Omari is a new game that has become popular in recent years. The game revolves around collecting keys, which are needed to open the door to the final level of the game. It’s not easy though, as you need to collect all of them and get through the levels to reach the end.

The omori should i collect all keys is a question that has been asked multiple times on the internet. Omari is a game with many different types of key caps, and it can be difficult to get them all.

In the game Omari, a short tutorial tells you how to acquire all of the key caps and when you may earn them.

Important Reminders

  • Names of places, events, and significant characters are all concealed.
  • You must be on the hikikomori path to finish the hangman and get entry to the Abyss region that it opens.
  • G, Y, and Z are not available until you enter Black Space on the hikikomori path, so don’t waste your time looking for them.
  • Some of the keys you get are out of sequence, but the most are.
  • After beating Humphrey on each route, use the keys in bold type to enter Black space and continue the narrative; don’t forget the T.
  • If you’re not doing the hikikomori path, don’t spend your time attempting to collect all of the keys.
  • Collecting a key that is thrown away in the hangman makes no difference; only getting all of them on the hikikomori path is important. Don’t be alarmed if you do pick up a key.

Progression of the Story

This simply serves as a reminder of when you’ll be able to get your hands on the keys. The T key is necessary for advancement, although it is difficult to overlook, so don’t be concerned. The complete hangman, on the other hand, is only important on the hikikomori path.

Don’t be hesitant to grab every key you can find.

Even though you have early access to Orange Oasis, it is recommended that you acquire the X key if you have high level characters. You take the train to get there.

  • A B C D E — After going to sleep the first night, obtaining the hangman menu, and leaving White space, you can acquire these.
  • F H I J K – They may be obtained by following shadow Basil across the Outerworld.
  • L M N O P Q R S – After entering the hole in Sweetheart’s stage, you may get these.
  • T U V – You’ll be able to acquire them after you’ve arrived in Humphrey.
  • W – It’s yours once you defeat Humphrey.
  • G Y Z – They’ll be available following the dream world reset. (unique to hikikomori)

After that, you’ll be able to collect every key in the hikikomori path, even those hidden within Humphrey.


  • A – Once you’ve gotten the hangman menu, leave some white space. stick to the red path.
  • B — In the Vast Forest, on a foggy bridge.
  • C – In the Vast Forest, found by ascending the ladder.
  • D — Garbage containers in the Otherworld.
  • E – Space Boyfriend’s House, beneath the luminous pillow, after waking him up.
  • F – After defeating Space Boyfriend in the frame within the barn, follow Basil into the forest in the Otherworld.
  • G – After the dream world has been restored, I’m going to the snow region. Go through the hatch and deliver the batteries Space Boyfriend’s father gave you to the fish on the igloo. (This is a Hikikomori exclusive)
  • H – In the Lost Woodland, descend from the Pluto Transport Pad in the Pyrefly forest until you reach the trails and the lake with a ladder and a bear in front of it. A potted plant spider may be found to the right of the tracks, and beyond him is a tiny space with the H key.
  • I — After you get in Sweetheart’s dungeon.
  • J – Cage in the chamber after the kitchen in Sweetheart’s Castle.
  • K — In Sweetheart’s Castle, there is an art gallery.
  • L – In the library that has been lost.
  • M — After entering the Deep hole, at the bottom of the lengthy staircase.
  • N – Last Resort, located in the casino district.
  • O – Discovered in the Last Resort’s haunting pool.
  • In the men’s bathroom, P – Last Resort.
  • In one of the elevators, Q – Last Resort.
  • R – Go to Last Resort’s 4th level and start climbing. Simply keep climbing up till you can no longer.
  • S — After paying the final toll on the Underwater Highway, in a shell on the road.
  • T – In Humphrey’s area (Medusa’s area), when you walk up in the first chamber after entering Humphrey. When you’re pursued by an experiment, you’ll find yourself in a bubbling tank. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to get it after the pursuit. If you don’t acquire it before defeating Humphrey, it seems to be dumped with the W.
  • U – In Humphrey’s area (Medusa’s area), when you go right in the first chamber after entering Humphrey. Always go left on the water slide.
  • V – In the region you enter when you turn left in Humphrey’s first chamber (Molly’s section). The conveyor belt bomb problem puts you in a cage (Green puzzle area).
  • W — Found after Humphrey was defeated.
  • X – Dino Dig, 3rd level, bottom right pile; if you get lost, the treasure map will help you locate it.
  • Y – The field outside the igloo, up and right in the fresh snow area, before entering Snowglobe. (This is a Hikikomori exclusive)
  • Z – Talk to the man at the end of the Underwater roadway in The Abyss after performing a dream world reset in the Hikikomori Ending. (This is a Hikikomori exclusive)

What happens after you finish the game of hangman?

When you’ve finished Hangman, head to Abyss to get the Z. There will be more to discover in the future. Continue to dig deeper.

These two ITR movies can assist you if you get disoriented or have difficulty locating the tentacles. It is recommended that you proceed without seeing the videos beforehand.



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The omori w hole is a cheat code that allows the player to get all the key caps.

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