Fortnite is a free-to-play Battle Royale game that pits 100 players against each other in a last-man-standing fight to the death. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to improve your skills and get better at Fortnite Battle Royale.

The how to get better at fortnite on pc is a guide that will help you improve your skills in Fortnite.

Since its debut in the game industry, the Battle Royale genre has been a smash success. Fortnite is a famous Battle Royale game that challenges both novice and experienced players. It is played by a large number of people from many nations. The goal of this game is for players to explore, scavenge, and gather things in order to enhance their in-game survival skills. The winner is the last person (or team) standing.

Epic Games launched Fortnite in 2017. Since then, the game has grown in popularity, and it is now available for download on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. However, just downloading the game and playing it without understanding the rules may result in players experiencing an immediate “game over.” It won’t be enjoyable if a player can’t even get a couple of kills.

It requires experience and long-term study to switch gears in a split second and establish a solid foothold. With this in mind, let’s go through the many methods for improving weapon handling abilities and surviving on the battlefield in more depth. Here are some pointers to help you improve your Fortnite game like the professionals.


Combat Multitasking

Each player in Fortnite has the ability to construct and collect resources. Build fortifications and take advantage of the situation. Multitasking with the pick-ace and a handgun, on the other hand, may be challenging for novices. As a novice, fidgeting with the controls offers your opponents numerous opportunities to shoot you. It takes time and effort to get comfortable with your preferred gaming peripherals. If you’re playing on a PS4 or Xbox One, make sure you’re familiar with the controller’s buttons. For improved combat practice, PC gamers should learn and memorize their key bindings.

Timing and practice are required to fully comprehend each weapon’s time of recoil, strength, and holster speeds. As you begin the game, it’s possible that you’ll make a number of errors and die. Gaining game experience, on the other hand, may help a player’s combat multitasking skills.

Playing according to the preferences of the players

Fortnite has now made it possible for users to play on numerous devices. Regardless of whether or not you are a gamer, you may play this Battle Royale title using a variety of various pieces of equipment. Some players may choose to play on a PC with a mouse and keyboard, while others may prefer to play on a PS4 with a handheld controller. In any case, a player’s choice for equipment may alter play styles and elevate gaming to new heights.

Selecting the Correct Device

How to shoot opponents accurately is a problem for PC Fortnite gamers. If you’re trying to aim with an Android phone but aren’t very good at it, a PS4, Xbox One, or PC may be able to assist you. Allow the controller to do the rest and fire as long as you aim near to your target.

The game’s console versions include a feature called “Aim Assist.” Because shooting down sights with a controller is already more difficult than using a mouse and keyboard on a PC, game and console makers created this technology to improve game play. PC users, on the other hand, lack this technology, thus you must depend on your skills, time, and the appropriate gadget to kill opponents from distance.


The degree of sensitivity of the controls may make it difficult for players to adapt. Despite the usage of high-quality keyboards, mouse, and controllers, reducing the controls’ settings may assist players maintain their aims and enhance their shooting abilities.

Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen to access the settings. Adjust the controller’s sensitivity to your preferences. During the game and lobby, the settings are always accessible.

Taking action at the appropriate time

In Fortnite, knowing when to leap is crucial to your survival. In a game with 100 participants, half of them will typically leap out of the aircraft as quickly as possible. Even though it is the best option, consider this analogy: the first bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Before getting off the bus, be patient and wait a few more seconds or minutes. Landing on the far side of the map, where there are less opponents, may offer you a greater chance of survival and stronger gears. To be safe, aim towards the furthest reaches of the globe. Landing in the middle of the battlefield, where all of the opponents are gathered, may be either very brave or extremely disadvantageous (or both).

It’s All About the Sounds

Fortnite’s soundtrack isn’t just for show. You’re on a vast area with adversaries who may appear out of nowhere and shoot you in broad daylight. As a result, invest in excellent headphones and pay attention to the noises around you. Footsteps and gunfire may be heard well in Fortnite, allowing you to identify enemy locations.

If attackers are approaching, rather of fleeing, it is best to halt moving and conceal. In certain situations, ambush is the best option for eliminating opponents.

Collect resources and construct

The construction element in Fortnite sets it apart from other Battle Royale games. Players may increase their chances of survival by constructing walls, floors, staircases, and roofs. You can buy time to resurrect other members of your squad, heal yourself, or reload weapons by constructing a fortress.

If adversaries are already there, erecting complex barriers may cause them to stagger high and low. Enemies may miss targets while using this strategy, leaving them vulnerable to assaults. Constructing higher with adequate support is preferable than building lower. This technique will let you see attackers approaching your improvised stronghold.


The majority of newcomers are too enthusiastic when it comes to shooting. Don’t try to kill the adversary with your handgun straight soon. Once your shot misses, your opponents will know exactly where you are. In order to stay alive in the game, you must wait for the perfect moment to act. Waiting for that moment provides you an advantage and allows you to remain in the game for longer (even if longer means a few more seconds).

If you have a sniper, wait for the opponent to take a solid position before attacking. Make it your goal to get the ideal headshot. Before engaging, some players may remain cautious and conceal. Before you draw the gun, look for their most vulnerable times. Enemies will either attempt to escape or rush after you if you are captured. Your opponents will be on an open field in either case. Because there will be no cover in the area, use this opportunity to pound them with bullets. Tailing the opponent is the greatest choice for close combat weaponry. As much as possible, try to conceal and remain out of sight.

Cover made of wood

Players may abuse the construction function to quickly climb to the top and improve their aim and defenses. If you notice this occurring, go straight towards the wooden supports. In this game, wood is very brittle. Enemies will be kept out of the building if support pillars are destroyed.

Drops in Supply

Throughout the game, supply drops will fall from the sky, giving players the opportunity to refill ammunition and upgrade their gear. You may find supply drops in Fortnite by looking for blue smoke. Take advantage of the chance to shoot down your opponents as they rush and grab supplies as quickly as they can. When they see a box floating in the sky, many gamers get too hungry.

We’ve put up some pointers on how to enhance your Fortnite abilities. Patience and practice are all that is required. Practice makes perfect, and learning from errors may help you improve your game in the future. There is a possibility to win duels if you have enough experience and competence. If you’re skilled enough, you may even decide to pursue a career as a professional.

How to get better at Fortnite Battle Royale is a question that has been asked by many players. There are various ways to improve your skills in the game, but one of the most effective methods is using an Xbox controller. Reference: how to get better at fortnite on xbox.

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