Due Process is a game about the law. It’s a game where you play as an attorney with the goal of winning cases and defending your client in court. The game has been designed to be accessible for everyone, with its easy-to-learn rules and quick gameplay.

Due Process is a game that you can play on your computer. It’s a multiplayer, turn-based strategy game that can be played by up to four players.

The Gruber-5 is an excellent general-purpose submachine gun with a near to medium range. The Gruber has a low initial recoil and modest body shot damage, making it an excellent headshot machine. I recommend using this weapon in a passive manner, allowing them to approach you. There are just two Grubers in all, but there are lots of other, more potent assault weapons. Bring full magazines if you want to use it as a first-round main weapon. Each magazine holds 30 bullets. This weapon is seldom picked up by attackers.

As an alternative to a shotgun, the Nack-11 is an excellent ambush weapon. Only at close ranges is it feasible. It features a fast rate of fire and a lot of recoil, making it difficult to handle. Aiming down sights is worthwhile, but you don’t need to if you’re near enough to an opponent (like in his face). For this one, go for body shots or aim for the chest and hope the recoil carries over to the skull. If you can get a puff of smoke off an attacker, this is a great option. There are two Nack-11s in total; grab them if the circumstance requires it. Arrange for your colleagues to lure opponents into your line of sight, then shoot them down. Each magazine holds 31 bullets. Bring complete magazines with you.

One of the most powerful weapons in the game. Highly sought after and very dangerous. Close to medium range is excellent, however the sights are poor. Pull down and aim for the head. Bring two magazines, each with 30 bullets. Attempt not to perish.

The GAT 5 is a well-made handgun with a modest rate of fire. When you need to keep firing in a firefight, it’s a great backup that also deals decent damage. With a 20-round magazine, you’ll never run out of ammunition. Keep it in the middle of the range. Aim for the head and fill them with lead. Unless you’re using an MAWP, bring two magazines. Then put it all together.

The MAWP is also known as the AWP. The game’s highest zoom level, with devastating damage. A single shot to the body puts the assailants on their knees, while a headshot kills them instantly. Only works at long ranges (unless you’re really insane). Instead of being the sole defender there, try to utilize it as a support to a hold. At the start of the round, try peeking through a window at an odd angle. Only ONE MAWP is available, with only enough ammunition to fill your bag. If you’re going to take this, make sure you hit your targets, don’t die, and pack plenty of ammunition. Because it’s a bolt action, you’ll have to manually load each round (which takes around 1-2 seconds). It’s even better when you know the other squad will only come through one route.

The INGMAR 57 is a formidable opponent for the BLK-TAR. It’s an automatic DMR with a 20-round magazine and an excellent rate of fire. It’s suitable for medium to long-range use. It has a modest recoil rate. Two headshots to kill, with a strong focus on accuracy. Because there are two INGMARs, bring one and use it with care. Bring all of your ammunition.

The F1-Legros is a great DMR with iron sights, a low-medium rate of fire, and a strong focus on accuracy. Semi-automatic with a 10-round magazine and moderate recoil. There are three of them, so bring one if you believe you’re good at aiming. If you go for the head, you’ll get several quick kills. Because ammunition is abundant, I suggest carrying entire magazines. Bring two magazines if you believe you’ll die before you’ve used them all.

With its rapid rate of fire, the Auto Shotgun excels in area denial and devastation. There’s a lot of space for errors, and many kills are almost too simple to come by. Make quick glances and wait for the adversary to approach. Automatic firing mode (obviously) with a reasonable amount of recoil. Do not give this to your adversaries; it is much too valuable, and they will go to great lengths to destroy you. 20-round magazine Bring all of your ammunition.

The TUB 12 is an excellent affordable option for someone who is concerned about team resources. It’s excellent for maintaining tight angles and obtaining the initial frag. It works best as an ambush weapon. A single good meatshot will result in an immediate kill. Try to blend in, peek aggressively, and throw the opponent off. Getting up in people’s faces and blowing them to hell is a good idea. Bring it when you want it and when the circumstances allow it. Bring plenty of ammunition (cuz why not).

For most SMGs, the Super Shotty is an excellent secondary weapon. If you can utilize it, it delivers much-needed close-range damage. Of course, it depends on the circumstances. I’m having a hard time choosing this weapon over a pistol for my lineup. If you hit them with a body shot and they come near enough, the MAWP is decent, but blah. I wouldn’t suggest it, but feel free to try it. Bring plenty of ammunition (you have plenty).

