MapleStory 2 is a game with an open-world, where players can explore and play through the story. This guide will help you decide which skills to invest in for your character’s level range.

maplestory 2 is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Nexon.

As you advance through MapleStory 2, you’ll discover that you’ll need better gear to help you defeat your opponents, progress through the narrative, and face more difficult tasks.

Obtaining better gear means getting gear with a greater rarity, which is divided into five categories: common, uncommon, exceptional, epic, and legendary.

The greater the rarity, the higher the stats of the gear, and enchanting the gear makes it more competent and provides you a better advantage, as well as improving your character’s overall performance.

Gear Score is required to access specific dungeons where you may discover better gear, thus obtaining endgame gear requires a step-by-step method in which you achieve the appropriate gear score levels before purchasing the finest gear.

Basic Equipment


As you go from level 1 to level 50, you will encounter tasks that will reward you with gear that will aid your progress.

These various types of gear are simple upgrades to your equipment that will allow you to complete the subsequent tasks and advance through the narrative.

As you advance through the main quest, you will either acquire gear by killing opponents or get it as a reward from missions or dungeons that you must complete.

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Typical Dungeons


Normal Dungeons must be completed as you advance through your missions, and each dungeon may reward you with different stuff at the end.

Most players, however, do not think this worth farming since they are rather low in level, and individuals do not often grind dungeons frequently while leveling from 1 to 50.


You may still farm these dungeons if you want to acquire a lot of gear or improve your gear score as you go, but by the time you do, your character may already be at a higher level than the supplied gear.

Instead, after you reach level 50, you may consider farming a specific dungeon, since getting to level 60 can be difficult for most players, particularly if you intend on battling global monsters or killing mobs for experience.


You’ll be able to tackle specific challenge maps or dungeons as your level rises, and you’ll be able to get better gear to utilize as you go through the narrative and level up.

Some of these dungeons are easier to complete in a group, but soloing them is still possible if you have the most basic of equipment.

From here, you can farm the gear you’ll need until you reach level 60, but if you don’t want to farm, you may utilize conventional leveling techniques like farming, fishing, performing music, and exploring, which don’t need powerful gear.

Epic Gear at Level 60


Reaching level 60 is a significant milestone in the game since it grants you your second career rank and grants you access to an Elite Adventuring Gear Box, which includes epic gear and +10 enchanted equipment.

When you reach level 60, you’ll get this prize from the navigator reward box, which you may utilize to help you go to level 70 while completing other tasks along the road.


This will essentially be your gear until you are able to tackle the harder dungeons, and it will assist you in passing the gear score needed for entering the more difficult dungeons where you will need to improve your gear.


After you’ve equipped the amazing gear from the navigator awards, you should look for the next piece of gear for your character in the dungeons that your gear score permits you to access.

If you’ve recently turned 60, your best bets are either The Song Of The Oracle or Guardian Of The Seas hard dungeons, both of which will drop better gear that you can equip after you’ve obtained it.

The next stage is to raise your gear score to 10,000 so that you may go to the dungeons that follow, which can drop even better gear.


You will be able to enter Malevolent Manor, Madrakan Ramparts, and Madrakan’s Heart, which drop better stat epic equipment, after you have a gear score of 10,000 by farming dungeons and enchanting your gear.


The next stage is to achieve a gear score of 12,500 to get access to chaotic raids, which are dungeons that enable up to ten people to team up to fight the dungeon and its monster.

Because this dungeon is more difficult than the others, you should improve your gear and play as a group to be successful and expedite the procedure.

You continue by harvesting legendary gear from either the Normal or Hard Frostpillar Temple in order to replace your epic gear with legendary gear, boosting your gear score even further.

Legendary Equipment


The next rarity after epic is legendary gear, which is considered endgame gear by most players and provides more than simply stat boosts.

When you acquire more pieces of a set, you will get a bonus that provides various stats and other passives that will help your character become more stronger.


To farm your first legendary gear sets, you’ll need to achieve a gear score of 12,500 before moving on to the Normal and Hard Madrakan Spire, which needs a gear score of 15,100 to farm a stronger legendary set.


After farming Madrakan Spire, your next goal should be the Normal or Hard Rock ‘N’ Rolls Pink Bean dungeon, where you’ll need a gear score of 19,300 to get access to better gear, including a new legendary weapon.

You should now have a powerful legendary set and have begun farming for your legendary weapon, which you will need to go to the next gearing step.

Dungeons of Lapenta’s Eye


If you’ve attempted to pursue your missions, you’ll see that the Eye Of Lapenta Dungeons are only accessible if you have a gear score of 23,500, which may be obtained by completing the methods above.

You’ll have to pick between Emerald Prison, Azure Flux, or Terminus of Time, each with somewhat different benefits that you’ll have to consider carefully depending on the bonuses they provide to your character.

Ascendant Equipment


After upgrading to the Eye Of Lapenta Dungeons gear, you should have a better gear score, allowing you to enter the last and most difficult dungeon, Blackshard Nexus.

The Blackshard Nexus needs a total gear score of 33,100 and offers ascending gear as a potential prize, which may be used as end-game gear.

This will be very difficult, therefore it’s best to go in a group.

You’ve very well reached the endgame and have become one of the game’s most powerful players after you’ve obtained ascendant gear.

After you’ve gathered all of the necessary equipment, it’s time to enchant it all and reroll for the stat boosts you want.



Obtaining endgame gear is arguably one of the most significant accomplishments in MapleStory 2, and from here you may celebrate your triumphs, participate in PVP, and explore the rest of the game’s features.

The easy stages to gearing up in MapleStory 2 may seem complex at first, but after you get the hang of it, the simple steps concentrate more on raising your total gear score and unlocking the next tier of gear.

Following the methods outlined above will put you on the path to becoming one of the game’s most powerful players.

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