Code Vein is a new upcoming game that will be released on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has been wiped out by the “Vein” virus. Players take control of Revenants who are able to fight against the infected with help from their blood infused weapons.

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The long-awaited Code Vein is arguably the most intriguing of all the new PC games coming out. It will be released in 2019, and it will fulfill the desires of fans of post-apocalyptic hellscapes, vampires, and action adventure games.

Whether you’re not sure if this is the game for you, beyond your love of vampire tales set amid the turmoil of societal collapse, we’ve put up an introduction to help you figure out if you’re up for all the blood-drinking, monster-hunting, world-saving excitement.

What Is Code Vein and How Does It Work?

what is code vein

BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc. through BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc.

It’s an action video game set after civilization has crumbled. You’d think that such a disaster would result in tragedy scraping by with desperate individuals, but you’d be mistaken. Because vampires and monsters reign in this ruined planet. Which is a far more appealing method for the world to come to an end.

Certain warriors have become semi-vampires in order to defend the few surviving humans. They consume blood (which you get from the creatures you kill) in return for incredible abilities.

While there are many members of the Vein tribe, you play a character who seems to be the key to more than just fending off the Lost (those who have completely changed into monsters), perhaps rescuing the last of humanity.

There is no such thing as pressure.

The game consists of one-on-one fighting with the help of an AI-controlled partner. These companions may be swapped out, and their talents can be altered and improved, enabling you to move between complimentary abilities at any time throughout the game. You’ll also receive skill improvements, a plethora of weaponry, and a variety of things to let you personalize and plan your gameplay.

The game has a fun anime vibe to it, and it includes a lot of tough combat to make the game hard as you battle to rescue your people while learning about your character’s previous mysteries.

On PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, the game will be accessible.

What Is Code Vein and How Do I Play It?

how to play code vein (1)

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Okay, you’re curious. Tough hand-to-hand combat with monsters, vampires, dark secrets, and a nightmarish plot should be enough to get you to pick up a copy when it is released.

But how are you going to go about doing it? What should you remember before you begin to ensure that you don’t spend time roaming the half-abandoned planet, hungry for blood?

We’ve also got you covered here. Simply follow these measures to make your war against the dark forces a success.

The following are the instructions for playing Code Vein:

1. Create a character

set up your character

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Designing your character ahead of time is a lot of fun and a game in and of itself, regardless of how simple or tough the game is. You have a lot of control over the character you play during the game, much as in a lot of contemporary RPGs.

This includes deciding on sex, physical appearance, clothing, and more in Code Vein. You may spend hours dressing up until you discover the ideal persona for you.

Again, this has no effect on your game play, so go ahead and spend as much time as you like, but don’t waste another minute on it once it’s no longer entertaining. Get straight into the game after you’ve found a character you like.

Step 2: Familiarize Yourself with Your Spells and Weapons

Get a feel for your spells and weapons

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In many respects, Code Vein is a standard hack-and-slash one-on-one combat game. Slaying your enemies requires a lot of swords and spells, as well as fast mobility. Despite this, the game is still very difficult.

To combat this, you’ll want to spend some time getting accustomed to everything your character can accomplish, especially early on. As you beat up on early enemies, take some time to test out your whole arsenal of attacks, spells, and moves.

Early on in the game, you’ll also acquire several new weaponry. As you get them, try them out to see which ones perform best for your game play.

Certain equipment will also assist you extract the blood your character needs to start going, so understanding how that works up front will be very beneficial as you go through the game.

The more freedom you allow yourself to make errors and explore new possibilities early on, the more at ease you’ll be when the first bosses arrive to put you to the test.

3. Concentrate on the Blood

focus on the blood

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This game is probably not for you if you’re afraid of blood. When you kill a member of the Lost who is prowling about you, blood isn’t simply going to spatter. Blood is also required to complete the game.

Blood, in particular, is how you’ll acquire the skill and strength improvements you’ll need to level up as the game progresses.

So, above and above any other considerations, you must ensure that you are receiving as much blood as possible, whenever possible.

As the monsters get more powerful and the tasks become more difficult, you’ll be glad you took the time to destroy a few more of the early creatures lurking about, absorbing that valuable life energy that enabled you to prepare for the tougher challenges ahead.

