The best jokes are the ones that make you laugh and think at the same time. So here, we have collected a list of funny jokes about all sorts of topics from around the world.

The what do you call a man jokes is a website where people can submit and share jokes. It provides a way for users to spark conversations with friends and family.

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What do you refer to it as? Jokes are the greatest because they entice your audience with a provocative inquiry, allowing you to whack them over the head with a stunning wisecrack.

This kind of humor is so accessible that it may be used at any time.

Living in a world without comedy is like to living in an ice cream-free planet. You may be able to make it, but we never want to know what it’s like to live in a world without ice cream.

That is exactly why you need what you refer to as “jokes.”


3 of the Funniest What Do You Call Jokes

what do you call jokes - Best what do you call Jokes

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If you’re in the mood for some gut-wrenching what do you call jokes, you may as well start with the greatest. We combed through our joke files to pick the finest ones we could.

Here are the top three so-called jokes:

1. How do you refer to a horse that never loses a race?

When you’re in the mood to gamble, this is a fantastic joke to tell.

2. How do you refer to a swarm of disorganized cats?

This joke makes cat lovers go insane.

3. How do you refer to a pig that knows karate?

Is that a pig doing karate? With a good animal joke, you can’t go wrong.

 3 wacky What Are Jokes Called?

what do you call jokes - corny what do you call jokes jokes

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It’s not always enough to be a little goofy. That’s when you’ll need to pull out your stash of extremely corny jokes. Have you ever found yourself in a catastrophic downward spiral racing head first towards a class 5 breakdown when babysitting your nieces or nephews for too many hours?

Don’t worry, mon frere. That’s when cheesy jokes and maybe a sweet snack come in handy.

Here are three cheesy (whatever you want to call them) jokes:

4. How do you refer to an alligator wearing a vest?

A witty remark for any audience.

5. What do you name a droid that goes around in circles?

Keep this wisecrack in mind the next time your spouse takes a detour.

What do you call a droid that takes the long way around? R2 detour.jpg

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6. How do you refer to a duck that gets all A’s?

Make your kids laugh with crazy jokes like this one.

What Do You Call Jokes? 3 Witty What Do You Call Jokes?

10 Witty What Do You Call Jokes

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Have you ever been compelled to mingle with someone you don’t really care for? These clever what do you call jokes, on the other hand, might be your savior. Don’t worry if you’re searching for a way out of your funk; we’ve got you covered.

No, you won’t be able to escape by climbing out the bathroom window. That might, however, work, and we’ll name it Plan B. Plan A, on the other hand, is to get the crowd going with some clever jokes that everyone will appreciate.

You won’t have to worry about being trapped in the bathroom window like Winnie the Poo, and you may even meet some new people.

Here are three clever what-do-you-call-it jokes:

7. How do you refer to a lovely pumpkin?

Who says the produce section has to be dull?

8. What do you name a cow that doesn’t have any legs?

Is it possible to have a humorous food joke AND an animal joke in one? Perfect.

9. What do you name a guy in a pile of leaves who has no arms or legs?

This one is simply plain amusing.

3 of the Most Hilarious What Do You Call Jokes Ever

what do you call jokes - funniest what do you call jokes ever

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We’ve compiled a list of the best what do you call jokes ever for you to enjoy the next time you’re hanging out with pals. The greatest jokes ever are better shared over food and drinks, rather than being squandered on an unappreciative audience.

Here are three of the funniest “jokes” ever:

10. How do you refer to cheese that isn’t your own?

For the rest of your life, use this one at every gathering. It’s never going to grow old.

What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho cheese!.jpg

@shotsoflouis via Unsplash / Louis Hansel

11. What do you name a dog that spends the summer at the beach?

A classic hot dog joke appropriate for any summer barbecue.

12. How do you refer to a dinosaur that is blind?

What do you name a joke that’s so ridiculous it’s sure to make people laugh?

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Do you suppose he saw us?

What Do You Call These 3 Cheesy Jokes?

what do you call jokes - cheesy what do you call jokes

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Cheesy jokes are well-known for being rib-ticklingly hilarious. There’s a whole genre of giggling dedicated to bringing smiles on people’s faces and making your life feel full.

We looked around for the most cheesy jokes we could find. We continued looking for more cheesy ones after we discovered them.

