Ghostrunner is a first-person, single player game that allows the player to explore an abandoned city and solve puzzles. The game has been praised for its immersive world and puzzle design, but some players have found it frustrating because of the lack of guidance. This article will provide tips for those players looking to maximize their experience with the game.

The ghostrunner collectibles guide is a blog post that includes information on all the collectibles in Ghostrunner.

The ghostrunner achievement guide steam is a game that has recently been released. It is an action platformer where you control a ghost to run through levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ghostrunner easy to platinum?

Ghostrunner is not easy to platinum. It does, however, have a high amount of replayability due to its randomly generated levels and the ability to swap between 3 different characters

How long does it take to get Ghostrunner platinum?

It takes around 20 hours to get the platinum.

Is Ghostrunner difficult?

It is difficult, but not too difficult.

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