Polus is a new map-based game that has been getting a lot of attention from players. The player’s goal is to explore and complete tasks on the map without dying.

The polus map among us tasks is a guide that has been created for the game, Among Us. It provides information on how to complete each task in the game.

The third map in Among Us, Polus (also known as the Polus Outpost), is situated on the planet Polus as a planetary outpost.

Man the mission to the Polus research facility. A world far distant from any potential Impostors.


  • A huge planet base that is bigger than any of the preceding maps.
  • There are now 12 additional tasks to complete!
  • A one-of-a-kind security system!
  • New door mechanisms have been installed!
  • There’s a bathroom! (not in the correct sequence)

Room Name Tasks Room Code
Dropship Insert Keys, Chart Course 01
Electrical Fix the wiring and download the data 02
Exterior Temperatures are being recorded, weather nodes are being repaired, and engines are being fueled. 03
Office Download information, scan boarding passes, swipe cards, repair wiring, and replace the water jug 04
O2 Canisters should be filled., Garbage cans that have been emptied, Repair Wiring, Data to be uploaded, Tree of Observation 05
Admin 06
Room with the Boiler Water Jugs Should Be Replaced, and Waterways Should Be Opened 07
Communications Wifi should be restarted, and data should be uploaded. 08
Decontamination Wiring should be repaired. 09
Laboratory Repair the weather node, record the temperature, repair the drill, repair the wiring, submit the scan, inspect the sample, and align the telescope 10
Medbay Scan and inspect the sample 11
Nodes Weather Node should be fixed. 12
Security Wires must be repaired, and power must be diverted. 13
Room of Specimens Start the reactor, save your artifacts, upload your data, and unlock the manifolds. 14
Storage Engines that run on gasoline 15
Weapons Asteroids must be cleared, and data must be uploaded. 16

1) Shipment via dropship


The Dropship is the primary spawn location for players when they first enter the game, and it functions similarly to The Skeld’s ship in that it acts as a lobby for players before they enter the game. There are no boxes or other items in the room, just a door that might go to the pilot. Two gas tanks are located next to the engines.


2) Power supply


At the top-left corner of the map, there is an upside-down L-shaped chamber called Electrical. The real electrical equipment is housed in an external portion. The vent is located underneath that. It has a door leading outdoors on the top-right, a door leading to O2 on the bottom, and a doorway leading to Security on the top-left.


3) Outside


The Office’s right exit, complete with a lava pit and numerous climatic module pilasters, among other things. The new method for The Impostor to be booted out of the location and hurled into the lava pit is via the use of lava.


  • Temperature Record
  • Weather Nodes must be repaired.
  • Engines that run on gasoline

4) Office


After a conversation, participants will spawn in the Office, which is attached to the Administration and includes various items such as a gallon of water, an IQ, and so on. A vent may be found adjacent to the Office’s left entrance.


  • Data may be downloaded
  • Scanning the Boarding Pass
  • Card Swipe
  • Wiring should be repaired.
  • Water Jug should be replaced.

5) O2


O2 is a tiny chamber near Security on the left-hand side of the map. There are two chores on the inside: a vent and a tree. Monitoring the Tree is one of the duties, while Uploading Data is another. On the right-hand side of the room, there is a window that is not transparent.


  • Empty Garbage
  • Wiring should be repaired.
  • Data to be uploaded
  • Monitor Tree
  • Fill Canisters

6) Admin


A tiny room beside the Office’s Discussion Table and a Decontamination Elevator is designated as Admin. The table to summon the ability is visible at Admin, as is the DvD logo on a screen.

No Tasks

7) A Boiler Room is a room that is used to heat water.


The Boiler Chamber is a room that is completely surrounded by oxygen. It contains a lot of cables on the walls and a water jug on the left that is used to accomplish the Water Jug should be replaced. Task. The Open Waterway Task requires the usage of two waterways that lead to a water pool.


  • Replace Water Jug
  • Waterways that are accessible

8) Interactions


Weapons are close to Communication. It’s a tiny room with a little table and a large screen for uploading data, as well as a WiFi Panel on the left to Reboot Wifi after the task is completed.


9) Contamination removal


Min, as well as in the laboratory. It’s an elevator that works similarly to its Mira HQ counterpart. The doors to the Specimen Room swing open.


10) In the laboratory


On Polus, the Laboratory is a large chamber with many smaller rooms. The primary laboratory area, which houses many activities, is located in the center. Bathrooms are located immediately below, with a vent inside one of the stalls that leads straight outdoors and indirectly into the office. The weather station and the laser drill pod are both on the left. Each has many duties linked to the left entrance to the labs, which is located just underneath them. A camera is installed outside the entrance and the drill pod. A tiny Medbay with a scanner may be seen on the right. The top decontamination room, which connects to the Specimen Room, is just below (whose door faces the toilets).


  • Weather Node should be fixed.
  • Temperature Record
  • Drill for Repair
  • Wiring should be repaired.
  • Scan and submit
  • Examine the Sample
  • Telescope Alignment

MedBay (#11)


MedBay is a medium-sized room referenced exclusively in the duties. The Laboratory, on the other hand, encompasses it. It has a scanner as well as hospital beds. There seems to be a table adjacent to the beds. It also includes two tasks.


  • Scan and submit
  • Examine the Sample

12) Nodes


Dark blue cones on metal cylinders, encircled by turquoise circles, make up the nodes. On the map, there are a total of six weather nodes. The majority of the nodes are close to openings, providing Impostors with a convenient reason to be near them.


13) Safety and security


The Security room is a small chamber on the map’s top left side. It includes a computer screen on which you may see cameras.

No Tasks

Specimen Room (nineteenth)


The Specimen Room is at the map’s bottom right corner. To get there, you must first go via one of the tiny Decontamination rooms in either Admin or the Laboratory, then go down a long empty corridor. The room has windows that allow you to view outside from within.


  • Reactor should be started.
  • Artifacts must be stored
  • Data to be uploaded
  • Manifolds must be unlocked.

Storage (number 15)


Storage is a tiny, completely separated room with just a gallon of gasoline and a few boxes, as well as a hole that connects to the ones in the Office and near Communications. At the bottom of the structure, there is a glass that allows you to see both inside and outside storage.


Weapons (16)


It’s a cramped space with just two jobs and no ventilation. It also includes clear asteroids, which is housed in a monitor with a green screen and has a weapon that fires when the Asteroids that are clear job is completed.


  • Clear Asteroids
  • Upload Data

Apart from this guide, please let us know if you’d want us to cover any additional guides connected to the game “Among Us” in the comments area. That is something we are pleased to do for our readers. We’ve also covered a few additional instructions for this game, which you can find in the related articles area below.

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The snowy among us map is a task guide for the Among Us Polus Map that shows you how to complete all tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do tasks in Polus map?

To do tasks in Polus, you must first create a task. You can then ask the bot to help with that task. The bot will give you an answer and tell you how many steps it needs to complete the task for you.

How do you do all tasks in Among Us Polus?

I do not know.

What are common tasks in Polus map?

The tasks in Polus map are to do with the different colors of blocks. There is a task for each color, and you must complete them all before you can move on.

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