Here are three corny (whatever you want to term them) jokes:

13. What does a cow with THREE legs get called?

For the dinner table, here’s another amusing one.

14. How do you refer to a group of white men seated on a bench?

For the next time you’re watching the game with the fellas, this is a great one.

15. How do you refer to a fly in butter?

This is what you call a joke, right? Everyone will laugh because it is so apparent.

What do you call a fly in your butter? A butterfly!.jpg

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What Do You Call Jokes: 3 Stupid Jokes

what do you call jokes - stupid what do you call jokes

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Here’s some breaking news. Stupid jokes are very amusing. It’s as if they stumbled upon a pail of comedy from the far end of the stupid, dumb range.

Are you still not convinced? Check it out for yourself.

Here are three ridiculous what-do-you-call-it jokes:

16. What do you name a dog that doesn’t have any legs?

This joke will make people weep with laughter if you have the appropriate audience.

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Whatever you want to call him, he’s not coming.

17. What do you call someone who is attempting to hold a yoga position and is inhaling heavily?

A good yoga joke is the only thing funnier than a fart in a yoga session.

18. How do you refer to a dead fly?

The ideal joke to conclude a tense fight with a fly swatter.

3 What Are Dog Jokes Called?

what do you call jokes - what do you call dog jokes

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So you’re thinking about dogs, and you want to have a good amount of comedy in your life. These funny dog jokes are just what you need to pass the time in the dog park or at the veterinarian’s office.

Here are three examples of what you could call dog jokes:

19. How do you refer to an elderly dog?

This is a simple one that every dog lover would appreciate.

20. What does a black Eskimo dog become called?

A rhyming punch line for a dog joke? Please accept my request.

What do you call a black Eskimo dog? A dusky husky!.jpg

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21. How do you refer to a dog that licks a power outlet?

This clever dog joke will wow your pals.

3 What Do You Call Political Jokes?

what do you call jokes - political what do you call jokes

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Politics may be perplexing, but one thing is certain. They’ve always made great comedic material and will continue to do so. That’s why our list of what do you call jokes wouldn’t be complete without a few political jokes.

Here are three political what-have-you jokes:

22. What do you call a procrastinator in Russian?

Because making fun of Russians is something that will never grow old.

23. How do you refer to a professional gamer that tests political simulation games?

Gamers will like this so-called joke.

24. What do you call a Conservative-filled basement?

For the more progressive audience, this is the ideal one-liner.

3 What Are Science Jokes Called?

what do you call jokes - what do you call science jokes

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When it comes to climate change and dissecting frogs, science may seem too serious. That’s why having a few excellent scientific jokes on hand is essential. It’s the ideal antidote to those who take life too seriously.

Here are three examples of what you could call scientific jokes:

25. What do you call an incarcerated clown?

A wacky convention and a clown in prison? This one is just too wonderful to pass up.

What do you call a clown who's in jail? A silicon.jpg

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26. What do you call a swim team comprised entirely of Jennifers?

A brilliant remark that all scientific nerds would appreciate.

27. How do you refer to iron that is flying in the wind?

Because iron is symbolized by the letter Fe. Don’t worry, your scientific colleagues will understand.

3 What Do You Call Christmas Jokes?

7 Christmas What Do You Call Jokes

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What better time than the holidays to keep the atmosphere light and full of laughs? With these funny Christmas jokes, you can keep your family laughing all Christmas long.

Here are three Christmas-themed jokes:

28. What do you name a six-pack snowman?

A hilarious snowman joke to tell while sipping eggnog by the fire.

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A snowman with a stomach.

29. What does an annoying reindeer get called?

This funny reindeer joke will keep the Christmas spirit alive.

30. How do you address a child who does not believe in Santa Claus?

This is a nice one for the grumpy skeptics.

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Without a Claus, he’s a renegade.

What do you call a kid who doesn’t believe in Santa? A rebel without a Claus.jpg

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3 What Are Math Jokes Called?

what do you call jokes - what do you call math jokes

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What’s more, guess what? Mathematicians like a good chuckle as well. And the arithmetic jokes never stop flowing with these quirky numbers (that was a pun).

Here are three examples of what you could call math jokes:

31. What do you call math-obsessed guys?

This math crack will appeal to your audience if they like algebra.

