This is a guide to the tasks that can be done in Among Us MIRA HQ.

The among us mira hq map guide is a map that will show the location of all tasks for Among Us MIRA HQ.

MIRA HQ is the second map in Among Us, and it takes place high in the sky. MIRA, a recurring business, owns the facility.

The crewmates opted to spend some time at MIRA Headquarters after a lengthy voyage aboard The Skeld. There aren’t as many Impostors as there used to be.

Room Name Tasks Room Code
Launchpad Engines should be fueled, diagnostics should be run, and power should be diverted. 01
Medbay Submit a scan, and power will be diverted. 02
Communication Power Shift 03
Changing Rooms Wiring should be repaired. 04
Decontamination 05
Office Power is being diverted, and data is being processed. 06
Admin Fill in the ID Code, Shields of Prime Quality, Set a Plan of Action, Power Shift 07
Balcony Asteroids must be cleared, and weather must be measured. 08
Cafeteria Purchase a beverage, divert power, and dispose of garbage 09
Hallway Wiring should be repaired. 10
Laboratory Sort the samples, put the artifact together, turn off the power, and reconnect the wires. 11
Reactor Manifolds must be unlocked, the reactor must be started, and power must be diverted. 12
Storage Water Plants, Repair Wiring 13

1) The launching platform


Until the first emergency meeting, it is the initial spawn location for players. It’s where the crew’s spacecraft, as well as numerous crates, a diagnostic computer, and another device for filling the engines, are docked. It features a vent in the top left corner that connects to the rest of the vents on the Mira HQ map.


  • Engines that run on gasoline
  • Diagnostics should be run
  • Power Shift

2) MedBay


It features a scanner as well as a vent in the middle of two beds.


3) Interactions


It is from here that signals from other MIRA spacecraft are received by the base. It is equipped with many radios and a computer that acts as a sensor to direct people’s movement in the region.


4) The Locker


It’s where the team changes their clothing. There are numerous lockers and a seat, as well as a pipe leading to disinfection beneath the door.


5) Contamination removal


Before proceeding to the hallway that links the Reactor and the Laboratory, the crew members are decontaminated here. It comprises of an isolated chamber with yellow flooring and flashing black floors, as well as vaporisers and two doors that players may open by pushing the side button. When they walk in, the door shuts, the room fills with steam, and the other door opens.

No Tasks

6) Office


It’s across from admin, near the end of the North Hallway. It’s in the map’s top left corner. In the top left corner, there is a vent. There are ways to repair communications sabotage there.


7) Admin


The Greenhouse’s admin area is situated underneath it.


  • Prime Shields
  • Chart Course
  • Power Shift
  • Enter ID Code

8) Access to the balcony


The MIRA HQ has a balcony at the bottom and a vent in the center between the two entrances.


  • Asteroids that are clear
  • Calculate the Weather

Cafeteria No. 9


The Cafeteria is smaller than its predecessor and is situated in the right corridor. It’s also close to the Storage and the Balcony, and the tables are light brown and cubic rather than round. The emergency button is on the left table, and there is a vent at the door.


  • Purchase Beverage
  • Power Shift
  • Garbage cans that have been emptied

10) Entrance hall


The corridor is Y-shaped, with door log sensors at each exit. There is a vent on the bottom right.


11) Workplace


The Laboratory is a midsize chamber situated after the decontamination hallway across the Reactor. It has a vent that is directly linked to the decontamination hallway, the Reactor, and the Office.


  • Sorting the Samples
  • Artifact Assemble
  • Power Shift
  • WIring should be fixed.

Reactor (12)


The reactor is linked to the Laboratory, which houses a huge laser-emitting reactor with a claw (which can change colour if the reactor is sabotaged). Crewmates must first go through Decontamination before proceeding to the reactor. Below, on the left, there is a vent.


  • Manifolds must be unlocked.
  • Reactor should be started.
  • Divert Power

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The among us vent map skeld is a guide that will show you how to complete the Among Us MIRA HQ Map Tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do all tasks in Mira HQ among us?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

What is the common task on MIRA HQ?

The common tasks on MIRA HQ are to complete missions for the company.

Are there cameras in the Mira HQ map?

There are no cameras in the Mira HQ map.

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