Harvest Moon is a series of farming simulation video games developed by Natsume. The player assumes the role of an unknown protagonist who has inherited their grandfather’s farm.

The harvest moon: one world is a game that has been around for a long time. It focuses on farming and other activities. There are 15 games like the harvest moon to play, including Animal Crossing New Leaf.

Harvest Moon is a farm simulation role-playing game that places the player in a small coastal town with the aim of repairing a lighthouse.

In this game, the user will be able to collect materials, construct a farm, care for animals, and engage in other real-life tasks.

In addition, the player may have his character marry, have a family, and so on.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is a farm simulation game with numerous aspects connected to farms and chores and activities performed to maintain and develop a farm.

This game focuses on farming and living on a farm near a town, where the player may interact not only with their own farm but also with NPCs and complete missions.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is one of 15 games similar to Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

1) The Valley of Stardews

Stardew Valley is a role-playing agricultural simulation game set in Pelican Town, a tiny town in the United States.

The player may build and personalize his character at the start of the game.

Following character creation, the player will be able to select from five different farms, each of which will provide an additional resource or an environment that will either provide greater foraging opportunities or a river where he may catch fish.

Given that this is a Farm Simulation game, the player must earn income by raising animals, producing crops, and doing other realistic agricultural tasks.

Aside from producing crops and raising animals, the player may connect with other NPCs and eventually marry them.

Harvesting resources will help you improve and grow your farm.

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2) Staxel


Plukit’s Staxel is a multiplayer roleplaying agricultural simulation game.

The player will begin in a tiny house where they will be charged with rebuilding a farm, raising animals, and doing other realistic agricultural tasks.

Harvesting resources, planting crops, and selling animals will provide you with money, allowing you to develop your farm and, eventually, your little home.

Players may ask their friends to join them in having fun and helping them manage their farm in Staxel.

The game is a sandbox game in which you may completely design your environment and manage the events that occur in it.

3) My Experience at Portia


My Time At Portia is a farm simulation roleplaying game set on the beautiful post-apocalyptic island of Portia.

The players must select between Marco and Linda at the start of the game, and they will control them throughout the game.

Your mission is to build a farm, raise animals, plant crops, and engage in other real-world agricultural tasks.

Players may also interact with other NPCs and form relationships with them later in the game.

Aside from maintaining a farm, the player may interact with NPCs, perform missions, and eventually uncover the island’s mysteries.

4) Gleaner Heights is a neighborhood in the city of Gleaner.


Gleaner Heights is a roleplaying agricultural simulation game set in the Gleaner Heights region.

The player will be able to select between a male and a female character at the start of the game, and subsequently modify their appearance.

Gleaner Heights combines farming and combat aspects, allowing you to participate in agricultural chores as well as combat situations with NPCs or other animals in the game.

The game’s NPCs have various likes and dislikes, which will be significantly influenced by the player’s choices and interactions with them.

There is also a skill system in which players may improve their fighting, farming, and other abilities.

5) Sails that have been stranded


Stranded Sails is an open world farming and exploring adventure game set on an undiscovered archipelago.

To uncover mysteries and discover riches, the player must go to several islands, caverns, and other locations.

In addition to traveling and participating in various adventures, the player may also establish and develop his own farm.

Overall, the player has full control over the game since he can do anything he wants.

6) The Alchemist’s Tale


Alchemy Story is a roleplaying fictional farm simulation game set in a tiny hamlet where evil magic has struck and transformed all of the villagers into animals.

Growing crops, rearing animals, and other real-life agricultural chores are required of the player in order to help rebuild the town.

You may brew various chemicals and spells and use them to produce crops and do other tasks.

7) Collaborative Farming


Agricultural Together is a roleplaying farm simulation game set in the present day.

Growing crops, breeding animals, and other agricultural operations can help you earn money and eventually grow your operation.

Players may invite their friends and offer their park to outsiders in Farm Together.

Aside from agricultural chores, you may pursue a variety of hobbies such as cooking, painting, and music composition.

Harvest Life (nine)


Harvest Life is an agricultural simulation role-playing game set in a small village.

The player must start his own farm, care for it, and eventually grow and enhance it.

In addition to producing crops and raising animals, the player may interact with other NPCs and eventually form relationships with them.

There are also many random events in which you may take part, as well as various side missions offered by NPCs.

9) Hearth of Stone


Stone Hearth is a farming simulation roleplaying game in which you build and maintain your own little village.

Stone Hearth, on the other hand, is more brutal than other farm simulation games since your settlers will starve to death if they don’t have access to food and water.

You may participate in battle with animals and other settlers in addition to farming and other tasks.

10) Farm of Robots


Robot Farm is a game that simulates a farm.

You can fight a variety of dangerous animals in Robot Farm.

You’ll be able to sell your crops and animals after they’ve been harvested, allowing you to grow your farm and make money.

The environment of Robot Farm is enormous, and you may freely explore it and discover a variety of items.

Ooblets (#11)


Ooblets is a farm simulation game with elements of Pokemon in that you may catch animals known as ooblets.

Apart from agricultural chores, users may interact with other ooblet trainers and compete in dancing fights.

Ooblets’ lands are vast, allowing you to explore a variety of biomes and terrain.

12) Mara’s Summer


Summer in Mara is a fictitious open-world agricultural exploration game in which you play as a young kid exploring an archipelago and encountering various animals and humans.

You may also manufacture other things and exchange with other NPCs in addition to farming.

The game has a day and night system, as well as climatic variations that influence your character’s and the game’s gameplay.

Deiland (#13)


Farming resources, making necessities, and constructing shelter are all frequent game elements in Deilhand.

Players must live after landing on a planet and must start from the ground up to guarantee their life by constructing a house from the materials they collect, among other things.

Players must be prepared to defend themselves while going throughout the countryside since dangerous animals will be there.

Deiland’s landscape is massive, enabling players to explore and discover the game’s mysteries and tales.

14) Seasonal Tales


Story of Seasons is a farm simulation roleplaying game.

The player must create and continually enhance his farm by earning money, which he may accomplish by harvesting crops, raising animals, and doing other agricultural chores.

You may also form friendships with other villagers who will assist you in running the farm.

There are a variety of missions you may do to earn additional money.

15) Farmers and Ranchers


Farm Folks is a farm simulation game with gameplay that is quite similar to Harvest Moon.

Farming crops, raising animals, and other agricultural chores are all required of the player.

Later on, the player may be in a relationship, and your spouse will be able to assist you in running the farm.

Farm Folks also enables players to explore the game’s vast regions and learn new things.

Harvest Moon is a game that has been around for a long time. It’s one of the most popular games in the world. If you’re looking for a similar game, I’ve got 15 games like Harvest Moon with marriage to play. Reference: games like harvest moon with marriage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any games like Harvest Moon?

There are many games like Harvest Moon, but none of them are quite the same.

What kind of game is Harvest Moon?

Harvest Moon is a simulation game.

Which is better Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon?

Animal Crossing is a video game franchise that was released in 2001 and has since been released on many different consoles. Harvest Moon is a video game series that was first released in Japan in 1996 and has since been released on many different consoles.

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