The Devils’ Lair Strike in Destiny 2 is one of the game’s most challenging missions. This guide will walk you through all the steps to complete it.

The devils’ lair strike destiny 2 is a walkthrough for the Strike Mission in Destiny 2. It will give you an overview of the mission, as well as detailed instructions on how to complete it.

  • Strike mission type (Cooperative Matchmaking)
  • Location: Earth, Old Russia
  • Strike lasts 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Size of Fireteam: 1-3 Players

The Fallen are a formidable foe, and failing to address this threat may jeopardize the Cosmodrome’s survival.

To find the Devil’s Lair, you and your fireteam will have to explore under the remains of the Cosmodrome.

To defeat them, your squad will have to travel deep beyond an ancient colony shipwreck to locate the lair and put a stop to a machine god.

Objectives of the StrikeD2TDL15421-2

Sepiks Prime may be found (Part 1)

You’ve been assigned the job of tracking down Sepiks Prime, and you’ll begin the assignment at the Rocketyard outside the Cosmodrome.

Get in your Sparrow and drive to the waypoint, or walk there and kill opponents on the way.

To save time, you may bypass most of the opponents in this section and instead go directly towards the waypoint.

Remove the Warring Fallen and Hive from the game.


You’ll come across Fallen and Hive troops as you pursue the waypoint, giving you the option of being surprised or waiting for one side to wind down.

Take down any remaining Fallen and Hive opponents you come across and continue on your journey to the waypoint.

You may either wait until the opponents to kill each other off or charge in and catch the Fallen off guard, allowing you to finish the Hive troops.

Sepiks Prime may be found (Part 2)

When you get to your waypoint after killing the opponents in the crossfire, you’ll find that there are numerous Hive troops.

Continue fighting your way through the adversaries as you hunt for Sepiks Prime at the waypoint.

Deactivate the security measures that have failed.


After you’ve fought your way past the adversaries, you’ll come across a series of Fallen Security Measures that will obstruct your progress.

To deactivate them, you must engage with the gadget at the end of the section, which Ghost will assist you with via hacking.

When you interact with the Fallen Security Measures gadget, Ghost will begin the hacking process, but you must be vigilant.

Ghost must be protected.

As Ghost begins to breach the Security Measures, you will have to battle numerous waves of adversaries in order to advance.

As Ghost proceeds to breach the Fallen Security Measures, you’ll have to fight three different types of adversaries.

Ghost will not die, but the attackers will continue to swarm your fireteam. You and your squad may take positions or just defend the area.

Sepiks Prime may be found (Part 3)


Continue through the facility and follow the waypoint once Ghost has completed compromising the security mechanisms.

You’ll arrive at a facility where you’ll have to go through The Blast (Restricted Zone), which is home to many Fallen foes.

As you get closer to the waypoint, you’ll run across a few opponents, including two Brigs and a Walker, who you’ll have to battle your way through.

The Walker and other Fallen troops seemed to be defending the entrance to Devils’ Lair (as spelt ingame), as Ghost dubbed it.

Sepiks Prime must be eliminated.


Inside the lair, you’ll encounter Sepiks Prime, and battle will begin right once, but you’ll have to be cautious since Fallen foes will be assisting it.

There will be times when Sepiks Prime is invulnerable, and you must avoid its assaults while destroying the other Fallen foes.

After receiving damage, Sepiks Prime will teleport out of battle and restart the process of summoning Fallen foes to attack you.

Because there are so many barriers to hide behind, you should be able to easily avoid the boss’s assaults, defeat the spawn, and complete the task.

Sepiks Prime will become invulnerable when its Servitors (Unyielding Servitors) are summoned, and you must eliminate them before inflicting further damage to Sepiks Prime.

Also, have a look at the other striking walkthroughs listed below.


  • Taking advantage of the Fallen and Hive opponents fighting will make things simpler, and killing them as soon as possible will allow you to progress.
  • Sepiks Prime possesses a lethal close-range assault in which it shoots Vortex energy at you or your fireteam, killing you in a single hit.
  • To win the boss battle, maintain your distance from Sepiks Prime and its Servitors and inflict damage from afar.

When you shoot Sepiks Prime in the eye, you may inflict Precision Damage to it, which causes it to suffer more damage each second.


You will have secured the protection of the City and the Fallen will be considerably weaker after Sepiks Prime has been destroyed.

Zavala, on the other hand, warns you that you must be alert since the Fallen are cunning and may devise more nefarious schemes in the future.

You have restored a balance by destroying Sepiks Prime, preventing the Fallen from gaining an edge over the City for the time being.

The devils lair nightfall destiny 2 is a walkthrough of the Strike mission in Destiny 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do the devils lair strike in Destiny 2?

To do the Devils Lair Strike, you have to jump and then press the melee button.

Where is the Sepiks Prime strike?

The Sepiks Prime strike is located in the center of the map, near the top.

What was discovered at Devils Lair?


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