Ghostrunner is a game that requires you to run, jump, and dodge enemies in the dark. This guide will teach you how to defeat your enemies with ease.

The ghostrunner bomb enemies is a guide that will teach you how to combat enemies in the game.

A semi-in-depth tutorial on how to effectively fight the game’s many adversaries.

Guy with a Pistol

Simple enough; he fires once every (approximately) second and a half; simply narrow the distance and swing, but don’t run into his bullets.

Orb of Protection

Okay, you’ll want to grab them first since they make the monsters inside resistant to your regular sword attack and can only be destroyed by using an ability on them (not including Overlord). Instead, park out to wherever it is and bonk it once, then continue playing the level normally.

Man with a Machine Gun

If you hear him firing, don’t even engage; unless you utilize tempest or blink, you’ll perish. Instead, circle him until he stops firing, then close the distance and kill him. When he’s with friends, he’ll shout to them that he’s reloading, which helps a little.

Sluggers are a kind of baseball player (Melee Punch Guys)

These creatures have two primary attacks: a leaping lunge assault and a lunging punch attack if you get too near. Simply dodge to the side or back as they leap, and you should be OK. However, they will rush at you if you are wall running, so be cautious. Isn’t it likely that the lunging punch assault can be parried? I’m not sure; I simply swerve to avoid being hit.

Man with a Shield

So these guys looked at Rainbow Six Siege’s Blackbeard and thought, “I can do better.” They have a half circle encompassing their front half of their body, which they can fire through but not swing through. Utilize the bullet time gained by sprinting through the air to circle around them and destroy them. Also, they only fire three rounds before reloading, but the reload is fast, so be cautious near them.

The Robots on the Walking Laser Line

Okay, when I first saw this monster around the corner, I thought it was going to kill me, but don’t worry, it’s not that difficult. It takes your location and range into consideration whenever it flashes, and attempts to fire a line of lasers at you, so either dodge under it or dodge over it. You’re probably going to die if you don’t dodge. Oh, and if you’re far enough away, you can just dash+slide to get a lot of speed and then just bonk it. You may also use tempest to return all of the lasers to it.

Wardens are those who are in charge of looking after the (Katana Guys)

They’re like something out of Kill Bill; they’re total wusses. Simply wait for the red flash and strike at them as they rush at you. When the flash occurs, go closer to them to make the timing simpler. They may, however, miss, so if you dodge, you have a 50/50 chance of surviving.

The Sniper is a fictional character.

Don’t worry about doing this for too long; he only shows up in the city. It’s as simple as that. Just remain under cover. And, like previously, if you need to get to cover fast, just sprint and slide for a lot of speed.


These items are mostly utilized as platforming food, although they may be aggravating to work with. They fire a missile about every three quarters of a second, so just reflect it back at them. If you can’t accomplish it, get to the same height as it and rush into it.

Hel / Ghostrunner rip-off

Simply parry all of her strikes. When her blade glows yellow, you’ll know it’s time to parry. Also, avoid being struck by her surge assaults as you travel from platform to platform.


Because these creatures can’t move, all you have to do is remain out of their line of sight. You will also die in approximately 0.6 seconds if you cross their view, no kidding.

Gremlins (Gremlins)

These creatures aren’t necessary to kill in order to leave a region, so ignore them and stay away. Furthermore, do not melee them; you will die. If you can, use the shuriken power-up to deal with them; nevertheless, they are NOT needed to be killed in order to exit the area. User nopcke13 discovered a new trick: if you use tempest and have the mod that regenerates focus after two or more kills, you can simply wipe them out entirely.

Guys with Teleporting Lasers

These people may be rude, but they’re also pretty straightforward. If the leap power-up is available, use it to target them, or just flank them. However, be wary of the smaller surge missiles they fire; they’re quick.


They’re the only ones with a proper section name, and they’re not even that difficult to dispatch. Simply line up one excellent surge, or overlord one of them, and you’ve eliminated two from the equation, or you’ve killed the main one. Oh, and if you kill the primary one, the others will fade away and vanish.

Note that if you apply the mid-air bullet time effect, all of the fakes will become fully red, while the real will remain normal.

The Final Word

And that’s pretty much it; if there’s anything more, please let me know and I’ll take care of it. Please bear with me while I upload videos to demonstrate how to cope with various adversaries.

Apart from this guide, please let us know if you’d want us to cover any additional guides connected to the game “Ghostrunner” in the comments area. That is something we are pleased to do for our readers. We’ve also covered a few additional instructions for this game, which you can find in the related articles area below.

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The ghostrunner splitter is a guide that will teach you how to combat enemies in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you kill swordsman in Ghostrunner?

You cant kill a swordsman in Ghostrunner.

How do you fight the crawlers in Ghostrunner?

You can use your fists, a weapon, or just run away.

How do you beat ninjas in Ghostrunner?

You have to be faster than them.

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