The holidays are a time for family, friends and fun. And what’s better than playing some great holiday games? Here are 17 of the best party games to get you in the mood for Christmas.

The no contact christmas games are one of the best ways to get people into the holiday spirit.

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The holiday season is approaching, which means you’ll be donning a Rudolph sweater and playing Christmas party games while drinking eggnog, mulled wine, or a cup of steaming hot chocolate sooner or later!

So, why don’t you brush up on your gaming skills by perusing our list of the greatest Christmas party games? Who knows, maybe you’ll pick up a few new ones!


Three of the Best Christmas Party Games

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In December, these are our top favorite games to enjoy with friends and family.

The following are the top three Christmas party games:

1. Musical Chairs for Christmas

Arrange a circle of chairs in a circle with the number of chairs equal to the number of participants. Play a traditional Christmas song and have everyone sit in a circle until the music ends. Everyone must now take a seat in the chair nearest to them. The game ends when there is just one player left standing. Then take one chair away, put on another Christmas song, and continue the process until only one person remains.

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2. Game of Christmas Gift Exchange

Also known as a white elephant gift exchange, Yankee Swap, or Dirty Santa. Each participant provides a single wrapped, low-cost, and amusing present. The first person chooses a present and opens it. The remaining players then take turns opening a new gift or stealing someone else’s. If your gift is taken, you may choose another from the pile or take one from another player. Each round, each gift may only be taken once. When all of the players have received their presents, the game is finished.

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3. Play the Paper Plate Game

Each participant will need a strong white paper plate and a pen. Everybody puts their plate on top of their heads. The facilitator gives the participants the following directions for drawing on their plates without looking:

To begin, draw a horizontal floor line. Next, design a Christmas tree and decorate it with ornaments and a star on top. Create a fireplace with a stocking on the mantel. Finally, doodle a Christmas present under the tree.

If the tree reaches the floor, the stocking touches the fireplace, or the gift is beneath the tree, the player receives two points. They get one point for each of the following: the star touches the tree; the star is above the tree; the fireplace does not touch the tree; and each ornament on the tree. The one who scores the most points is the winner!

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3 Children’s Christmas Games

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Children like this time of year, so these Christmas activities for kids are sure to be a hit!

Three Christmas games for youngsters are listed below:

4. Toss the Jingle Bells

Arrange twenty Solo cups in two bowling pin formations (each with 10 cups) at the table’s opposing ends. The two players take turns standing at opposite ends of the field and throwing big jingle bells into their opponents’ cups. Each participant takes a turn tossing two balls. The player who gets a bell in each cup first wins.

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5. Relay of the Mitten Munch

All you’ll need is a pair of gloves for each team, as well as an equal amount of wrapped sweets or chocolates. Line up the youngsters at one end of the room with the mittens and candy, and the mittens and candy at the other end. When you shout “Go!” the first person from each side must dash down to the mittens, don them, grab a candy, unwrap it, and devour it. After that, they must remove their mittens, sprint back to their squad, and tag the next child. The relay goes on until one of the teams has consumed all of their sweets.

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6. Assemble the Gifts

Split each squad in half and place the two parts 15 to 20 feet apart. Give the first player from each side a two-gift stack. They must dash to the other side of the room and deliver the gifts to a colleague, adding to the stack of gifts. That individual now has to transport three presents to the opposite side. The next individual will be responsible for carrying four presents, and so on. If a player loses their presents, they must restart the game from the beginning. The team that successfully transports all of their presents across the room is the winner.

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3 Adult Christmas Party Games

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These amazing Christmas party games for grownups show that fun and games aren’t only for kids.

Here are three adult Christmas party games:

7. Drinking Game Based on Christmas Movies

The rules are straightforward. Put on a corny Christmas movie and take a drink every time you see Santa, hear a Christmas tune, or hear any clichéd words.

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The Santa Hat Game (No. 8)

Make a paper cutout and write “You’re it” on it. It should be folded and placed in a bowl with other blank sheets of paper. Then, without showing anybody else, have each person choose a piece of paper. A significant part is played by whomever possesses the piece that says, “You’re it.” When they remove their Santa hat, all other players must do the same as soon as possible. The last person to remove their hat is the loser.

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9. Christmas Edition of “Never Have I Ever”

Play everyone’s favorite party game, but with a Christmas twist this time. Ask questions such, “Never have I ever been kissed beneath the mistletoe by someone who was not my spouse at the time,” to see who’s on Santa’s naughty list this year. “I’ve never surreptitiously opened a gift before Christmas Day,” or “I’ve never despised a coworker’s secret Santa gift.”