32. How do you address a guy who has spent the whole summer at the beach?

For the analytical types, here’s a geometry joke.

33. How do you refer to individuals that like tractors?

Are you a math teacher? Or, even better, a math substitute teacher? This is a must-have.

3 What Are Computer Jokes Called?

what do you call jokes - what do you call computer jokes

Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

Have you ever had a computer that refused to cooperate with you? Perhaps it punishes you with the black screen of death, or perhaps it prefers to freeze in the middle of a sentence. So, don’t be too upset about it. Instead, laugh about it with these computer jokes that are guaranteed to make you giggle.

Here are three examples of what you could call computer jokes:

34. How do you refer to a computer algorithm that composes a blues song about global warming?

Here’s a clever knee-slapper that mixes computers, music, and Al Gore in an innovative way.

35. How do you refer to a computer that is floating in the sea?

The computer jokes about Dell and Adele are just too wonderful to pass up.

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In the depths, a Dell is rolling.

What do you call a computer floating in the ocean? A Dell rolling in the deep.jpg

courtesy of Pexels / Lisa Fotios

36. How do you refer to a nation with sluggish internet?

This one may seem a little dated, but it’ll undoubtedly appeal to the appropriate age range.

3 What Are Military Jokes Called?

what do you call jokes - what do you call military jokes

courtesy of Unsplash / Vitor Pinto

If you are or have ever been in the military, you know how essential having a good sense of humor is. Perhaps you’re a civilian with some jarhead friends with whom you’d want to blend in a bit better.

Try out these ear-to-ear giggling military jokes that will appeal to all branches of the military, from the Navy to the Marines.

Here are three examples of what you could call military jokes:

37. What Does a Marine With an Open Head Wound Get Called?

These military jokes are loved by both veterans and enlisted personnel.

38. How Do You Address a Marine with a 160-Point IQ?

A joke about a low IQ should definitely be left to the real marines.

39. What do you call troops who are autistic?

Another one that’ll garner a good late-night laugh around the barracks.

3 What Are Coffee Jokes Called?

WHAT DO YOU CALL JOKES - what do you call coffee jokes

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Coffee drinkers who are too caffeinated are a peculiar lot. Perhaps their minds are wired differently, or perhaps they’re just wired from all the espresso. What are the chances? They won’t have to stop buzzing with these yuckety-yuckety-yuckety-yuckety-yuckety-yuckety-yuckety-yuckety-yuckety-yucke

Here are three examples of what you could call coffee jokes:

40. How do you refer to sad coffee?

For the hardworking barista who has been pouring foamy lattes since 4 a.m.

What do you call sad coffee? Depresso.jpg

via Victor Freitas / Pexels

41. How do you refer to it when clients in a café make jokes about their coffee?

With this brew-tastic punch line, keep sipping and laughing.

42. How do you describe a cheerful cup of coffee?

Because every now and then the queue at the coffee shop could use a little energizing.

3 What Are Lawyer Jokes Called?

what do you call jokes - what do you call lawyer jokes

courtesy of Unsplash / Amy Hirschi

Lawyers are much too easy to ridicule. They have a terrible reputation. While we’re not here to debate whether they deserve all of the humiliation, we are here to poke as much fun of them as possible with these savage lawyer jokes.

Here are three lawyer jokes to get you started:

43. When a lawyer becomes a priest, what do you call him?

What sort of joke links lawyers and priests together? This is one of them.

44. How do you refer to a lawyer with a 100 IQ?

If you’ll pardon the expression, a little tongue-in-cheek with a huge laugh out loud?

45. What do you call a group of twenty-five skydiving lawyers?

At your next hearing, try this funny and enjoyable setup with a forceful punch line.

What do you call 25 skydiving lawyers? Skeet.jpg

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4 What Are Pirate Jokes Called?

what do you call jokes - what do you call pirate jokes

Casper Johansson via Unsplash

What could be funnier than a band of filthy, thieving, seafaring, salty, rum-slugging criminals that live on a boat together and utter incomprehensible things to one other? Pirate jokes, particularly the pirate quips they throw about the deck during swashbuckling, are hilarious.

Here are four examples of what you could call pirate jokes:

46. What does a pirate with two eyes, two hands, and two legs get called?

What is it about jokes about individuals losing bodily parts that makes them so funny? Perhaps certain questions should be kept unsolved.

