The most important aspect of a game is the player. To be a better player you must understand how to improve your skills and what qualities are required for success.

The among us tips crewmate is a player that has been in the game for over three years. They have some great advice to help new players get started.

Points of gameplay are provided based on my own personal experience with the game. Assists players in achieving greater results in their roles.

As you may be aware, Among Us is a famous party game in which players compete in two teams: Crewmates and Impostor (s). Deception and treachery play a big role in this game.

In this tutorial, I’ll attempt to offer information that will help you improve your gaming by analyzing the scenario and choosing the best course of action.

So, without further ado, let’s get started:

Section 1: Introduction (Regardless of being a Crewmate or an Impostor)

1. Keep in mind that the optimal server locations are determined by the continent in which you reside. This helps in lowering your ping.

2. Customize the terms of the game to your preferences. I mean, be cautious not to choose maps or servers that have two or three impostor when you only want to play with one. You won’t waste time disconnecting from servers and losing out on the enjoyment this way.

3. Online participants may take on the role of either hosts or customers. Players that establish a server are known as hosts (which you can see on the list and you can join, provided that the server is not full.) They may also alter game settings for the game they’re hosting. Clients, on the other hand, are gamers who participate in the host game and follow the rules. If you wish to connect to other hosts, examine the game settings on the left side of the screen. If you don’t like the settings, you may either ask the host to modify them if feasible, or you can quit the server entirely. BEFORE THE GAME BEGINS, IF YOU WANT TO LEAVE THE SERVER, DO SO. Play well and don’t sabotage other people’s games.

4. Don’t use the chat button to look for a date or to make fun of other players. Also, in public servers, such as Discord, do not break the rules. For Discord conversation, use private servers. Also, avoid using names that are derogatory.

5. Use the “Freeplay” option in the main menu to familiarize yourself with the maps and game mechanics.

6. We all know that being an Impostor is entertaining, but being a crewmate is as enjoyable. If you notice that you are a crewmate, please DO NOT quit the server. Please don’t spoil the game; it’s a lot of fun. Accept your job since it is a chance opportunity. Try hosting or joining a game with two or three Impostors or games with fewer crewmates (between 4 and 9 players) to improve your chances of becoming an Impostor. You’ll have a better chance of becoming an impostor if you do it this way. Your chances of being the murderer in a default 10 player match with 1 Impostor are just 10%.

Section for Crewmates

The astronauts on their space mission are known as crewmates. Their job is to do one of two things:

1. Complete different tasks on the map to fill up the task progress meter. 2. identify and vote out the impostor(s), resulting in their expulsion.

Here are some tips to help you enhance your crewmate skills. =================================================

1. Before you begin the game, double-check your jobs and their placements. As you complete chores, the progress meter fills up, putting pressure on the Impostor (s). This may cause the imposter to hurry their activities, increasing the chances of crewmates catching them off guard.

2. Do not utilize the emergency meeting button for no purpose other than to talk with other people. Players may vote against you if they feel you have wasted their time.

3. If you completed all of your duties, you should stay with one or more crewmates for safety, since murdering in front of other crew members is a terrible idea as an imposter. This grouping may be dangerous since your crewmates may believe you are an imposter attempting to murder them when the time comes, which might tilt the scales against you. You may also run about aimlessly to avoid colliding with other members of the team. Checking the conduct of other staff members and security cameras are two additional alternatives for you.

4. If the Impostor succeeds to dispose of you before you do all of your duties, you may still assist your team and win the game by utilizing your ghost to finish the remaining jobs. The best practice is to stay in the game when your team most needs you.

5. Keep in mind that, because of the nature of the game, everyone is suspicious. This does not imply that you (as a crew member) should frame other crew members if you do not have sufficient proof of their guilt. Ejecting non-impostors simply makes it easier for the imposter to achieve their objective. Your best option is to keep an eye on other crew members to see whether they’re guilty or not (which can be hard).

6. DO NOT FREAK OUT IF YOU SAW THE IMITATOR KILLING A CREW MEMBER. For a short period of time, the imposter will be unable to attack you. You may either call 911 to report a body in your neighborhood or click to the emergency button to call an emergency meeting. The host determines how long it takes for the game to cool down. Prior beginning the game, you should be informed of the time limit. Please see the general part of this guide for point number 3.

Section of the Impostor:

Impostor is a disguised Alien hell-bent on eliminating the crew members. It’s more fun to play as an imposter, but it’s also more difficult.

The duties of an imposter are to

1. Make sure their cover isn’t blown. 2. Assassinate or vote off the crew members

Here are some tips on how to improve your imposter skills. =================================================

1. When the game begins, do not hurry the murders. Pretend to be a crew member, do duties, go about the map, and select out victims one at a time when the moment is perfect. However, keep in mind that you don’t have unlimited time since crew members may actively participate in job completion, shortening your time period.


1. The importance of timing cannot be overstated. 2. It is preferable to get acquainted with the map. **Please see point 5 in this guide’s General section.**

2. Don’t go after your crewmates all the time. Also, do not stand for long periods of time. Make every effort to move in a balanced way.

3. You should be aware of game factors as an imposter, such as killing distance and killing cooldown time. The last thing you want is an unpleasant surprise caused by unexpected game settings. **Please see point 3 in this guide’s General section.**

4. “Venting” and “Sabotage” are two useful choices for an imposter. The term “venting” refers to the use of vents to conceal or move under the surface and relocate, ideally without being observed while entering and leaving the vents. You may utilize this feature to murder and/or move your victim. You can even destroy doors, trapping them in a room, then exiting the vent, killing them, then returning to the vent to relocate to another part of the map. * BE EXTREMELY CAUTIONARY WHEN VENTING IN OR OUT. If someone spots you, you must either take them out or your cover will be exposed in an instant.

** Use sabotage to your advantage. You might, for example, destroy the reactor or the oxygen supply to drive the crew out of their places. You may sabotage lighting to significantly reduce their vision, making them an easy target.

5. Remember that impostors can only pretend to perform jobs, therefore standing in a room with other crewmates and pretending to do tasks is a poor idea. Why?? because they may be looking at the progress meter and seeing that you haven’t contributed to the progress bar This is an excellent method for them to focus their search for suspects.

6. You have the ability to murder and self-report. This implies you must report the crew member who was murdered. You may murder and self-report to create an alibi for yourself, but be aware that if you do this often, your crewmates will grow suspicious.

7. Try to maintain your composure during talks and avoid making repeated accusations against others, since this may be seen as a desperate attempt to clear one’s reputation. You may play stupid and make up a story about your whereabouts and goals.

8. During debates, you are free to lie, counterattack, or say anything you choose. You are free to sit back and watch other people struggle. When things don’t seem good for someone, don’t be afraid to vote against them. Make your voice as genuine as possible without seeming needy.

9. If you keep a watch on crew members, you’ll sometimes notice suspicious acts and behaviors. When a debate arises, you may utilize this information in the hopes of successfully framing that unfortunate man.

10. If you elect to vent inside or outside, keep in mind that others are aware of where the vents are located. So, if you kill in electrical and vent on skelt, don’t claim you were in med bay (or security?) if someone discovers the corpse.

Apart from this guide, please let us know if you’d want us to cover any additional guides connected to the game “Among Us” in the comments area. That is something we are pleased to do for our readers. We’ve also covered a few additional instructions for this game, which you can find in the related articles area below.

The among us guide book is a guide for how to be a better player in the game Among Us.

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