The game is a mix of platforming and shooting, with a focus on speed. You can play against up to 4 players in local multiplayer or take on the AI in single player mode.

K Shoot Mania is a game that was released in 2014. It has quickly become one of the most popular games on Android devices. This comprehensive guide for beginners will help you get started with the game!

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Have you heard about K-Shoot MANIA? This is most likely one of those less well-known yet entertaining games you’ve never heard of.

Dance Dance Revolution is a game that I’m sure many of you have either played or heard of. It’s a popular game in arcades and on home consoles, but you may not realize that it’s part of Konami’s Bemani rhythm series. Bemani is a collection of games similar to Beatmania. Drum Freaks, among other things.

We’re looking at Sound Voltex, one of the Bemani line’s more recent additions (SDVX).

Sound Voltex (SDVX) was launched in arcades in 2012, and there are many successors. Unfortunately, all of these games were only published in Japan and are only available in arcades. As a result, finding a method to play SDVX is difficult. However, due to the wonderful fans out there, there is a PC emulator called K-Shoot MANIA.


What is K-Shoot Mania, exactly?

Simply stated, K Shoot MANIA is a game simulator for Sound Voltex, a rhythm game.

In 2013, the game was launched. What’s more, SDVX has a background, while K-Shoot MANIA does not. There’s no need to be concerned since most people who play rhythm games aren’t interested in backstories because they aren’t commanding a particular character in the game.

The objective of this game is to match the beat of the music by pressing keys, effect buttons, and turning knobs.

Doesn’t it seem to be straightforward?

It’s not true at all. Here’s why…

The game has insanely turbulent on-screen visuals and dynamics that may quickly leave you upset, as well as insanely tough levels and unusual gaming controls.

But don’t be concerned. If you stick with us, you’ll be well on your way to taking on what might be the most difficult gaming task you’ve ever faced.

5 Steps to Playing K-Shoot Mania

Now that you’ve learned what K Shoot MANIA is all about…

To be able to play this game, you need follow these five steps:

First and foremost, get the game.

K Shoot MANIA is a Windows music game. As a result, you’ll need this operating system to play the game. It’s time to get the game now that you’ve taken care of things.

To get started, go to

You may either download the Full Version (Software + Default Songs) or the Updater from the website (for overwriting the older version).

Because this game features amazing gaming effects and visuals, it’s critical to maintain the program up to date whenever the creator publishes new versions.

K-Shoot MANIA v1.66a, which was published on August 15, 2018, and K-Shoot MANIA v1.66b, which was released on October 22, 2018, were the most recent upgrades.

Step 2: Get Your Hands Dirty

K Shoot MANIA is simply a simulator of Sound Voltex (SDVX), which is a real hardcore arcade game, therefore obtaining a manual may be difficult. That is why we have come (high five).

When no one is playing, the arcade version includes a demo of the game that runs on the attract screen. This acts as a guide for beginners to the game as well as a method to attract newcomers to the game.

Because this is a computer game, there is no demo available. All you have to do now is learn the ropes as you go.

A “skill analyzer” option is included in the game, which enables players to assess their ability level. When you’re just starting out, this is a fantastic way to get your feet wet.

Step 3: Get a Glimpse of Your Controls

The arcade version’s basic controller includes six buttons and two knobs for gaming.

Four BT Buttons in a row, two FX Buttons below, and two knobs on the left and right make up the arrangement. A “start” and “back” button are also available.

On the default skin, the left knob appears as a blue laser while the right knob appears as a pink one during gameplay.

You must turn the knob left or right at the same rate as the laser.

BT Objects are white objects that appear in four lanes on the screen. Each lane has its own set of keys (BT Buttons). For parts of lengthy BT Objects, you may also hold the buttons.

The FX Objects are orange and only appear in the left and right lanes. They can work in the same way as BT Items do, with tiny “tap-the-button” ones and lengthy “hold-the-button” objects.

BT and FX Objects often overlap, requiring you to hold down one while tapping the other. The game may become very difficult as a result of these many combinations.

But, since this is a PC game, why am I teaching you about arcade controls?

Because the default control settings on the keyboard are identical. And, if you want to be effective, you must first grasp how they work.

In addition, many dedicated gamers build bespoke controls utilizing BT Buttons, FX Buttons, and Knobs in order to get an edge over someone using a standard PC keyboard.

Of course, not everyone has the time or ability to make their own game controls, but there are businesses that specialize in making Bemani controllers, and they’ve joined up with the game’s developers to offer PC gamers that “arcade experience.”

