Destiny 2’s latest strike, “The Hollowed Lair,” is a challenging and rewarding experience. This walkthrough will help players find all the secrets hidden within this strike.

The destiny 2 hollowed lair glitch is a bug that has been present for quite some time. It can be done on the first mission of the game, and will let you skip ahead to the final boss fight.

  • Strike mission type (Cooperative Matchmaking)
  • Tangled Shore is a location in Tangled Shore.
  • Duration of the strike: 20-30 minutes
  • Size of Fireteam: 1-3 Players

Fikrul, The Fanatic is an escaped prisoner who was imprisoned in the Prison of Elders but managed to flee and now lives in hiding.

There have been whispers that Fikrul, The Fanatic, has been resurrected, and you and a squad of two others will need to travel to the Scorn’s hideaway to see whether the rumours are real.

Scorn opponents must be defeated by you and your squad.

Objectives of the Strike

Examine the Reemergence of the Fanatic


You and your squad will arrive at Thieves’ landing and will have to fight against Scorn soldiers in the area indicated by a waypoint for a brief period of time.

You and your squad will begin to hear The Fanatic mocking you and ordering his army to murder you throughout the early stages of the missions.

You and your squad will go towards the source of the Fanatic’s broadcast after you’ve realized he’s reappeared.

Make Room for You


If you keep walking towards the waypoint, you’ll arrive at Quitter’s Well, where you and your squad must clear the way through hostile troops.

Along with the Scorn soldiers, you’ll have to defeat a Scorn Walker, which is identical to the Walker you fought when you first entered the Cosmodrome.

The Fanatic will continue ranting about Cayde-6 after killing the walker, and how he deserved to die for what he did to the fanatic.

Examine the Reemergence of the Fanatic (Part 2)

After the Scorn Walker is defeated, a barrier will fall, and you’ll have to battle your way through Quitter’s Well through Scorn opponents.

After that, you and your squad will come across a region with a barrier obstructing your way, which will need you to activate two counterweights nearby.

Defeat the Hand of Vengeance


When the gate is unlocked, an adversary known as The Vengeful Hand, who resembles an Ogre, will stroll through the barrier that emerges.

You and your squad must fight The Vengeful Hand in order to travel through the tunnel and tear down the barrier.

Seek out the fanatic.

Continue along the tunnel after fighting The Vengeful Hand, passing across the platforms on your way to the waypoint in pursuit of The Fanatic.

A Wanted adversary may emerge during this portion of the quest, and you may take it out as you travel through this location.

Defeat the zealot


After passing down a lengthy hallway, you will reach the boss battle location, where you will face the Fanatic.

The Fanatic will battle with numerous Scorn soldiers, and you and your squad will have to deal with them all at the same time.

While battling The Fanatic, he will sometimes utilize his tether ability to draw you and your fireteam towards him, and you must inflict damage to him, especially Precision Damage, to escape.

The Fanatic will teleport behind a barrier throughout the battle and call soldiers, who you must kill before he teleports back in.

Keep an eye out for the Fanatic’s assaults and continue to inflict damage to him after the lesser foes have been eliminated.

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  • The Fanatic is a strong monster that uses electrical abilities to inflict harm on his victims, thus armor that resists Arc damage is recommended.
  • When The Fanatic is dragging you and your squad towards him, it’s preferable to aim for his head, although skills and grenades may also negate the pull.
  • Wrath of the Scorned, which spawn in Scorn soldiers and inflict Arc damage in an area, should be avoided.


After you and your squad have battled The Fanatic for a long time and dealt enough damage to beat him, he will fall to his death and a chest will emerge.

Fikrul, The Fanatic will once again be down, but this will not last long since, because to his resurrection powers, he will soon rise again.

Once you and your squad have killed the Fanatic, the task will be completed.

The hollowed lair nightfall rotation 2021 is a strike in Destiny 2. It takes place at the end of a raid and it’s recommended that you have completed all previous strikes before attempting this one.

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