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3 Christmas Party Games for the Office

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What better way to liven up the last days before the holidays at work than with some office Christmas party games? You may also play these workplace games with your coworkers during your lunch break or during your Christmas lunch or dinner!

Here are three Christmas party games for the office:

10. Assist a Coworker

You’ll need tree decorations like plastic ornaments, stars, tinsel, garlands, and Christmas lights for this one. Form 3–5 person teams with your colleagues. The “tree” will have to be volunteered by one member from each side. The teams will have 90 seconds after the judge gives the signal to dress up their colleague to the best of their ability. After then, it’s up to the judge to determine who performed the greatest job.

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11. Blitzing, Dashing, Dancing, Prancing, and… Obstacles to overcome

What could be more entertaining than a homemade obstacle course at work? The only limit is your imagination, which may range from jumping from chair to chair and burrowing beneath tables to declaring that “printing paper is lava.” And the rules are simple: whomever completes the obstacle course in the lowest amount of time wins!

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12. Snowman Made of Toilet Paper

Make teams of two or more of your coworkers. One member from each side is designated as a “snowman.” Distribute an equal number of toilet paper rolls and tape to each team. Additional accoutrements, such as scarves, mittens, hats, or orange paper for the nose, are optional. The first team to finish their snowman wins!

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Christmas 5 Minute To Win It Games

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Minute to win it is a quick, highly entertaining, and surprisingly easy game. Games include everything you’d expect from a Christmas party game – and more.

Here are several Christmas games with a 5-minute time limit:

13. The Holiday Rush

Form two-person teams from the participants. Attach a yardstick to the waist of each individual. Tape a roll ribbon on one of the sticks and attach it to the stick of the other teammate. Each team must move all of the ribbons from one yardstick to the next without using their hands.

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14. Shake Like a Snowman

Fill a tissue box with white ping pong balls and set it aside. Decorate them to look like snowman faces if you’re feeling really inventive. Tape the box to the rear of the player. They must then shake all of the balls out of the box before the time limit expires.

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15. Nosedive Reindeer

You’ll need Vaseline or petroleum jelly, as well as a medium-sized red craft pom-pom placed on the end of a 7 to 8-inch ribbon, to play this game. Following the application of Vaseline to their nostrils, each participant grips the ribbon between their teeth and begins swinging the pom-pom in an attempt to make it “stick” to their noses within the 60-second time limit. The pom-pom must not come into contact with the players’ hands or any other part of their bodies.  

christmas reindeer decorations

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16. Pop from the North Pole

The first person to pop 10 balloons while wearing heavy winter gloves in under 60 seconds wins!

three balloons with confetti around them

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Candy Cane Hook ‘Em is number seventeen in the Candy Cane Hook ‘Em series.

On a table, arrange 10–15 candy canes. You may arrange them flat or in a heap by crossing them across. Each player bends over the stack, holding a candy cane in their mouth, and attempts to hook as many canes as they can without using their hands. The individual who manages to hook the most canes in the one-minute time limit wins.

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List of Christmas Party Games that Can Be Downloaded and Printed

Here’s a jpg/pdf list of Christmas party games that you can download and print (right-click the picture and choose Save Image As…):

a downloadable list of party games

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How to Select the Most Appropriate Christmas Party Games

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How do you decide the game to play at this year’s Christmas gathering?

Here’s how to choose the finest games for your Christmas party:

1. Take into account the participants’ ages

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Adults, on the whole, enjoy funny, imaginative, or wicked “sit-down” games. Kids, on the other hand, like activities that entail a lot of shouting and running about!

2. Keep it lighthearted, quick, and unique.

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A party game is only fun if everyone is having a good time. Keep your games humorous and fast to ensure that all players are engaged and amused at all times. The last thing you want is for your audience to get bored!

3. Play a Variety of Games

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Don’t limit yourself to just one game, no matter how wonderful it is. It’s far more fun to mix and match games and try out a few new ones during the party. Varied individuals have different preferences, so your initial pick may not appeal to everyone.

More fantastic games

Do you want to play some more fantastic games?

  1. Take a look at our list of birthday party games.
  2. Then, check out some of our favorite classroom activities.
  3. Finally, have a look at these teen-friendly party games.

Final Thoughts

Have you had a good time with this fantastic collection of Christmas party games? We’ll certainly be trying out some of these games this Christmas season!

Check this out for more Holiday Cheer. With the new year coming, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be doing in 2018. Here are some of the best games to get your party started! Reference: christmas in july games.

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