47. What do you call a pirate who has a lot of trouble sleeping?

Don’t attempt to make this one funny by staying up all night. It’s already flawless.

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Syndrome of the Restless Peg

48. How do you refer to a pirate who doesn’t wear an eyepatch?

This is a famous pirate joke that will cure even the most severe case of scurvy.

49. What does a pirate who skips class get called?

Keep this one in mind for your next fishing trip with the men on the boat.

3 Horrible What Are They Called Jokes

what do you call jokes - bad what do you call jokes

via Helena Lopes / Unsplash

Are you looking for some really terrible jokes to spice up your next road trip? You’ll need these ridiculously terrible jokes since they’re so bad they’re hilarious.

Here are three terrible what-do-you-call-a-joke examples:

50. How do you refer to a phantom reindeer?

Make a game of peek-a-boo with this one, and you’ll be a hit.

What do you call a ghostly reindeer? Cari-boo!.jpg

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51. What do you name a ruler, protractor, and compass that are all in the same place?

Another excellent zinger for the instructors to use to break the ice or just reset the atmosphere.

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Mathematical weapons of mass destruction.

52. How do you refer to a Frenchman wearing sandals?

Have a good time with this rib-tickler that’s perfect for the beach.

How To Choose The Most Effective Joke: “What Do You Call”

what do you call jokes - How To Pick The Best _What Do You Call_ Joke

courtesy of Unsplash / Alexis Brown

Not all jokes are going to work for everyone all of the time. Where can a smart jokester begin with so many distinct kinds of what you call jokes to select from?

Follow these instructions to ensure that you’re on the right road to laughter and not headed towards social catastrophe.

Here’s how to choose the greatest so-called jokes:

1. Make it a point to have a good time.

What Do You Call Jokes - Make sure to have fun

through Zachary Nelson / Unsplash

The delivery of the greatest zingers and one-liners determines how effective they are.

And the greatest way to ensure that a good joke lands is to have a good time telling it. Your audience is far more inclined to join in and have fun with you if you’re having fun.

Choose a category of jokes that appeals to you, and the rest will fall into place.

2. Recognize Your Target Market

What Do You Call Jokes - Know your audience

through Samantha Gades / Unsplash

A room full of pious nuns is definitely not the greatest setting for some hilarious church jokes.

A quiet interlude at a baby’s baptism surrounded by relatives and weekend warrior worshippers, on the other hand, might be the ideal setting for some slightly amusing, tongue-in-cheek blasphemy.

3. Turn off the microphone

what do you call jokes - Drop the Mic

through Panos Sakalakis / Unsplash

Last but not least, when it comes to nailing jokes, one of the most essential principles is to never wait for permission. Either your audience will grasp it or they will not. Either they have a good sense of humor or they don’t. Haters will hate no matter what you do, so don’t give them any more credit than they deserve.

The rest is up to the audience if you pay attention to the first two stages and do your homework.

List of What Do You Call Jokes that may be downloaded and printed

Here’s a collection of What Do You Call Jokes that you can download and print (right-click the picture and choose Save Image As…):


courtesy of Gamertelligence

More Hilarious Jokes

Are you ready for even more hilarious jokes to keep the party going no matter what the situation?

Check out some more hilarious jokes that will keep you entertained for hours.

  1. These tasty geek jokes were overheard at an astronomy club potluck, and they’re hilarious.
  2. With these witty Thanksgiving jokes, the fun will never cease on Turkey Day.
  3. We discovered these rib-tickling shark jokes to make them appear less frightening since we’re afraid of sharks.
  4. With these hilarious workplace jokes, you’ll be the coolest man in the office in no time.
  5. You won’t have to waste time pretending to study the Bible the next time you go to church with these potentially obscene church jokes.

Final Thoughts

A life without humor is just too depressing to contemplate, which is why we need an extensive collection of stupid what do you call jokes. Never allow cranky stick-in-the-mud individuals spoil your day by using these jokes anytime life’s traffic jams or waiting rooms threaten to dampen your wonderful attitude.

Break out a few classic what do you call jokes the next time the good times are fading or you see a buzzkill in your midst to bring life back to the fun zone.

What do you call jokes that are corny, but still funny? is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to this question is corny question jokes.

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