The LS45 is a poor secondary weapon that places a premium on precision. In return for a considerably lower mag size of just 7, it provides somewhat greater damage. I wouldn’t suggest carrying this handgun unless you’re confident in your ability to strike your targets. Then it won’t be an issue. It is semi-auto and has a modest degree of recoil. Use it if you know what you’re doing. Bring two magazines with you.


There are four of you. They have a fairly large coverage area (view image below for an estimation; I eventually want to replace this with an actual smoke in gameplay for more accurate viewing).


They’re excellent for concealing a push, but they’re transparent enough on the inside for both you and your opponents to see through. (I’ll provide a graphic shortly)

Make good use of them, and remember that you toss them a lot shorter than you believe. Make sure you toss it a long way.



You have two options. They do a lot of damage and can kill opponents in one shot if you get near enough. They’re also a little difficult to detect. If you know an opponent will be in the room, toss one of them in there and they’ll be severely injured or killed. Consider carrying it to demolish barbed wire if you suspect an opponent will place it in a certain location. The core of the barbed wire must be detonated by the nade (where it was deployed first). Use with caution.



You have 15 minutes. They’re amazing. When compared to defenders, you suffer less flash effect as attackers. Take advantage of this mechanism and shove while they are completely blind. By the conclusion of halftime, your flash supply should be depleted (in casual). Try to keep one on you and utilize it. If the enemy attempt to halt your assault using molotovs, be prepared to wait. Remember to knock before clearing.

Goggles for Night Vision


There are four of you. Take one of these if you want to switch off the electricity. Allow the final guy to use SAB-R, and that sniper will help you advance further into the building. Toggle Night Vision on and off using N, but don’t let the enemy acquire it since they can turn it off as well. Note that flashlights may be used as an alternative, although they are more noticeable in the dark and have a limited range (press “T” to turn on your flashlight). Long range is ideal for night vision attackers.

Effect of Nightvision511207-40-300x185

Clackers and a Door Charge


Charge at the Door Use it on a RED door. 3 times on the clacker Profit. It will create a tiny crouch-only hole if you perform it on bigger openings, such as Docks. Attackers may find themselves in undesirable circumstances as a result of this.

Clacker is used for door/wall charges. Keep your distance to a minimum (not too close though, it will hurt.) It will explode if you click three times.

Charges on the Wall


You’ve got one. Use it exclusively on interior soft surfaces or walls that have a particular hue (like Docks). It makes a hole in the wall that you can simply stand up in for Docks. If you run out of Door Charges, it may also be used on ordinary RED doors.

Defenders’ Equipment:

Flares on the Road


You have three of them. Use them to light up opponents and give illumination in the dark. In the proper circumstances, it may be quite effective.

a barbed wire fence



You’ve got six. Make good use of them. Attackers and defenders are both slowed significantly, and it can only be destroyed by grenades bursting in the middle of the barbed wire (where the wire is originally placed). Your goal is to position them in such a manner that they catch attackers off guard or make it difficult for them to advance in a particular direction. Barbed wire erupts from your feet, horizontally aligned with whatever you’re looking at. If you’re still confused, have a look at the pictures below.





There are four of you. Make better use of them. If utilized properly, they may totally halt the momentum of a push or a defuse. You may also make attackers squander utility by making them waste it. Smoke does not put out Molotov cocktails.



The AP 25 and the BLK-TAR should be your primary weapons. Any long-range battles should center on the TAR; however, allocate it carefully among your teammates so that you don’t use it all in one round. Assault shotguns are useful at close quarters or while leading a breach in a tense scenario.

A flash bang should be part of your gear. If someone tries to break through a red door, keep the door charge and clacker separate. As a result, if things go wrong, those individuals will be able to carry a flash. Smokes, nades, and nightvision are only applicable to certain types of games.


You have a broad range of weaponry to select from, so utilize the defender weapon guide I provided above to help you make the best decision. You should only utilize AK (typically) second or third round for a rough idea of direction. The fewer attackers who have access to the AK, the better. MAWP is a third-round selection, and I often choose the INGMAR in the second round. This, of course, depends on the maps you’re playing on. My greatest piece of advice? Experiment. Listen to your colleagues and attempt to fill any gaps in their responsibilities.

