the game, all of them are original and unique. Blizzard’s incredible inventiveness is shown in the game, which includes fictitious weaponry and unique powers.

Paladins (nine)


Because of its gameplay, Paladins has a lot in common with Overwatch. There are 41 playable champions in the game, each with their own particular skills and weapons that they may use to take out other players. There are three game types, each of which can accommodate up to ten people and pits five players against another five.

The champions and their unique powers compensate for the game’s limited number of players, making it very enjoyable. The game is free to play and has 11 playable maps, giving it a pleasant alternative to popular games.

8) Black Ops 3 (Call of Duty)


Black Ops 3 is a first-person shooter set in the future. It has futuristic weapons, armor, utility, and other gear. The game may accommodate up to 16 people and will be an 8v8 player versus player shooter. It also has several character classes, each with its own set of specific skills and weaponry.

Players may acquire various weapons that are more powerful than the basic weaponry in Black Ops 3. There are 13 distinct and huge maps in Black Ops 3. Black Ops 3 also includes a variety of multiplayer game types that you may play with your friends or strangers.

9) ‘Dirty Bomb’ is a term used to describe


Following a radioactive assault on London, law and order began to disappear amid the wastelands of the city. After a while, two mercenary groups emerged: Jackal and the Central Disaster Authority, commonly known as CDA. The CDA is a government agency that mercenaries recruited to repair and cover up the radiant event.

Unfortunately, a criminal gang known as Jackal recruited their own mercenaries to steal the CDA technology. As a result, the two groups began a war against one other. You may play as either a CDA or a Jackal in Dirty Bomb, and both will need you to accomplish different goals in order to win.

Planting C4s in certain locations or fixing and escorting a vehicle are two ways to win the game. In this game, teamwork and communication are essential for success, and playing alone will almost always end in difficulties or death.

10) Arena Warfare in Splitgate


Splitgate Arena Warfare is a sci-fi multiplayer shooter game with a rapid pace. It has portals and fast-paced action that you can utilize for strategy and to quickly remove other players. Splitgate Arena Warfare is a retro-styled first-person shooter with no classes or perks.

Players may employ a variety of weapons, but they all have the same powers and talents. The game does not have traditional maps; instead, it has arenas where players may compete using just their chosen equipment.

Ironsight (#11)


Ironsight is a fast-paced multiplayer game with various weaponry, utilities, and even drones that you may employ to kill other players. In-depth customisation and cosmetics are available in the game, enabling you to personalize your weapons and even your own character. Gold gained during matches may be used to purchase skins and other attachable cosmetics.

Ironsight currently features three maps, but more are in the works for future play. You may play the game with your friends and other people in a number of game types.

Verdun (12th)


Verdun is set during World War I, and it features a lot of close quarter combat and trench warfare. Verdun is a highly realistic and violent game that displays all of the gore to the player, much as a real battle would. The game includes WWI weaponry with attachable bayonets, which are very helpful in trench combat. There are, however, a variety of weapons that may be used for long, medium, or short range shooting.

The game has 15 different squad types that represent troops from five different nations, each with its own set of weaponry. Because there are no crosshairs in the game, it is more realistic than other games. Artillery and various kinds of grenades are used in the game, and they may be used to wipe out huge groups of troops, forcing players to seek cover and behave intelligently.

Team Fortress 2 (#13)


Team Fortress 2 is a game in which two teams (red and blue) compete against each other. Soldier, heavy, sniper, scout, and engineer are among the classes that will make up the squads. Each character has their own set of talents, powers, and weaponry. For example, the scout is considerably quicker than the other characters in the game, while the engineer can construct turrets, healing stations, and ammunition stands.

The game is more cartoonish and funny than others. Unlockable weapons are available in this game, which players may employ to eliminate other players. This game also comes with a variety of game modifications and maps.

Battalion 14 (Battalion 14) (Battalion 14) (Batta


During WWII in Vietnam, Battalion 1944 takes place in numerous tough and dangerous close quarter combat conditions. The game includes ancient world war weaponry and equipment that players must master in order to win. The game includes a number of maps that are modeled by locations in Vietnam where battles took occurred. The game is essentially a fast-paced team death battle in which your team must accomplish different goals in order to win.

Black Squad (15)


Black Squad is a first-person military shooter game with several levels and game types in which players plan to efficiently and tactically kill their opponents. Different kinds of weaponry may be modified in the game, and players can add different attachments to them.

Players may play on approximately 45+ maps and 11 game types in the game; gamers can even build their own game mode that can be played by other online players. Players may acquire various attachments and weapon skins, which they can subsequently use to customize their weapons.

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