Step 4: Understand How Rating Systems Work

The player receives a judgment from highest to lowest when they strike the items – CRITICAL, NEAR, and ERROR – based on their timing while striking the objects. (Only CRITICAL and ERROR for lengthy items and Analog Devices.)

ERROR depletes the rate gauge, whereas CRITICAL fills it. (In recent upgrades, NEAR also fills the gauge, but only 1/4 as much as CRITICAL does.)

To clear a stage, you must fill the rate gauge to a particular level by the conclusion of the stage; otherwise, the player will fail and the session will be ended. Depending on the rate method the player is utilizing, the quantity needed to fill the gauge will vary.

Rate of Return on Investment

This is the standard rate scheme used by all players. It has a starting value of 0%.

To complete a level while on this pace, the player must fill the rate gauge to 70% before the stage finishes.

When playing multiplayer, if at least one person completes the level, those that fail will be SAVED and will be able to resume the game. (Please note that multiplayer mode is not available in current K Shoot MANIA versions.) )

Unreasonably High Rate

This is the rating system that was introduced in a later version. It has a starting value of 100%.

A player must finish the level with this rate without letting the rate energy go below 0%. It’s an immediate TRACK CRASH if the rate gauge is completely exhausted before the level finishes.

When clearing a level at this pace, the player gets a separate clear medal.

When utilizing this rate, the SAVED method is possible since the player is immediately retired from the contest after getting TRACK CRASH.

Rate of Permissibility

In Skill Analyzer mode, this rating system is utilized. It has a 100 percent starting value.

Rate of Blastiveness

For Blaster stages, this rating system is utilized. It has a starting value of 100%.

Step #5: Follow the instructions in our K-Shoot Mania tutorial.

It should be obvious at this time that the game may be very difficult (especially if you have no previous knowledge of the Sound Voltex games or any rhythm game for that matter).

This article is just the beginning. Use our K-Shoot MANIA guide to acquire all of the information you need to conquer the game.

Our guide may assist you in comprehending the setup, stages, bonuses, and strategies required to position yourself among the game’s top players.

Master The Various Difficulties and Levels, as a pro tip

The game’s complexity is represented by a numbering system ranging from 1 to 20. In addition, each track typically includes four different kinds of effects, which are listed in order of difficulty:

NOVICE is a simple word.

ADVANCED is a middle level.

EXHAUST is a difficult and unpleasant experience.

MAXIMUM, which functions similarly to a master mode.

Songs that were not initially included in the MAXIMUM difficulty, most of which were published in subsequent Sound Voltex versions, will be added later.

For certain songs, however, there are additional GRAVITY, INFINITE, and HEAVENLY effects. These consequences are either more difficult than EXHAUST or are similar but not identical to EXHAUST. They cannot be unlocked by merely visiting the Sound Voltex “Station,” but rather by completing Blaster stages.

The following is needed to unlock GRAVITY, INFINITY, or HEAVENLY for a track:

Charge the Blaster Energy in the first step.

Simply play the levels using the Excessive Rate method to charge the Blaster Energy.

Both Blaster stages and EXTrack are accessible after the Blaster Energy is depleted.

Step 2: Choose the Blaster mode.

Select the effect you wish to unleash from the Blaster stage category.

Each effect has a Barrier Track, which is the stage you must complete after that.

Each Blaster level played or access to EXTrack consumes a full gauge of Blaster energy.

Play the Blaster stage as the third step.

In the Blaster Rate system, the rate system is locked. You must finish the level without allowing the rate energy go below 0%, just like you did in the Excessive Rate.

The harder the gauge falls, the higher the Barrier Rank. If the rank is high enough, NEAR also depletes the gauge.

Each Barrier Track has a Target Life that will be destroyed depending on how well it performs. The greater the damage, the better the performance.

This cycle is continued until the Target Life is decreased to 0, at which point the effect is available to the player.

The Infinite Blaster unlock mechanism has been renamed Blaster Gate starting with Sound Voltex 4.

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K Shoot MANIA is undoubtedly one of the most difficult rhythm games available.

It tests your response time, timing, and concentration. It also encourages creativity since it enables you to make your own songs.

This is the game to play if you want to experience the “arcade vibe” from the comfort of your own home.

This PC simulator is updated and published on a regular basis to provide players with the finest and most seamless experience imaginable. It’s a fantastic challenge that should be pursued.

sdvx keyboard layout is a comprehensive guide for beginners. It includes all the basics that someone will need to get started with this game.

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