Subnautica is a survival game that takes place in a vast underwater world. The player must explore, build and survive in this alien environment. It’s been praised for its realistic water physics and impressive graphics.

Below Zero is a game that has been released on the Google Play Store. It is similar to Subnautica, but it features new gameplay and graphics. There are many other games like Subnautica to play, such as The Long Dark and Pillars of Eternity.

Unknown Worlds Entertainment’s Subnautica is an underwater first-person survival game. You may play the game in four distinct modes: Survival, Freedom, Hardcore, and Creative. You may begin playing by choosing one of the modes.

  • Your spaceship, dubbed “Aurora,” will crash-land on a hazardous alien ocean planet in this scenario. You must keep track of your oxygen, thirst, health, and hunger. If you die again while playing this game, you will return, but with very few things in your inventory.
  • Freedom — It’s the same as Survival, but you don’t have to worry about hunger or thirst.
  • Hardcore — It’s basically a single-life Survival mode. There will be no oxygen level warnings, and you will not be able to respawn.
  • Constraints such as food, mortality, oxygen, and pressure are removed in this phase.

The goal of this game is to survive in the water by gathering the necessary oxygen and other materials. Once the oxygen level falls below a certain level, the player will perish.

In the water, the player may make various tools and weapons. Beautiful adventure, scary sharks, and difficult obstacles await the player. It’s one of the finest solo games that has lately been published.

Check out some of the games that are similar to Subnautica below:

1) Deeply Stranded

  • The game’s story revolves on an aircraft accident in the Pacific Ocean, and you must rescue yourself using the materials available.
  • Start with the construction materials and locate an island to build a shelter on, or use them to build a raft to cross the ocean.
  • You may collect materials for crafting using the various harvesting tools.
  • Health, hunger, thirst, and sleep will be major limitations in this game.

2) The Long, Dark Night

  • The player, who is a crash-landed bush pilot, lands in the freezing Canadian wilderness in this game. After the Geostorm, you must battle for your life.
  • You may have difficulties in managing the surroundings, which will be characterized by increased cold, hunger, thirst, and tiredness. There are two game modes: Story and Survival.

3) Raft

  • To begin the game, you will be on a rickety raft. There is no land in sight, and all you can see is the deep water. Suddenly, the raft tosses you into the deep water, where you must battle for your life against increasing thirst and hunger. To remain alive in the game, all you have to do is construct a floating house that will assist you in your survival.

4) The Woods

  • Eric LeBlanc (Father) and Timmy are the two main characters in this game (Son). The players take control of Eric, who is searching for his son Timmy, who has gone missing in the thick Peninsula forest after an aircraft accident. During their quest in the wilderness, the players must ensure their own survival.
  • The players will face many obstacles in the jungle, and they must overcome them by building shelters, locating food, and constructing the necessary equipment for survival, as well as encountering mutants at night.

5) Astroneer is a kind of astronomer who studies the stars.

  •  Your ultimate objective as a player in this game should be to clone other planets, mine resources, and build buildings.
  •  You will play as an astroneer in this game. Every planet in this game has its own set of difficulties. Passage is possible by spacecraft, rover, or foot.

The games like subnautica xbox one are games that are similar to Subnautica. These games have a similar gameplay style and can be played on the Xbox One platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I play if I like Subnautica?

If you like Subnautica, then I recommend playing the game called The Long Dark.

Are there games like Subnautica?

There are many games like Subnautica. You can find them on the Steam store or in our game library.

What is the best Subnautica game?

The best Subnautica game is the original, but if you want to play a new one, it would be SubnauticBelow Zero.

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