4. Make the most of your assistant

Use your assistant to your advantage

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Your helper is also an essential part of your battling and planning. It’s easy to overlook this handy ally at your side, especially when the AI does all of the combat for you. At the same time, you may not believe you need them right now.

However, establishing a positive working connection from the start will make things much simpler in the future. Set how much your helper recovers and attacks, and get to know when you want them to take the lead and when you want them to stay in the background.

You’ll be able to modify your assistant’s abilities once you get back to home base, so play around with it and have a good idea of what your helper is capable of. Because the game is so tough, your success will likely be determined by how effectively you’ve trained your assistant to assist you.

While you may feel strategically restricted in this game (in comparison to, example, many RPGs), the way you handle your helper offers you that additional bit of gaming freedom. Make use of it.

5. Travel Around the World

explore the world

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You will be able to explore an open universe in Code Vein. If you’ve ever played an RPG with an open world, you’ll know that the whole point of having an open world is to explore it.

As you explore about, you’ll undoubtedly come upon side missions, very difficult monsters, strong weapons, and more. So, instead of racing to the end of the tale, take some time to truly get to know what the universe has to offer.

Aside from the obvious advantages to the gaming experience, the environment in this game is stunning to look at, and the creatures are both horrifying and lovely. That makes deviating from the path and seeking out a new challenge in the distance all the more appealing.

6. Be ready for intelligent monsters.

Prepare for smart monsters

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Despite the fact that this is a hack-and-slash game, you will be employing a lot of strategy. We’ve previously shown how maximizing the utility of your AI-controlled assistant may make a significant difference in how far you go.

Aside from that, you’ll need to be able to accommodate the game’s intelligent creatures. Because these creatures are typically preoccupied with other bad deeds when you arrive, being covert may offer you a significant edge.

When they learn about you, though, they’ll swiftly organize and collaborate to make your life as miserable as possible. A big part of the enjoyment is figuring out how to approach and battle these baddies. You may either charge in with spells blazing and wipe them out all at once, or you can sneak up on them and kill them assassin-style.

It’s entirely up to you, but as the game continues, you may discover that one approach is more successful than the other.

7. Make Use Of Our Vein Code Guide

use our code vein guide

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Aside from the story’s appeal, this game is obviously enjoyable to play. However, we can clearly see how tough it will be to advance in the game. While the combat mechanism seems to be easy, the game promises a variety of challenges.

The bosses are formidable foes. The monsters aren’t much better. You’re going to need some assistance to get through this violent, bloodthirsty game.

But don’t worry, assistance is on the way. Our Code Vein guide will provide you with all of the necessary information to prepare for the challenges ahead. We can assist you with quenching your desire for blood, discovering and utilizing the finest weapons, maximizing your companion, and navigating the narrative and side missions.

You can conquer whatever the world’s horrors have in store for you and your character if you have the guidance.

More Exciting Game Options

Working as a post-apocalyptic vampire monster fighter may consume a significant amount of your spare time. When you need a break, though, we have all the information you need on all the other fantastic games available. Just have a look at these games:

  1. Switch to the new Devil May Cry 5, where you’ll hack and slash your way through some fantastic demon combat.
  2. In the long-awaited Crackdown 3, take down terrorists, combat corruption, and rescue the planet.
  3. In Doom Eternal, the newest installment in the Doom series, shoot down all of Hell’s devils.


It may be difficult for a game to gain much notice these days, especially with so many excellent new PC games coming out (such as those mentioned above). Despite this, there isn’t a game on the horizon that is attracting greater interest than Code Vein.

That makes sense to us since Code Vein has so many positive attributes. Fighting is difficult, the narrative is fascinating, the animation is stunning and unique, and the game is just enjoyable.

Struggling to go anywhere, dying again and over, and failing to get the game and the narrative going is much less enjoyable. With the foregoing knowledge, you should be able to determine more than just how excellent this game is; you should also be able to determine how to begin making actual progress and advancing toward the disclosure of all the game’s intriguing mysteries.

So don’t put it off any longer. Get the game as soon as it’s out, and start honing your fangs so you’ll be ready to rescue the planet.

Code Vein is a new game that has been released for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It is a vampire RPG with an interesting combat system. The metacritic score of this game is 87% on the PS4 and 85% on the Xbox One. Reference: code vein metacritic.

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