Darkest Dungeon is a game that has been lauded by critics for its unique gameplay, challenging difficulty, and dark atmosphere. The game was originally released on January 19th, 2015 and is now available on Steam. Here are some games like Darkest Dungeon to play if you’re looking for something similar.

The 7 Games Like Darkest Dungeon To Play is a list of games that are similar to the popular RPG game, Darkest Dungeon. These games have received high ratings on Steam and other platforms.

Darkest Dungeon is a gloomy and dark RPG with a side-scrolling squad-based gameplay. The game’s primary goals are looting and dungeon exploration. You lead a group of heroes on quests to rid throttle country of the evil that has afflicted it.

You must manage not just your heroes’ physical willpower but also their mental fortitude as you plunge into the agonizing depths of evil to bring light into it. At times, the heroes may be stronger than their opponents as you kill and destroy these heinous monsters room by room, but eventually, despair and exhaustion will set in.

This game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS, and was created by Red Hook Studios and published by Merge Studios.

This game definitely offers a lot of material and action to the player. Despite the simplicity of the gameplay, the concepts and artwork are compelling enough to keep you playing.

Here are a few games that we think are comparable to Darkest Dungeon in terms of atmosphere.


MISTOVER is a dungeon delver with an RPG concept. Its appeal stems from its gothic elements and gloomy narrative. This game transports you to a planet engulfed in darkness and on the verge of extinction, where you must face the difficulties posed to you while commanding the last vestige of human resistance, the “Corps,” in the battle against the darkness.

Krafton Inc. created this game, which was published on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. With its dark renaissance themes and internal struggle of greed and fulfillment, this game adds a new dimension to the RPG genre, making it more dynamic in its appeal.

As you battle, you’ll find that proper squad placement is more important than greater loot or gear. Remember to place your heroes in such a way that they have greater synergy with one another, no matter how powerful they are. You must keep in mind that your characters only have one life, therefore make every choice count or your Corps will perish in the MISTOVER darkness.

Robothorium (#2)

RobothoriumRobothorium is a turn-based dungeon crawler with a Cyberpunk theme. The tale is set in a future civilization that has mistreated and depended on its robot labor to the point that they have rebelled and started an insurrection. Humans did not take this lightly and reacted quickly by eliminating and killing the robots that had joined the rebellion.

Goblinz Studios, an independent developer, published the game for PC and Switch. This game features basic principles that are easy to pick up, but it also comes with a large armory of upgrades for each kind of unit that not only enhances your troops’ performance but also alters their appearance to make them seem more like a formidable fighting force.

Humans are the antagonists in this game, while you take on the role of S.A.I.A., a strong AI that leads the robot resistance. To better combat the tyrannical humans in Robothorium, assemble a squad of robots to fight for you and attack human installations such as labs and other buildings to obtain new upgrades for your troops.

Vambrace: Cold Soul is the third installment in the Vambrace series.

Vambrace: Cold SoulVambrace: Cold Soul is a roguelike RPG set in a freezing elf punk environment. As Evelia Lyric, you will embark on adventures as you uncover the secrets of this country, ultimately coming face to face with the King of Shades.

Devespresso Games developed the game, which is now available on PC, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. This gothic inspired RPG has a lot going for it, including the ability to walk about freely in town and figure out what to do, such as manufacturing equipment or finding a place to sleep.

The gameplay itself is a side-scrolling turn-based battle in which placement becomes more important as the game continues. The “adventurers” you hire may die in combat and become permanent, but this is not the case with Evelia, who is the only one who knows how to solve the Vambrace’s riddle.

4) The Legend of Keepers: A Dungeon Master’s Career

Legend of KeepersLegend of Keepers is a dungeon management game that puts you in the shoes of a wicked dungeon owner. You’ll be laying traps and hiring minions to do your dirty work, and no dungeon would be complete without a big evil monster to protect your hard-earned treasure from past would-be adventurers who have ventured to enter.

