MapleStory 2 is a game that is released by Nexon, a South Korean company. This guide will help you farm the best mesos in the game to get ahead of your competition.

MapleStory 2 is a popular MMORPG that has been around for many years. It’s one of the most played games on the planet, and it’s even available on mobile! But what if you want to make some extra cash? The maplestory 2 mesos farming guide will teach you the basics of how to get started with this game.

MapleStory 2 has its own distinct and functional money, which fortunately has worth, unlike other games where you may accumulate a large amount of cash but not utilize it much.

This money is also used on the Black Market for player trade, and you’ll need it to buy supplies and other items from merchants.

Mesos may be difficult to come by at times, and most circumstances will need having a large quantity in order to upgrade, buy, and accomplish much more.

How do you harvest Mesos in MapleStory 2 is an excellent question, therefore we’ve come up with some of the simplest and quickest methods for you to earn additional currency for your daily requirements in MapleStory 2.

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Monsters of a High Level


This isn’t the most convenient method since it takes time, but while hunting high-level opponents, you’ll always receive a big quantity of Mesos.

If you can locate a nice location, such as Lulu Village, where you can continuously entice opponents and bring them all in for a kill, that’s an excellent place to start.

To effectively harvest Mesos from opponents, make sure you have a big number of enemies and can quickly kill them so they respawn and you can continue the process.

Grinding for Mesos in this manner may net you a sizable sum of money, and it’s a fantastic way to gain experience or work on unlocking trophies that have yet to be unlocked.

Taking Down World Bosses


If you’ve battled a few world bosses, you’ll know that they reward you with both experience and Mesos.

You also get to beat additional Mesos out of their body, sending money and even elixirs flying about for you to gather, in addition to the original amount you receive for defeating them.

If you’re in a group and decide to hunt the world bosses together, this will go considerably quicker.

Going as a group to take down a world boss, then switching to another channel and repeating the procedure until you’ve finished the world boss on each channel is a fantastic method to farm world bosses.

This may ensure a big quantity of Mesos, and if you have a large group, it can be accomplished fast.

This link will take you to a guide on world bosses:

Treva Farming is a family-owned and operated farm in Tre


When it comes to farming Treva, you can be sure that you’ll receive a lot of Mesos from the elites’ death drops as well as the Mesos from the high-level monsters you battle.

Aside from farming Treva and other resources, you’ll also come up with a number of things you’ll need for the endgame, making this a fantastic all-in-one farming routine for you.

However, keep an eye on your health since certain opponents may be vicious and inflict more damage than you anticipate.

You may not only farm the opponents in the PVP zones, but you can also go inside and perform the tasks inside, which will reward you with even more Mesos as well as a variety of other rewards.

To learn how to farm Treva, go to

Missions of the Day


You may also check out the daily tasks, since they have a few objectives that provide prizes and require you to hunt down opponents and whatnot.

Basically, you receive treasure from opponents as well as a bonus from the awards, so it’s a two-for-one deal and a nice boost while hunting.

All you have to do is go to Queenstown to acquire them, and then complete them as they become available during the day.

Because of opponents that have not yet spawned, not all missions will be possible to complete, but it is a good idea to pick up the emission so that you will be informed whenever an enemy related to your task has spawned.

Raids and Dungeons


Dungeons and raids may provide you with a significant quantity of Mesos as well as items that you can later sell on the Black Market.

Being able to farm various goods will provide you with a broad range of stuff that you can later sell, and since each dungeons provide a varied array of products, you may choose what you want to concentrate on.

Most things worth more than 50 are worth a lot of Mesos, so you may earn a lot of money selling them while still receiving a prize in Mesos for finishing the dungeons.

Crafting Life Skills


Focusing on life skills, you may later create a number of things that other players will need in order to get extra effects or stats while playing the game.

These can be readily made after putting in the time to improve your crafting life skills, and then sold on the Black Market.

You can earn a lot of Mesos by mass-producing popular goods and selling them on the market for a reasonable price, and you can expect to be paid sooner or later.

On the black market,


In MapleStory 2, becoming more involved in the game’s trading enables you to sell gear that you may easily get for a reasonable price or legendary gear for a large amount of Mesos.

Even a level 50 weapon may fetch hundreds of thousands of Mesos, thus price and supply and demand are key.

There are a lot of items you can sell, so make a list of anything you don’t need and you’ll be able to earn Mesos in no time.

You may also sell materials and other resources that people need, like as potion solvents or onyx, for a fair price to help you earn Mesos.

Many individuals need something, and extending your list to meet the requirements of a large number of people will ensure that you profit from the sale of your excess items.

Premium Dungeon is a kind of premium dungeon that


If you have a premium membership, you may visit the Premium Dungeon for a quick mini game that can net you a lot of Mesos in a short period of time.

If you have a premium membership, you can do this once a day, so take use of it to get the most out of your investment.

This, like any other dungeon, may be entered via the challenge map and selected from the dropdown box.



In MapleStory 2, there are many methods to generate Mesos, and although some are quicker than others, all it needs is a little effort and commitment, as well as a few alternative characters.

Basically, you may make a significant number of Mesos in hours by actively playing or by selling items later on to collect the Mesos.

By examining all of the potential jobs, you can optimize your daily earnings by allocating time to each one, and once you’ve mastered it, generating Mesos will become a normal habit for you.

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