MapleStory 2 is a mobile MMO developed by Nexon, the developer of the original MapleStory. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to get your very own pet in Maple Story 2!

MapleStory 2 is a free-to-play, side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Nexon and published by Nexon.

Traveling alone in MapleStory 2 may be tedious at times, which is why it’s a good idea to have a friend along.

Combat pets, which can be acquired via taming and dropping, and regular pets, which can be gotten by buying or prizes, are the two kinds of cute creatures available.

Pets may be summoned after the level criteria have been fulfilled, and they offer various benefits to their owners.

You may note that certain wild animals cannot be killed and have the word hungry before their name.

You can tame and keep these hungry animals as pets after they’ve been tamed, and you may tame as many as you want and collect various ones.

You’ll be able to tame hungry animals and make them your pets after you reach level 50.

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Pets of Different Kinds

Combat Animals


Combat pets are pets that provide you with benefits and some even have unique powers that you may employ in the game.

These pets earn experience by killing opponents and by fusing with other pets, and they aid you in combating the foes you face.

The majority of these may be obtained through taming hungry animals, although some can also be obtained as a drop from dungeons and raids.

Pets of the Ordinary


Normal pets are available for purchase on the Meret Market or as a prize for participating in special events, and they essentially act as a carrier.

These pets don’t level you up or offer you a benefit, but they do give you more storage.

How Do You Tame Your Pets?



Taming a pet is simpler than it seems, and all you need are the right ingredients that are easy to come by.

Candy for Dryads and a Snare of the Dryad, both of which are readily obtained, are required before trying to tame pets.

The Dryad Snare is used to catch and convert a hungry wild creature into your pet, while the Dryad Candy is used to feed it.

Dryad Candy


Dryad Candy may be acquired for a low price from Supply Shops, which shouldn’t be an issue after you reach level 50, since you should have lots of Mesos.

If you intend on taming many creatures, it’s a good idea to store up on Dryad Candy since problems may arise that cause the procedure to be delayed and need the usage of additional Dryad Candy.

When you use Dryad Candy, it will be thrown at the hungry creature, filling up a meter that will lead it to become tame once it is full.

Dryad Snare


A Dryad Snare is a trap that is set on the ground to catch gentle animals, who are subsequently captured and become the pet.

The G1, G2, and G3 Dryad Snares each have a different probability of delivering you a greater rarity of the pet you have caught.

A Potion Solvent and an Earth Fragment are required to make each snare.

Tracking Down Hungry Creatures


Aside from encountering any wild animals to tame, you may use your map to look for the creature and click on its name to discover where it can be found.

This will make it much simpler to find them and save you a lot of time, particularly if you want to gather many pets.

Process of Taming


To prevent problems, locate the hungry creature you want to tame and attempt to keep the area as clean as possible by defeating any surrounding opponents.

Nearby opponents may prevent you from setting snares, so make sure you’re ready to remove them when they appear.


Begin by utilizing your Dryad Candy, which will toss the candy in front of you, filling up a meter.

This bar will deplete with time, so try to fill it up as quickly as possible. Also, be aware that other hungry animals may be struck if they get too near to you.


When the meter is full, the hungry monster becomes tame and starts to follow you for a period of time until the meter runs out.

Set up a Dryad Snare and use it to entice the creature you’re taming into being caught and tamed.

If the meter lowers, use Dryad Candy on it once again and continue the process of enticing it to the Dryad Snare.


The creature will be imprisoned in a ball-like contraption, which will drop the already tamed beast for you.


The tamed pet will then drop like treasure and be added to your inventory, giving you your very own pet.

What Are the Best Ways to Use Pets?

How to Call a Pet


Pets may be summoned by double-clicking them in your inventory, just like any other item, and they can also be unsummoned in the same way.

This will tie a pet to your character when you call it for the first time.

Increasing Your Pet’s Level


When you battle opponents, your pets earn a very tiny amount of experience, which isn’t very useful if you make it the primary choice for leveling them up.

The experience game does not offer an efficient means to level up the pets, therefore stick to fusion, which is the primary method of leveling them up.



Fusion is the most effective method to level up your pets since it provides a huge quantity of experience.

If you have the time, you may tame many pets and utilize them to fuse your chosen pet to speed up the leveling process.

Evolution of Pets


Pets that have achieved their maximum level may go through the evolution process, which increases their rarity and returns them to level 1.

This procedure makes them stronger and gives them greater numbers than they had before.

Pet Album


The pet album allows you to view all of the pets you’ve acquired as well as those you haven’t yet.

When you hover your mouse over a pet, you’ll get information on what kind of pet it is, the level required to summon it, and the habitat it’s in.

This may be helpful for both searching for critters to tame and serving as a guide if you intend on taming all of the creatures.



Pets not only make the game more enjoyable by giving us with companionship, but they also offer us with certain advantages.

The higher the rarity of the pet, the greater the advantages we get, therefore it’s best to level them up while there’s still time.

Collecting pets in the game may be enjoyable since they can be utilized for a variety of purposes and, depending on their abilities, can be put to good use depending on what the owner requires.

There are a variety of pets to select from, and the most of them are simple to tame, while the others that drop as loot may be difficult to get. Collecting them all and utilizing them as a nice thing to do is a good thing to do.

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