The Stranger’s House is a new dungeon introduced in the second generation of MapleStory 2. It is a challenging and rewarding experience for any player who has completed the first generation of the game.

MapleStory 2 is a popular game that is loved by many. The maplestory 2 stranger’s house guide has been created to help new players get started in the game.

MapleStory 2 has a lot to offer, and there are a lot of fascinating things to discover while exploring the game.

One of them is the Stranger’s House, which is an exploration objective in Henesys that is listed in the exploration goals section as “Defeat Mushmom In Stranger’s House.”

This may seem to be a simple task, but it appears that many are having difficulty locating it since it is not just an open space amid the buildings in Henesys, but rather it is concealed.

You’re in luck if you want to finish things in games or if you want to earn a star for achieving this objective.

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In Henesys, go to the top of the map, right above the sea, and look for the orange tree in the corner.

If you use the search feature on your map to find Stranger’s House, you’ll see that it’s in Henesys, but the precise position isn’t displayed.

Even if you check your mini map when in Henesys, there will be no location or portals that indicate the Stranger’s House entry.

Don’t bother exploring the town for homes since the location is really concealed someplace else, thus finding the Stranger’s House is quite a surprise.


When you go up to the orange tree in the corner, you’ll see an option to go to Stranger’s House.

Simply interact with the tree to enter the Stranger’s House, and it will transfer you to the secret place.


Your perspective will shift to a side-scrolling view as you reach the secret location, which is referred to as Stranger’s House throughout the whole region, including the exterior.

When you visit the Stranger’s Home for the first time, you will be awarded with 1,000 Mesos and the “Su Casa Es Mi Casa” trophy.

The phrase “Su Casa Es Mi Casa” means “Your Property Is My House” in Spanish, and it’s a reverse of the greeting phrase “Mi Casa Su Casa,” which means “My House, Your House,” and it looks as if someone is seizing this house.


If you speak with Mushikid, the tiny mushroom, you will learn that Mushmom has taken the Stranger’s House for herself.

After speaking with Mushikid, nothing occurs save for finding out a little more about what’s going on as mythology for the home.


As mobs for the region, you’ll see several Iron Hogs roaming about; they shouldn’t be a danger, so either kill them and proceed or keep climbing down the ladders.


Mushimom, the gigantic mushroom that has claimed this home for herself, will appear and you will have to battle and destroy her.

Given that Henesys has a mushroom motif, meeting Mushmom at the Stranger’s House is really quite linked.

Mushimom is a level 21 Elite plant type opponent that does not represent a significant danger, thus beating her should be quite simple.


You will get a percentage of experience depending on your level, 1,000 Mesos, and the “Mush Ado About Nothing” trophy after beating Mushimom.

The term “Much Ado About Nothing” seems to be a reference to Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” play.


If you keep walking towards the home after fighting Mushmom, you’ll come upon a mound of pebbles with which you may interact.


When you contact with the pile of rocks, it will drop an item named “Nomm’s Deed,” which will be added to your miscellaneous inventory.


Nomm’s deed verifies that the land is his, and it is stated that this item will be needed for a quest in the future, perhaps in relation to returning it to him.


When you’ve finished with the section, just return to the entrance and interact with the mushroom statue to leave.

Trophies that are related


This region may be utilized to get the “Mush Ado About Nothing” award, which unlocks the Mushroom Souvenir (Rank 2 defeat Mushmom 10 times) and the Mushroom Facepaint (Rank 3 beat Mushmom 50 times) and makes them available for purchase.

If you’re chasing Mushmom for whatever reason, you can utilize the Stranger’s House to continually beat her by switching channels after each defeat.

If you want to earn the trophy and its benefits, this will help you finish the “Mush Ado About Nothing” award lot quicker.



There you have it, another star for your exploration objectives and a spot to sometimes beat Mushmom.

The Easter Eggs in this region are enjoyable to look for, and discovering the place itself is well worth the effort.

The Stranger’s House is one of MapleStory 2’s most well-kept secrets, so if you haven’t visited there yet, you may want to do so for an additional star and some prizes.

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