The equipment you need depends a lot on the situation you’re in. If you’re using a DMR/Sniper to hold a long angle, barbed wire the entrance to whichever room you’re attempting to hold. You’ll have more time to get a nice picture this way. As I previously said, molotovs are useful for squandering defenders’ usefulness (if placed correctly) or enabling teammates to shift towards you in preparation for the push.

Globally available equipment

Every player has a flashlight, which may be turned on or off by using the “T” key. However, if you’re a defender with a flashlight and the attackers have shut out the lights and have night vision, the attackers will be able to quickly identify you by the source of your light. They will always be able to see things more clearly than you, so utilize it with caution. Attackers using night vision, on the other hand, should not have anybody on their team use a flashlight after the lights have been turned out. This way, you can quickly take down attackers just by shooting at the origins of any lights, without having to verify whether they are a comrade.

Format and Item Permanence Must Match:

Matches in a relaxed atmosphere

In all casual matchups, there are six rounds in total. Three rounds are dedicated to the defense, while three rounds are dedicated to the attacker. In rotation are three maps, which are played in the same sequence for each half. A half is made up of three rounds, and at the end of each half, the things are reset. Items are used up in this game, and after they are used up, they are no longer accessible to your squad. Items may be carried from one round to the next, but not across a half. You may take whatever weapon or piece of equipment you choose, as long as you have enough room.

You may develop plans based on known knowledge since things are used up and not accessible again (until the teams swap sides). If the opposing team’s door charges have been used up, this is a frequent scenario. If they have, you may stop monitoring specific entrances since they won’t be able to get in that way.

Matches that are ranked

To carry out. If anybody wants to write a section for this, I’ll add you as a creator if I accept it. I haven’t played any rated games yet, so this area will be lacking till then.

9 rounds are used in ranked matchups. With ELO, there is also a rating system, although it is still unclear how this system works correctly. It’s critical to have four competent players ready to queue with in this mode.


Despite the fact that all maps are randomly created, they do adhere to certain tilesets. When I mention tilesets, I’m referring to a collection of tiles that can only be used on that map. These tiles’ arrangement and placement are entirely random. More information may be found in the Areas in Maps section.

Because I work on weekends, I intend to accomplish this later in the week. For the time being, I will refer anybody interested to the official Due Process Wiki: Maps. Although the information may be out of current, it provides you an indication of what to anticipate on these maps.

Killhouse Factory Convenience Store

Maps of Areas:

This area will be constantly changing. Maps are always changing and developing. In this part, I’ll attempt to cover topics from many areas. If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments section below. While each new map is created using a procedural algorithm, you may be able to apply some of these lessons from one map to the next.




Long sightlines and catwalks are common in this region. If you wish to play here, you should choose a weapon with a greater range.

Office on the Second Floor



This region can only be found (so far) on maps that have Generator. This room has stairs leading up to it and full-body windows that look out onto the floor. To take this, bring a medium-range weapon, or a shotgun if you want to avoid the windows completely. In case of any campers employing a shotgun, flash between sections (see the divider? the office is divided into two “areas”) in the office.



This region can only be found (so far) on maps that have Generator. You have 2-4 shuttered doors that are vulnerable to wall or door charges. Some of the shutters may be blocked by trucks. To open them, there are buttons on the opposite side. If you want to catch the assailants off guard, you might attempt opening the shutters yourself. This strategy, however, is very dangerous. Otherwise, try using snipers to observe from great distances and pick out the invaders. Additionally, you should have 1-2 people monitoring this location for a push, since a BLK-TAR may easily take out one person.



This region can only be found (so far) on maps that have Generator. Toxic is a famous breaching site since it typically has a red door or fan. It is often used in conjunction with a storage push. Toxic is a tough concept to grasp. To avoid pushing, I recommend putting barbed wire on the catwalk or bringing a molly instead so your teammates can rotate to you.

Attackers must be quick in this situation. Gain control of the room by completing the catwalk as quickly as possible. Toxic typically has an open green gate that can’t be closed, so you may want to smoke that off as well.



This region can only be found (so far) on maps that have Generator. Perch is a sniper’s dream come true; expect a sniper to be there or nearby. Attackers, I recommend utilizing smokes to hide your assault on the building from this sniper, and then attempting to corner him with a pincer attack.

Keeping things in storage (Generator)


This region can only be found (so far) on maps that have Generator. With two green doors accessible from the outside, storage is a poor location for defense, resulting in a split push from Attackers. Attackers may combine this region with another adjacent area, such as Toxic, to push it. There isn’t much in the way of cover, with just a forklift and a corner to hide in most of the time. I recommend using a sniper to hold this region from afar.



