Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer is a new event that players can participate in, and the Prismatic Lenses are a new item that players can unlock. Here’s how to get them.

What Are Prismatic Lenses and How Do They Work?

Prismatic Lenses are unlocked equipment that enable players to create a variety of Focused Umbral Engrams at H.E.L.M. during or after certain seasons.

To construct a Focused Umbral Engram, each of the Prismatic Lenses only has to be unlocked once.

To acquire Prismatic Lenses, players will need to complete various activities, which will improve their chances of getting particular gear.

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Season 14 Prismatic Lenses: How Do I Unlock Them?

Season of the Splicer Prismatic Lenses may be found in the Triumphs portion of the game under Season of the Splicer Prismatic Lenses.

To unlock particular Focused Umbral Engram Options, each of the Lenses will need you to complete objectives or use a specific weapon.

You may check on your progress with these Triumphs at any moment, and you can even track them if you want to concentrate on getting them unlocked.

The Splicer Prismatic Lenses Seasons List

To unlock Focused Umbral Engrams, you must finish all 18 Season of the Splicer Prismatic Lenses presently available.

Season of the Splicer Prismatic Lenses are as follows:

  • Splicer Regalia (Finish the quest “Beneath The Great Machine”)
  • Armory of the Splicer (Complete following objective to unlock)
  • Armory of the Splicer Captain (Defeat enemies with Auto Rifles or Grenade Launchers)
  • Armory of Splicer Vandal (Defeat enemies with Sidearms or Pulse Rifles)
  • Kell’s Armory, Splicer (Defeat enemies with Machine Guns or Shotguns)
  • Knives (Defeat enemies with Swords)
  • Archive of the Sol System (Complete Patrols)
  • Quite a shot (Complete Heroic Public Events)
  • Shock Trooper is a kind of shock trooper (Complete Lost Sectors)
  • Armory of the FWC (Complete following objective to unlock)
  • Favored Arms of the FWC (Defeat enemies with Auto Rifles, Grenade Launchers or Scout Rifles)
  • Close Range FWC (Defeat enemies with Shotguns, Sidearms or Submachine Guns)
  • Discipline of the Splicer (Defeat enemies with grenade ability)
  • Intellect of the Splicer (Use Super to defeat enemies)
  • Mobility of the Splicer (Gather Decrypted Data)
  • Recover Splicer (Gather Ether)
  • (Defeat opponents in Override/Expunge) Splicer Resilience
  • Strength of the Splicer (Defeat enemies with melee attacks)

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Once players have acquired the Prismatic Lenses via Triumphs, they may produce Season of the Splicer Focused Umbral engrams.

You may utilize Prismatic Lenses to produce Focused Umbral Engrams with each regular Umbral Engram you have after unlocking them.

Players have a high probability of obtaining Umbral Engrams throughout seasons, making it simple for them to complete a set and farm for the rolls they like.

The how to get prismatic lenses destiny 2 is a guide for how to unlock the Season of the Splicer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get prismatic lenses?

Prismatic lenses are a type of lens that is capable of refracting light in different colors. They can be found at most optical stores and online.

How do you unlock lenses on prismatic Recaster?

There are two ways to unlock lenses on Prismatic Recaster. The first way is by completing the game and getting all of the trophies. The second way is by purchasing them with in-game currency or real money.

How do you unlock the season of the splicer engrams?

The season of the splicer engrams is unlocked by completing all the levels in a single playlist.

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