This simple yet fascinating game, developed by Goblinz studios and published as an early access game on Steam and GOG, allows you to spend hours upon hours watching adventurers of all kinds come and attack your house before succumbing to the dangers of your wicked layer.

You’ll be in charge of the management side of things, which is difficult since you’ll want to look after your employees, a.k.a. Allow fallen minions to recover for a few days or enhance their abilities with appropriate job training so that they may more effectively murder the invading heroes. Working with a varied variety of evil creatures, they prefer to work better with those of their own kind, so why not try your hand at dungeon management in Legend of Keepers?

5) Crown of Madness

Mad CrownMad Crown is a Roguelike RPG with a diesel-punk atmosphere in which you play as an adventurer in quest of a legendary crown. You’ll be fighting the denizens of a shattered planet, from robots that have gone mad to mutants that wish to tear or cut you in two, on your journey.

This game, developed by S-Game and now available on Steam, combines dungeon exploration with turn-based combat encounters to give the game a tabletop feel.

You will be in charge of a group of adventurers who will assist you in your quest for the Mad Crown, and the items you discover as you battle and explore will greatly increase the odds of your party succeeding, but keep in mind that death in the search for the Mad Crown is permanent.


WARSAWWARSAW is a tactical role-playing game set during WWII in the same-named captured Polish city. You’ll be selecting your heroes and leading a bunch of war-torn people in resistance to the Axis forces invading your beautiful city.

This game, developed by Pixelated Milk and available on Steam, allows you to command a militia force in the axis-occupied Warsaw. Each character has a unique backstory, giving the game a lot more complexity and distinguishing it from other turn-based strategy games.

As you free yourself and the city of Warsaw, it will be critical to manage your resources to keep your troops alive and ready to defend themselves with medical equipment and repurposed weaponry as you drive back the Axis forces.

Iratus, Lord of the Dead (#7)

Iratus: Lord of the DeadThe game Iratus: Lord of the Dead takes place in a gloomy fantasy world. In this turn-based strategic role-playing game, you take control of an evil necromancer who commands an army of undead hell-bent on destroying or eradicating all mortal life.

The game, developed by Unfrozen and accessible on PC and Mac, allows you to command your zombie troops to inflict pain or terror, with certain stronger soldiers capable of both.

The game’s progression is easy to grasp yet difficult to master. Leveling up the appropriate creatures and increasing Iratus’s strength so that he may summon a variety of horrors and death devices. Death of your minions would not be a problem in this game since they are already dead and disposable.

Last Thoughts

Darkest Dungeon faces stiff competition from this list of games, either in terms of design or concepts. In terms of gameplay, these games share certain elements but are otherwise very distinct.

Whether it’s dungeon delving or hunting down mortals, each of these games has its own set of positives and negatives that we suggest you check out for yourself whether you like dark gothic fantasy adventurers, Sci-Fi resistance leaders, or just wish to be the game’s bad guy. These games will undoubtedly pique your attention.

Do you enjoy our selection of games that are similar to Darkest Dungeon?

This list takes a long time to compile.

As a result, we anticipate your feedback in order to appreciate our efforts. Please tell us which of the aforementioned titles, such as Darkest Dungeon, has piqued your interest the most.

The games like darkest dungeon android is a game that has been met with great success. It’s also one of the most popular games on steam right now. Darkest Dungeon offers an experience unlike any other, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I play after Darkest Dungeon?

If you enjoy the dungeon crawling gameplay, then I would recommend getting into the roguelike genre. Games like The Binding of Isaac and FTL: Faster Than Light are both excellent examples of this type of game and will provide hours upon hours of fun for you.

What kind of game is Darkest Dungeon?

Darkest Dungeon is a turn-based RPG game set in the dungeons of a dark and twisted gothic/Victorian era.

Is Darkest Dungeon hard to play?

Darkest Dungeon is a challenging game that requires players to use their wits and strategy to survive.

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