This region can only be found (so far) on maps that include Vault. Reception is a difficult location to protect since numerous windows are readily smashed, allowing attackers easy access. If you plan on playing here, I recommend obtaining a pick and rotating back to a position with greater cover.




This region can only be found (so far) on maps that include Vault. The kitchen has a sturdy cover that is ideal for protecting against a push. Because there isn’t enough cover, a lot of active peeking and movement is encouraged to make the attacker’s life more difficult. To obtain some easy frags, you may wish to install barbed wire on a door here.



The site Vault is impervious to wall charges. It’s not a good idea to stay in here since you’ll be penalized if you don’t hit your strokes right away. The shutter button is a common way to begin (located somewhere on the map, as seen below:)


and leaving someone in there to relax until the rest of the map is taken over by opponents. It’s like a last-ditch effort. Otherwise, I’d suggest simply covering the button and the routes leading to it. Because they have to push the button, they should waste as much time as possible.

Workplace (Storefront)


This region can only be found (so far) on maps that have Storefront. There isn’t much protection at the office. Shotguns and jumpshots are your greatest friends if you want to maintain this position. You can stand on top of the desks if you want to, although it’s not always a good idea. You’re going to be flashed.



This region can only be found (so far) on maps that have Storefront. The stalls in the bathroom are openable, and it is usual to stand on the toilet to get a bad viewpoint. These doors are readily penetrable, so don’t be scared to fire through them. Be on the lookout for those heads peeping out from behind the stalls.

Lockers are a kind of storage facility (Vault)


To get a better view of Lockers, you may stand on their benches (I think). Because this room is typically adjacent to Courtyard, don’t be scared to take it easy here. SMGs are highly recommended.



This region can only be found (so far) on maps that have Storefront. The term “freezer” refers to a region with a cold particle effect that reduces vision. Freezer doors will be facing it in one of the rooms it is linked to (typically Storefront). You may frag opponents by shooting through the freezer doors, and you can even empty away the shelves to go through them, creating new paths. It is simpler to look out the Freezer doors than it is to see in them when within the Freezer. Although this isn’t a proven truth, I find it easier to concentrate when I’m in Freezer and gazing out the window.



This region can only be found (so far) on maps that have Storefront. Teller includes the Storefront shutters button, which may cause some interesting mashups depending on how you use it. The glass of Teller’s Storefront, including the entrance, is bulletproof. The door will not open with a kick. If attackers push through Storefront, it’s a fantastic way to collect information about them.



The front of the storefront features windows with openable shutters. Teller is always where the shutters button is. By breaking the front doors, you may breach Storefront with a wall charge. Look for where the blue line on Storefront is extremely thin to determine the location of the front doors. (For this site, it’s in the center, right under the bomb.) Storefront may feature a skylight that may be accessed by steps. Storefront’s skylight is nearly usually in the middle. This skylight is identified by its blue hue, which is similar to that of other glass.


These are some useful tidbits that aren’t included elsewhere in the book.


In the loading screen, intimidate your opponents.


As a Defender, the UAV covers the whole area and may fire on you from any location. If you stand too near to the windows in Storefront, you will perish (if they are broken and shutters are open). Pretend you’re a vampire and it’s the Sun, but the Sun that shines through the ceiling doesn’t count.


Spinning fans may and will cause injury (it is presently disabled, but will not be in the future).


Your progress on the defuse is saved by the bomb. You may pause and restart it whenever you want. If you want to scavenge for resources, first get the bomb to about 95%, then go scavenging. Defusing the bomb takes ten seconds as well.

Furthermore, regardless of whose side you are on, you will retain your weapons even if the bomb explodes.


Glass is available in a variety of thicknesses.

Apart from this guide, please let us know if you’d want us to cover any other guides connected to the game “Due Process” in the comments area. That is something we are pleased to do for our readers. We’ve also covered a few additional instructions for this game, which you can find in the related articles area below.

czarchasm is the author of this piece.

Due Process is a game where you play as an individual who has been wrongly convicted of a crime. There are many different endings, and the game is available for free on the Google Play Store. Reference: due process reddit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Due Process gonna be free?

Due Process is currently free to play, but will be changing soon.

How much does Due Process cost game?

Due Process is $19.99 on Steam.

Is Due Process fun?

Due Process is a fun game that can be played by anyone.

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